Recruting more Bats


Yes that is correct, bored with your life? Come sail the seas with the party ship! Looking for bartender, dancers, singers, and one helpful chump, i mean gog to run the engines. While Dol Kuglock is new to being a captain, the Bat is an amazing ship that parties all night long.

So far, the crew and new captain have been completely successful on all missions we have gone on since the start of my reign. Alex Raizer, the original earther captain would have been proud. Yes that means that we allow non-gogs on the ship as well, come join the fun and enjoy the win.

Dol Needs You!


Ti’Gol applied for the bartender position. She showed up short fur over taught belly exposed, her large breasts barely concealed in her nightmare leather halter. She had a pair of long wicked bladed knives over her shapely rear. She moved with the grace of a cat. She was certainly a Vampyr, her light green fur speckled with shadowy black strands.

“I know every drink from here to dunesphere. I be good for business.” She concluded with a seductive smile. “Plus if some of the party wants to talk in private, I talk long and hard.” She added offhandedly.


“Well, you do seem like a good addition. Welcome aboard!” shows you to the bar, it is basic, seems to only have been built in recently, but is fully stocked, “the only thing that is missing is ice that i can add as needed. We may find ourselves in sticky situations. but this is a pirate ship, joining us means that you will be seen as ‘on the fringe of society’ which is at least half the fun.”


Rogarth, formerly the Assassin known as Daemonbane, had been drinking onboard the Bat. Eight feet tall of blue muscled cambion turned at that moment and asked, “I can’t really sing, and the only dancing I do involves a sword and doesn’t work well indoors if you get my drift.”

He flexed a massive muscle, “But i can intimidate, and sometimes that stops a fight faster than ever needing to swing. Got any need for a Bouncer. You covered for me, when somebody who threatened me showed up. I’d like to return the favor. Give me a hammock to sleep in, three squares and complimentary liquor when Im off-duty and you got a deal.”


This sounds like it could be fun, however, a bouncer on a boat can sometimes sink a ship, your only bouncing will need to be up on deck, not below. I like my ship with the amount of entrances it already has.


“Aye aye Cap’n Dol,” said Rogarth downing the drink and returning above deck.


Ka’na’al was a seven foot tall amazonian juvenile female pit mongrel. She was blind but had a beautiful voice that could sound like just about any avian on Refuge. She also sang an impressive array of tribal songs passed down from the Ka Gor’na.

Ka’na’al entered and gave respects to all, she sought out Dol the Captain and said, “I am Ka’na’al who can sing whatever you wish to be sung. And I will keep your crew entertained by singing the great war songs of the ancient wars. But I ask a great boon from you Dol as payment, in exchange for my service each month you or your pirates will teach another of my siblings how to make the Earther invention called Gunpowder. My family is large and it fights with the Warmongers Dead all the time. I don’t want them to get killed, and I know this gunpowder will help them defeat the dead. Will you accept my offer? Or at least provide a counter offer? My plight is great, Dol the captain.”


“Hm, hearing you sing is a great boon, however, we pirates are looked down on simply for using such inventions.” Dol looks off into space. The recent meeting with the Auf looking down on her for simply being her still a fresh wound. “Spreading that kind of knowledge is something i never wanted to do. However, if we got a member of your family visiting you here for a while, joining the crew to pay for board, I am sure he or she could pick up how to make it.” Dol looks at Ka’na’al, “I am not sure about teaching a new one every month, we may be away from port for a while transporting or pirating and such. They may have trouble finding our disco party boat. But when they do, it will be a blast.”


This thread is now closed, only in game applications to be a crew member will now be accepted.

Looking around the ship at the lively bunch of new pirates, Dol beamed with pride. Ka’na’al’s voice really is just as lovely as she claimed, and livens up the bar each night. We have had a few times where we needed a bouncer, glad to have one, Rogarth has saved this ship more than once. I have had a few discussions with our new bartender Ti’gol, on this ship we do not cut off patrons that still have the wits about them to barter, walking is an unnecessary addon. Fantastic bartender, no one is ever short on drink, and her special concoctions have caused quite a stir, some gog use them as contests to see who is more badass, the last one standing wins.

Some patrons have taken to trading items for room and board, we are almost an inn as odd as it is. The added life this has brought to my ship has proved to be invaluable, I thank you all.


All characters involved have gained a home on the Pirate Vessel the Batavian Bat. Ka’na’al of Ka Gor, Ti’gol of Kul Gul Rapi, and the infamous Daemonsbane may post in any mission where Captain Dol is allowed to posts and posts an action involving the Batavian Bat. Only these characters may be involved in posts in missions that prevent their tribes from normally posting to them.

Daemonsbane gets a place to rest his head (and pitch his tent belowdeck)
Ka Gor gains knowledge of Gunpowder (Explosive theory 2)
Kul Gul Rapi gains Steady Clientele (gains extended life +1 Day for any other mission in which the Kul Gul Rapi earn Extended Life)

Captain Dol gains the following benefits for the Batavian Bat
Astute Bartender- The Crew will never be surprised by an assassin or other ne’erdowell who comes onboard the Batavian Bat
Singer who makes Hearts melt- All Refugian ports are now open to the Batavian Bat (except Dunesphere)
Bouncer who scares off even the most bad ass git- No one who has heard of Daemonsbane will knowingly try and board the Batavian Bat. During night time, (when Rogarth is on shift) this ship can NEVER be hijacked.