Politics ( or life sucks and then you get high)


Really? Things are getting more political in the Colonies of Refuge? Hell yeah. Politics baby. Time to break out some tools for the people who are going to run for Colony General. I’m going to used this thread to post shit other people say from across the internet. Mostly from my favorite sites. First example:
The Race to Weaponize Empathy,John Robb http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com
Go read this: http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/2017/01/the-race-to-weaponize-empathy.html
Honestly, reading anything from this blog is a treat. Remember people to manipulate language and emotion. Don’t forget to shake babies and kiss hands too!


All and all I forget things. Some times I wish I had an encyclopedias or two that didn’t change on the whim of someone’s person politics. Still, Wikipedia is alright enough. Plus you can look the revision history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_ideologies is pretty useful but take the info with a grain a salt.

If you are looking for something straight forward on how to run for office, this page is pretty good: http://www.wikihow.com/Run-for-Political-Office

Honestly that stuff is a bit dry. You want info from real politicians or at least people with better ideas? I like to jump on ICMA (International City/County Management Association) website and read the stuff there. Mostly local running communities stuff and mostly it won’t help you win an election because those two skills are not the same. http://icma.org/en/icma/knowledge_network/blogs/directory is pretty huge but I suggest you take a look. Internet more than for porn.


When all is said and done - what kind of government mess are you going to create?
How about fours examples of it poorly done: Orwellian, Huxleyan, Kafkaesque and Phildickian. hint: they’re all bad. The least I’m familiar with is Phildickian.


I love the range of information you have posted.

In reference to Dystopian futures the PhilDickian is probably the closest to what Iron Republic citizens experience. Especially with imagery of corporate-information-factories (cubeville prison) and unsatisfying hab units and escaping onto the Holonets for some entertainment and distraction.


Coming soon Cubbieville Prison cuz that name demands a movie, a gamebook, a novel, a video game and a song.


A key thing to keep in mind when trying to get Colonies on the side of your political campaign are local needs. Each colony has one or two topics that dominate the minds of its citizens. A great example is Kalino that wants a Colony passport system and stiffer borders.
The Kalino People want the price of food to go down and the quality of food to become better. (Make sure to refer to Kalino in the DR core book for more info on why the colony has worries about emigration, not immigration, and worries about food supplies.)


If I was going to shill for a table top RPG game it would be Paranoia. Don’t consider The Computer (my friend) a dystopia dictator but more of a utopia baby-sitter. Kidding. I imagine limbo (the first place you go after death) to be something like that world. Which means I need help with these subscriptions.


Year Zero: The First #Vault7 Leak

Information is power.


Control belief, control the masses


Fuck Politics, throw a brick instead!


Usually Politics works better without the Bricks. :cool:


Screw that noise, politics is just thought control.


Politics is the act of navigating multiple personalities with their different spheres of power and influence.

(and Spheres mean areas of influence not balls, though balls help for politics)


SF Debris made a video about Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. It’s one of my favorite games. The run down given is pretty good and I believe it’s relevant to a couple people’s interest here. The site hosting it is a bit flaw but do take a look.
http://channelawesome.com/sid-meiers-alpha-centauri-sf-debris/ for the video and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sid_Meier’s_Alpha_Centauri plus http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Sid_Meier’s_Alpha_Centauri for further info.


Stefan Molyneux is a Stateless Society Sexy whore. Though Anarcho-capitalism is not a thing me can get behind, I can respect the theory. He comes off as a prick but he makes a good point in a video. It’s about the Evil inside.
watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piFzDL5ksrU


The Evil inside people is what fucks up everything. The only thing worse than their evil, is their good intentions. Road to hell paved with good intentions I hear. I think that’s confirmed by our candidates and their follers.


@Maklaltor No, what’s worse is to do nothing. The Evil inside doesn’t make you pull the trigger on humanity. It will scream at you and violate your soul. Plus there is more than just Evil. Other things. Better things. Good. Wolves. They can’t make you do anything. At the end of the day, even though many wolves pushing and pulling inside you, you make the final choice.



Why has style stayed the same for the last 20 plus years?
End of history? Nah, it’s just stagnation or stability:
Old Vanity Fair piece http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2012/01/prisoners-of-style-201201