Planning Thread Post2220:The I'tashi Alliance and Their Allies


Sarrick St.Johns was at the courtyard of Fort Dissent on the I’tashi coastline. He was an antifacist, an abolishonist, and a liberator. During the war he had reclaimed a Proteus Cannon, and its ammo, from a weapons depot of the Loyalists. And now it would serve them all in defense of Fort Dissent.

Sarrick looked out among the warriors, heroes and mercs he had hired and said, “Free Men and Free Women, welcome to Fort Dissent. I am St.Johns and I plan on holding back the Sea Kings and preventing them from marching on the capitol city. If Fort Dissent holds, then the cities will be safe. If Fort Dissent falls. Expect slavery and chains once again.”


Lady Xantinus wasn’t always a Knight of Wintermute, born (a Vlahadassi) in the Earther Colony of Zelga Xantinus was obsessed with cartoons, She loved all kinds of animation and as she grew up she wanted to become a professional animator. Sadly her dreams were dashed when told (repeatedly) that her drawing skills were rather crap. Xantinus was distraught, she vowed that day that if she couldn’t animate, she would reanimate! She dedicated herself to the study of Necromancy and after learning she invaded the local television station and killed everyone except the cameraman. She raised the staff as Zombies and forced the cameraman to film her new puppet shows, Xantinus thought it was going very well until the local authorities arrived and arrested her. Xantinus agreed to convert the staff back to life as part of a plea deal to reduce her sentence and after ten years in jail was released.

Xantinus went north to the Northern Kingdoms hoping to find a place where her necromatic puppet shows would be accepted (and not illegal) as luck would have it, shortly after arriving in the north the Boarder Wars started. Fleeing with other refugees she arrived in the newly constructed city of Wintermute where she was delighted to find out that her love of raising undead was not only accepted but celebrated. She agreed to serve in the Wintermute army in exchange for training as a Reanimator and a rank of Nobility and served honorably in several battled before the war ended.

Xantinus settled in her new life as a Noble of Wintermute and started her own specialized puppet show. She raised two Growlings who would preform for children, over the course of the show she would attach different animal parts and props to the Growlings as the setting of the show demanded. While never hugely popular Xantinus had a small but loyal following which made her happy.

When the Sea Kings invaded and established a beach head the Council of Wintermute was divided on how to respond. Most of the Council believed that this was an Itashi problem, Wintermute had enough of it’s own issues and without a formal request for aid they shouldn’t do anything. Lord Hassan however grew concerned about the growing divide between many of his citizens and the rest of the Itashi Alliance. Lord Hassan ordered the Council to send someone to investigate the Sea King incursion to see how serious it was. The Council reluctantly agreed but didn’t want to send their professional agents to what they considered a foreign problem, one of the council members was walking home when he passed by the puppet show of Xantinus and was reminded that she fought in the war. Thinking, “why not” he approached her after the show and informed her that she had been chosen for an important mission. She would head to Fort Dissent and aid Wintermute’s allies and investigate the Sea King presence. He assured her that she had the full confidence of both the Council and Lord Hassan who had all personally chosen her for this important mission.

Lady Xantinus’ swelled with pride! Her talents would be put to use and recognized once again! Packing for the trip she mounted her undead horse and traveled the long distance to Fort Dissent just in time to hear Sarrick short but inspirational speech.

She would dismount and say "I am Lady Xantinus, Knight of Wintermute I give my solemn oath that the Sea Kings will be driven back to the sea itself!


Sarrick St.Johns replied, "well met Lady Xantinus. S. St.John at your service My Lady.

I have a plan but I’m missing some of it. I can fire off a pair of Proteus strikes at their beachhead’s oncoming forces. But I’m not sure how to push forward once we make our strike!"


Lady Xantinus pause a moment to think, "I am not as familar with Proteus cannons, however if the enemy’s bodies are somewhat intact I can raise them as undead. That could distract the enemy allowing your troops to advance. If their bodies are torn apart I can make something with the remains if you can provide me with some protection.


Sarrick St.Johns smiled and bowed and said, "M’Lady I will personally guarantee your safety. I trained as a Panzer Knight under Synfelt Von Groont during the Border Wars. My own sword shall defend you.

If in between my strikes you raise the dead as your warriors it will give us some cannon fodder. It is too bad we have no volunteers to push back the forces at the beach itself. But maybe we should just be happy with holding the fort walls."