Planning Thread Post2220: Hobtla Mag'ol and their Allies


Unixah Kal Hobtla Mag’ol stood in the throne room of the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. Her glorious eye looked upon her king, the tiny ancient Olgog despot. The despot was tiny in size, and even compared to his Queen Unixah looked almost slight.

Over a year ago, she had arrived in this frozen land, thinking it a frozen wasteland of savages. She thought her Sea Kings society far more civilized, far more worldly.

Then she watched as Sir Stout, the gross and gluttinous Quall Avatar of Warmonger, had forced her people to follow a false faith in Morgothianism. Then he watched her greatest soldiers be reduced to fawning honor-bound pawns of Warmonger’s Avatar.

And the pride of the Quall Avatar of Warmonger had been grand and foolish, and he had not even utilized his greatest allies.

Unixah had not been shocked when Tiordane had tried to revolt against the Warmonger, and she had happily sold him out and turned Tiordane over to the Illuminated authorities. He and his co-conspirators were punished, while the Quall Avatar had grown fat and prideful.

Thinking he could claim the End of Worlds and use its power, the Quall Avatar risked everything, and lost everything as a result.

The demonic armies had been banished. The Sea Kings leadership killed off and the intercedent strife that followed had left her family in turmoil and their power structure shattered.

But Unixah was cunning and saw an opportunity. Rather than commit her forces to the battle on Warmonger’s side, she had held them in reserve.

Her personal army had survived while most of the Sea Kings who had come did not. She consolidated power over the penninsula, and her joining with King Hobtla Mag’ol had raised the Olgog to the rank Emperor and herself to his empress. But she was no fool.

She knew both the old Warmonger Cult and the other Illuminated Pharoahs would hate her and want her destroyed. She knew the EEF and the Northern Kingdoms would each see her as a rogue ruler. And so instead she retained a title of Queen, leaving Empress as a title for a future figurehead of the nation she was building.


Unixah held a Warcouncil, calling upon many allies to join her. She saw the Uthvelor serving the Mind spikes, and the Poison Claw Clan Pelebor. The Necromancers of the Sliver had their representative here, but they had their own battles abroad.

Unixah could also see a green fur, who had come from the south representing an unknown set of supporters.

In the center of the chamber Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol held a commcrystal, and from it came the voice of Dire Paw, the olgog leading a scouting party that had come upon EEFers in their territory.

“Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol, they had a machine here. Its beams cut and burn the flesh of our White Furs. I have tried chilling its engines as the Queen instructed, but it is warded against Water and Shadow and I cannot harm it,” Dire Paw said through the commcrystal.


From the shadows stepped a tall greenfur. Milos Greybeard, of the line of Filan Greybeard, demanded to earn his honor among the Kolgul Militia. He was an UR-King Tribal, dressed in armorfiend hide armor and leaned heavily on a Krato bone poleaxe. His greybeard was fully grown in but otherwise he was a healthy looking greenfur.

He bowed low to the Emperor.

"Great Emperor, I come on behalf of the Elogans and the Kolgul Militia. We have tunnels reaching the edge of your territory and we desire trade and friendship. You need wood, and our lands in the south have that wood.
But that is a conversation for after I prove my honor and friendship.

My acid grenades will do short work of that Earther Machine. If we press the attack, when I melt its hull and weapons, we can drive the Earthers from these lands and let them know no one disrespects the borders of the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol?"


An Earther gentleman wearing a a fine silk shirt, dressy trousers, and a nightmare trench coat walks into the proceedings. His hair is impeccably styled, color black to match his dark blue eyes. He looks around the room, taking note of his surrounded.

He bows to the Empress. “My name JeanLuc Gravois. My liege has summoned me here for two reasons. First, because he wishes to make money. Second, to spite the EEF and their allies. She wishes to remain nameless until we have settled on some agreements. Until then, I shall use my talents at your disposal to prove that we are formidable allies.”


Queen Unixah gave a respectful nod of the head and said, "Welcome JeanLuc Gravois, Welcome Milos Greybeard. I have been just telling my Emperor about how grand it has been to see so many new faces traveling through this region.

Our honored White Furs are facing a strange Earther menace at our southwestern border. For many months have the Earthers encroached on my Emperor’s lands and now they dare bring their warmachines."

“Milos Greybeard, in the name of Hobtla Mag’ol I wish your aim be true with those acid grenades. That vehicle must be made an example of. The Earthers will just resurrect anyone killed, so I do not worry about their soldiers. BUT the vehicle will cost them many resources to build again, and that will make them think twice about sending their vehicles into our region.”

“JeanLuc, I am intrigued,” said Unixah, “What has your liege sent you to do against these Earther Springshot Riflemen?”


It was at that moment that a thin olgog wearing nightmare hide armor entered the room, flanked by two olgogs clad in black bone-spike mail with masked faces under matching helms. The leader approached, and knelt deeply before the throne.

“Noble Queen, perhaps we offer the protection you seek. I am called Raka’na, and I represent a group of those very skilled in the use of fire, and using it we can shield your forces against enemy projectiles. We extend this service freely, and assure you that not a single bullet will touch your lines if you accept.”

He then unbuckled an iron sword from his waist, of K’iou craftsmenship to the discerning eye, and offered it hilt first to the Queen.


Unixah lifted up the sword as if testing its weight. She then replied, "The court of Hobtla Mag’ol welcomes you. And welcomes your aide.

The Earthers fire both springshot bolt and bullet at our Olgogs. Your help against these will be invaluable."


A rather small Green Fur Olgog dressed in Quall Bone Armor and a heavy Mak Hoblok hide jacket walked up from the back. Looking around, he saw Milos Greybeard and approached. "I was seeking our Der’al Collective allies and I have found them. These cold lands are harsh and hard to survive in. But my Warlord Gobbog demanded that I traverse the entire Glacial Wastes to find the greatest of the Mag’ols, the Hobtla Magol. I am pleased other members of the Der’al Collective have come to pay their respects as well. "

Turning to Unixah,“Queen Unixah, my master and the entire Army of the True Flame sends its honors, along with a crown of finest horn for both you and the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. I wish to learn of your peoples and assist in this coming battles.”

“But how?”

He pulled out a bone staff. At one end was a curved claw. At the other was a heavy bony cudgel.

He knelt before Hobtla Mag’ol.

“I am Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame, and I offer you my services as a Zh’Ka Dol. The Zh’Ka Dol is a position of GREAT honor in the Provisional Colony of Zh’Ka Al. And I defended the city. But now I am here to offer my Rapidol in service to you GREAT Hobtla Mag’ol.”


JeanLuc bowed his head.

“My liege sent me to do no specific task. That would be short-sighted. But I can help Milos secure the Earther technology. If he is successful, I can make sure the strider is removed from battle without hurting us. Until then, I can keep Milos safe.”


[For Mission 2, Option 1]

Queen Unixah looked upon the heroes of the battle with pride, “Your service against the EEF was an honor to the great Hobtla Mag’ol. You all deserve a place aboard the first of the raids that will be flowing from our shores to aid my brother Qory Kal I’tash.

I, Unixah, Queen under the great Hobtla Mag’ol will return with enough wood to build many more vessels from the I’tashi Shore. We set out from here. I will use the Dream Seas to bring my vessel to the other coast within hours of travel instead of months.

Once my vessel arrives we will raid the shores and fill the shadow cocoons in my ship’s cargo bay with enough wood, weapons, armor and loot to arm the elite of the Hobtla Mag’ol.

But the I’tashi Peacebringers use Light Leyas to create cannons that will cook the flesh of our raiding party, and they launch rockets made from artificed spears that spread poison gas and fire over a large area.

These threats along with Peacebringers will be our concern, does any of our fine heroes have any suggestions against these threats?”


Milos Greybeard waited respectfully to see what the other heroes of the Hobtla Mag’ol said, but none spoke their mind.

The Elogan seemed defensive as he stood up, his shoulders hunched and he kept glancing around looking for someone in particular.

Milos said, “Queen Unixah, may the rule of Hobtla Mag’ol be long and honored by all upon Refuge. If we employ wards against Air it will stop their rockets from impacting but it will also prevent us from using any Levi-vehicles or flying artifacts.”


Raka’na looked up absentmindedly from examining the damages to his helmet, and looked at Milos, and then the Queen.

“Alternatively, I could give them a better target to aim at.”

He lifted a small pendant from his neck, a smooth piece of obsidian shaped to look like an open hand.

“I have the ability to summon creatures that will feel no harm from flame or poison. I am not certain how cannons made from light leyas would affect them however… but given time, I could make enough of them to create a diversion on the beach that may distract the defenders from our true goal.”


Queen Unixah said, "Time is something we do not have. Our fleet must move swiftly, and strike quickly if we are to secure a safe landing. But you do bring up an excellent point. A creature that will feel no harm from flame or poison could draw their attacks, so that our landing party might arrive safely.

Warding away our enemies’ powers may serve us well once we are safely upon the beach, but I do like the idea of their aim being elsewhere in the first place."

“Raka’na, Milos, other allies, do you think we could actively take the beach? Or should we just limit ourselves to this raid for wood and weapons and armor?”


Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame was proud to finally stand against an enemy that was worthy. The I’tashis were warriors feared across the continent. He would earn for himself an I’tashi to battle and show his mettle finally to the great Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol.

He said with great deference and respect, falling upon a knee, "Mighty Queen who are so wise. Only if another army can hold this beach for the month should we try to hold it for a day. Our raiding party does not have supply lines so our raiding party may starve.

A raid feels like a wiser course."


Raka’na rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but defer to the sense in the statement. He was after all, used to dealing with zealoutry rather than pragmatism.

“I never said we actually take the beach, merely lead the defenders to think that it is our true goal.”

He paused and looked calculatingly around the room.

“If I were to lead a force, perhaps not large one, but a prepared one, I could draw out what little remains of the beach defense to stop me. We’d have to be aggressive enough to pull their attention but I think we could minimize any losses seeing as we don’t actually need to capture the land stone by stone. I’d have to sell it, but with enough fire and destruction, I’m sure they’d buy it. That would leave our main team more time to get to the goods, and possibly even leave their allegiance a mystery.”


Queen Unixah said, “A wise plan Raka’na. I temporarily elevate you to Raid Captain to accomplish this goal. But you will need heroes to aide you.”

She looked among the assembled warriors, “Who among you proud warriors wish to prove yourself? Which of you will serve under Raid Captain Raka’na and draw out the beach defenses and keep them distracted?”


King Blood’og III was a massive Olgog. He was a greenfur Goblin King that would stare down anyone who met his gaze except Queen Unixah and the Great Hobtla Mag’ol. He was chomping on a big wad Spartacus cactus while swilling gladiator’s ale and smoking a big cigar filled full of ur’ya.

He had been sent north to escape the United Tribes of Refuge and their takeover of Brez. He was angry he had been exiled from his homeland. And he had no patience for this Mak hoblok shit.

"I will go with Raid Captain Raka’na. I am King Blood’og the Third! and I want to crush some Peacebringers with my Hobtor Stone axes. What are your orders Raid Captain Raka’na?

I have my Hobtor Axes, and my armor, passed down by generations of the Blood’og line, and now a relic of the Mak’Laltor Gang. I have my brezan stalker steed, Carmine. I will kick in the teeth of anyone who tries to stop us."


“A brezan stalker, excellent. Use that to disrupt any fortifications or earthenworks, we’re only trying to draw attention though, so let my minions take the enemy fire. There should be plenty of teeth for the kicking however, so if you see an opportunity to thin the enemy ranks feel free to do so.”

He looked at the others and said,

“How will you signal us when the raid on the fort is complete?”


King Blood’og III said, “Done and Done, Raid Captain Raka’na. I will bring You, Queen Unixah, and Great Hobtla Mag’ol great honor in battle.”


Kaor’an of the Army of the True Flame adjusted the strap to the bag over his shoulder. Then he said, “Once the ordered retreat begins, I can hurl a trio of fire darts directly into the air, then another trio as I reach the water line.”