Planning Thread Post2220: Boriel I'tash and Lord I'tash's Allies


Boriel I’tash gathered together a group of PeaceLords and Mercenaries and Northern Kingdoms heroes, and said to them.

“Welcome to Boriel’s Cohort. You will become the most important people on all of Refuge. The Colony General of the EEF is dead. Now is the time to act, to free my homeland of I’tash from those who stole it during the Slave Uprising. Elijah Morte, the man who sits on Great I’tash’s throne, was not even an I’tashi. He was born in Tarris and raised as a Tarrisian defender, a peacebringer slave to a Tarrisian Lord slain in battle. Then he was taken to Tal Hanon. TAL HANON?!! And it was from there that the slave rebellion spread, just as the toxic combination of the Unity and the Fungal Forest now spreads across our own northern lands.

I have planned a grand campaign of irregular operations against the Elijah Morte and his Usurpers. Now that the demonic threat is contained, and the Warmonger is destroyed, WE must restore Lord I’tash to power!”

[its is very recommended that PeaceLord Grim and PeaceLord Nuria post to this thread, but it is open to all potential allies]


Grim looked over at Boriel from where he was sitting. “While I have no problem with what you have said in general, I would like to hear how your plans deal with the Sea kings and thier oppression? And honestly, i think that we might be better off if we tryed to win over the people rather than have them see us as invaders instead of rescuers.”


Grim paused and then nodding, contunued. “I think it would be best if we made sure that there was a country for I’tash to claim when he has the chance rather than cause more strife.”


Boriel was ready to set out with the full forces when finally PeaceLord Grim showed up.

Boriel said "This operation has been in planning yet in the moment our armies muster to leave you finally arrive. I am angered that PeaceLord Nuria did not even respect the Grand Magi enough to show up.
But Grim if you had arrived earlier at anytime During planning i would be open to your suggestions. But to show up after all the diplomatic discussions have ended, after my forces are mobilized with this talk of new plans?

Too little too late. I will remember this PeaceLord. Next time Boriel Itash calls for his peaceLords to assemble I expect both you and Nuria to be the first Lords to give me council.

Instead i set forth with no support from the Nobles I just elevated to power. Ironic indeed."

Boriel set forth with his fleet. And Grim knew concern. If Boriel were to rescind his favor Grim would find Jemison Post under immediate invasion from their neighbors.

Grim worried even more for Nuria. With Boriels anger he would address it with her and the fallout could be terrible.


[DR2220 Mission3+]

Boriel I’tash had his Master Slave Hunter Lord Malaganth address the assembled PeaceLords.

“Right now there are several candidates who may be good options for allies. At the top of this list is Yildor Roren. He is a pragmatist, and could be bent to our will. But he will not be able to do so if he is killed by the Scarabs gang in the middle of his speech.”

“Therefore I am assembling a party of assassins and spies to sneak into Ithamar and kill any of the Scarabs gangers we can find. There will of course be grand rewards from our Lord Boriel.”


In the back, an earther in the black outfit of the Jemison Post spymaster uniform steps up and bows to Boriel and says "Master Slave Hunter Lord Malaganth, Spymaster Lurtor has asked me to come and help with your operation. My name is Remmie.

Please let me know if you have any specific tasks you need of me.

I should be able to be in the crowd to help identify the Scarabs gangers in advance. Then we can work to isolate them and either counter them or remove them from being an issue. It might be best if it was a temporary removal or find a way to make the Scarabs think someone else did it. Maybe a rival gang. So they are distracted instead of going after the candidates. We would just have to be careful to not go to far and start an outright war between the gangs."


A young Bastard walked in and bowed to Boriel. "Pardon the intrusion, I have been sent by Lord Grim to aid you in this endevour. My name is Gavin. I was instructed to aid you however i might. While I am in the employ of Grim, I have retained my contacts in the colonies. what help might you need?


Lord Malaganth bowed very low and respectfully and said, "Many honors upon you Gavin, and upon you Remmie. We have quite a task ahead of us.

The leader of the local Scarabs gang is an Uthvelor named Maud the Blade. She is a cunning and dangerous foe to be sure but below her are many Uthvelor and Pelebor seeking to make a name for themselves. Those Uth and Pelebor will know any plans we set forth here, so our plans must be plans that cannot be countered.

Challenging indeed.

Knowing the tactics of the type of Uth and Pelebor that she employs we should be on the lookout for poison darts, toxic arrows and other long range venomous strikes from the audience and from the rooftops across the street."


“Gavin has contacts to sneak you in and Remmie you can cover your actions as those of a different gang. But you must decide will you work the crowd, or will you seek a position in one of the buildings across the way?” said Lord Malaganth, “My Lord Boriel did rent out a room on the third floor of a building across the street from the event in case it was needed. It was rented under a front of course.”


Remmie says "I think I’ll start with some observations from the buildings and roaming before the events. Maybe check out the shadows around the events for likely spotters. Any information on each of the gangs will help pin point who could be the key to unravel any plans. That person doesn’t have to be high in the ranks, just has to report to someone who reports to someone high in the ranks. I’m thinking of some disinformation.

As for if an actual attack is about to happen, maybe we can spoil their surprise by pointing them out and let the security do their jobs. As long as they are not being paid off."


Lord Malaganth smiled a thin smile, “Yes that might just work.”


Gavin looked at the others and nodded. " I can get y’all in to the city and help with your plans. I was always told by my mentor that when dealing with Uth not to make too many plans and be ready to scrap them and wing it at any time. " Glancing at the slaver, “no offense but the best way to keep some one from reading your mind and stealing your plans is to not have any. no memories of plans means no memories to read.”

"So after I get you into the city, I’ll probably just work the crowd and do my best to screw them over if possible. My talents lie more in dealing with artifacts and leyas based abilities. Any information you have on thier normal gear and what they might have artificied would be useful.


Lord Malaganth nodded, “Excellent.”


Gavin stomped into the meeting room and threw himself into a chair. Looking at Malaganth, he said “Ain’t my fault that your guy got nabbed. Nobody said anything about KSant Terrorists showing up. We was doin a fine job of keeping him alive and lettin him look all persecuted. Things was going alright and then a fuckin KSant terrorist just pops in and snags him. Thinkin you gonna need to find a new candidate to buy, that one people aint gonna trust that he aint been turned by the KSants.”


[Post DR2220]

Boriel said, “My PeaceLords, I have a conondrum. The Sea Kings attack our enemies in the I’tashi Alliance. Do we help protect I’tash’s coastline? Or do we help destabilize the usurpers?”


Remmie bows and respectfully responds "Lord Boriel, we already have a possible sea king staging area in the white furs olgogs lands, We cannot have them gain ground on the other coast. Eventually they will box us in if they beat the usurpers.

I think we have to hinder the Sea kings where we can and definitely not allow the Sea king’s forces to gain strength. That doesn’t mean we completely protect the usurpers forces. Any amount they are diminished is a win for us.

If we handle this correctly, this could benefit us greatly as both of our Enemies fighting against each other and not us.

For this specific invasion though, we should help the I’tashi Alliance hold their fort, but just enough that the Sea kings attack fails. And if the Sea kings look like they will win, destroy any valuable weapons the sea kings would take if they were to take the fort."


Boriel replied, "Many good concepts Remmie of Jemison Post. But vague and no specifics. I can provide gliders to bring you in as an aerial force.

What will you do once you arrive?"


Remmie ponders that "There seems to be a lack of Air defenses on both sides. The Ariel force could help turn a tide. Even one glider dropping a few bombs or smoke screens to make the approach harder. Especially if it came in a little late. Maybe someone giving the fort defenders a bit of warning its on its way so they don’t attack their help.

Actually that gave me an idea. With the glider and some leyas bombs, using bird sight and shadow leyas to place bombs on some of the Sea kings ships. If we were to come from behind the sea king forces high in the sky, they wouldn’t notice us as they would be busy with the battle. And once the explosions happen, whether effective or not, the Sea kings will have to reduce their attack on the fort to prepare to fight a 2 sided battle. And may even cause confusion. This would draw out the fight. And who knows, maybe we get someone important in the blast.

One set of explosions and then move away from the sea kings ships as I doubt the same trick will work twice and look to see where we can help the fort. If the fort wins the day, it will give us an opportunity for me to be in their good graces. Get better intel.

I do not have the leyas to create the firebombs though. And I would want the glider to look like a personal one, not one from a miltary force. It would need to be a mercs for the character.

And the more the merrier. Then we are a band of mercs."


“Did someone say more mercs?”

The most handsome olgog ever walked up and gave a little wave.

“Hello gents, Ani G of the Lucky Fate Squad at your service. You pay well? Better, because I’m worth it.”

The olgog had a smug smile.

“Heard you guys have no air defend for your big gun? Can cover that for you. I can bring in 4 Anti-air guns with ammo. If the price is right.”


Boriel smiled, "Oh yes i can pay.

And i pay handsomely. Ghaz is my prefered payment to mercs and I have some large bars of Duskan gold if that is prefered."