Petrol Refinery Plans


In the back streets of Unen, Lord Mada waited. He had sent some discreet messengers around the Goblin Lands to various areas, spreading word of his offer subtly, so that the wrong ears wouldn’t hear. The messengers said that Mada would be willing to part with some valuable information regarding a Earther fuel source. They also said that with this information, a tribe could claim this source as their own, to do with as they pleased. All that Lord Mada wanted was compensation for the info, nothing more. However, the info would only be given to the tribe who “compensated” the most.

And so, Lord Mada waited to see if anyone would come to answer offer. Unfortunately, since the plans where “hot”, he hoped someone would arrive soon.

(OOC: Since Ghaz is not used in the Goblin Lands, when I say “compensate”, naturally I mean trading. Lord Mada is not looking for anything specific, just something that would be considered to have equal (or greater :o) value.)


Hide had been to Unen many times, was never even the slightest bit worried when he had to take the back streets. However, meeting with one such at Lord Mada scared him out of his wits, to say the least. He lit a cigar, he hadn’t had one in weeks with the Hydrogen in Rug’na’ru, and puffed nervously. He approached the location that the messenger had told The Captain of, a small door in the side of a building. He approached and took a deep breath, both smoke and air, calming himself. “I am Hide, the representative from Rhug’na’ru. I am here to negotiate for the “fuel source” that a messenger of yours had informed us of a few days ago.” He drew in another breath, waiting for a reply.


Lord Mada smiled to himself as he tasted the fear of the approaching Olgog, telling him that he was here for the plans. It’s about time someone showed up, he thought. Perhaps more dramatically than necessary, Lord Mada stepped out of the shadows to greet the potential buyer. “Greetings to you, Hide of Rhug’na’ru.” Mada said as he looked the Olgog over with leyas sight. “I see that you are immutable. Then, my offer should especially interest you.”

The vampyre produced a few rolls of parchment from beneath his robes and held them up for Hide to see. “What I hold here are floor-plans to an Earther controlled petrol refinery. With this information, it would be undoubtedly easy to take control of the refinery for your tribe. I’ll even help you take it. The question is, what would you provide me in return?” he asked. “For the plans, that is. My assistance if for my own enjoyment.”

(OOC: I know that I’m selling, but I don’t know what I want, so I’m open to suggestions. XD )


Hide grinned, wiping sweat from his brow. “As you may know, we are a tribe of immutables. We have harnessed the power of the skies and the land to make our way in life. As immutables we cannot use the leyas, nor do we have any desire to.” He slung the pack off of his back and pulled something out. “This, Lord Mada, is a magi cannon. I personally have no clue how it works, now the ability to utilize its destructive power.” He smiled feebly. “We have a few of these that we are willing to give to you in return for the Petrol Refinery.” He took a deep breath, remembering The Captain’s words in his head. Get this right, this could be useful. He looked up at Lord Mada, hoping he would accept.


Lord Mada had expected to turn away multiple buyers until one offered something that interested him. However, merely the first, and an immutable no less, had already won the vampyre’s interest. “Well, I am surprised that an immutable posesses an artifact such as this. Congratulations, immutable. You have suficient value. As these weapons are of no use to your tribe, I will take them off of your hands. We have a deal. Bring the others to the ouskirts of the Bartsport Ruins, and you shall have your map and plans. Then, we will begin planning our attack.” And with that, Lord Mada disappeared into the shadows.


Hide leaned over the table, a few papers detailing the layout of the station were laid across it. They were above the station itself, inside the Hindengog. He looked at Lord Mada. “Three floors and a great many defenses from the Church.” He sighed, rubbing his brow. “Before I had left, a few of my tribe suggested finding a scanner to locate more unharnessed oil that we could tap into, because at this point I doubt we could take it without destroying the station.”


Lord Mada stood back, already having looked over the plans plenty beforehand. “I don’t know all that much about Earther tech, except that it’s usually valuable. And no, I doubt they’ll let us simply walk in and take it.” He walked back over to the table, “The supply trucks never arrive two days in a row. We could wait until the day after a supply run to assault the Earthers. Otherwise, we’ll have a tank and more Church of One to deal with. However, if we do that, we’ll have to deal with their Anti-Air Strider, which may not end well for your zeppelin. I’ll leave that up to you.”
“When we enter the facility, the third floor should be our first target. That’s where the most danger of igniting everything is. Once that floor is secure, we can work however you like.”

“Most importantly; Do you plan to take the refinery for your tribe, or merely what you can get from the Church?”


Hide coughed, motioning forward a few young Olgogs. “What we had thought was to send a few of these young’ins, covertly, to steal the smaller things that we plan to have. Such as the scanner that could be there, and plans, schematics and blueprints of the petrol refiners.” He then motioned to a few others, older, standing ready with rifles. “We plan to attack a slight bit more openly.”
“The young’ins will move in after we drop them off at a safe distance, then let them move in. We will wait one day, then allow them to get back to the Hindengog in the same location. If they return, we wait. If they do not, we attack under the cover of night.” He looked at Lord Mada. “That was the original plan. Any abjections? Or would you like to add something?”


The vampyre listened patiently to the Olgog’s proposed plan. When he finished, Lord Mada said, “I will support any action of your tribe’s to capture, raid, or destroy the refinery. If the young ones are caught, the Church of One will surely kill them, and at worst, they will be expecting others. If you plan to steal from the refinery and then destroy it, I believe that the most effective way to do so would be to kill the Earthers, take what you want on your own time, then detonate the rest.”

“As you should know, destruction is no difficult task for me, but causing it without harming your forces (or anything you want) is much more difficult. It makes my job easier if your tribe has what it wants before destroying the facility.” While Lord Mada waited for a response, he was about to create a small ball of fire to pass from hand to hand, but remembered where he was and thought better of it.


OOC: ((Not sure how to enter for planning because the airship was already in the air prior to the invitation to the mercs being sent out, so I’ll act natural.))

Lorne Harlas emerged from a nearby storage closet he had stowed away in as the aircraft had taken to the air. He had been thoroughly uncomfortable in his plate mail, tucked between various tools and engineer-y things that were commonplace in a storage closet on an airship. Dusting himself off and shaking out his cape, he strode to the odd duo of Vampyre and immutable and saluted them.

“One Black Lorne, finest blade south of Chooru at your service. I’ve been listening to your conversation for an uncomfortably long time, and decided I should be part of this discussion. Now that the formalities have been observed, how can I be of service?”


Hide looked at him. “I told you that you didn’t need to stay in the ammunition closet.” He turned back to Lord Mada. “We plan to take what we can, then get out and destroy it ourselves. We have to kill any and all who see that we are Rgug’na’ru, we don’t need The Church on our sorry hides.” He glanced between them. “If I remember your leyas correctly, you both have those shadow abilities. If you both could help with the acquiring of the goods we wish, it would be greatly appreciated”


Lord Mada was surprised to see Lorne on the airship, but even more surprised that he had been hiding in a storage closet. Ignoring that strange fact, he returned to the current matter. “Harlas, we meet again. Here, hopefully, your allegiance will be less easily swayed.” Turning back to Hide, Mada said, “I still believe that we should attack the third floor scientists first, to reduce the chances of the facility going up before we want it to. Then, assuming they don’t get a chance to call for help, we can raid the weaponry on that floor relatively undisturbed.”

As he talked, Lord Mada slowly circled the table, “I can create a cloud of gas that will send them into coughing fits, disabling them from calling for help. However, when I enter the facility, my shadows disguising the Hindengog may disappear.”


Hide nodded. “I figured it might. That’s why we were planning on dropping ourselves off further away from the refinery to make sure that wasn’t an issue, however.” He looked at Lorne. “Harlas, was it? If I remember correctly, you have the same shadow abilities as Lord Mada, you could keep the Hindengog hidden in the skies.” He looked at the third floor far below. “I will go with your plan, Mada. Take out the guards on top first. Then what would be our next plan of action? Storm the facility?” He frowned, looking at the two.


Lord Mada suddenly stopped his pacing and turned in Hide’s direction. Then, forced himself to turn away, irately muttering about how Lorne’s shadows were far inferior to his own. After calming himself, He returned to the planning again and answered the Immutable. “Once the Earthers on the third floor are dead, we deal with any reinforcements they may have been able to call. At the same time, I suggest that your tribe work to get what you can from that floor. My minions and I will do what we can to stop the others. If they remain unaware, my nightmares will still stand watch.”

“Who shall aid me in disabling the Earthers on the third floor? Even with my power, I cannot quickly kill them all before someone calls for help. Speed is key here, and we need to kill them as quickly and likely quietly, as possible.”


Hide shifter uncomfortably. “Our skills do not generally revolve around silence. We use high caliber weaponry, very loud.” He looked at the younger Olgogs again. “I’m sure they could assist in the silent killing though. I agree with silence, so to make things easier we should attack at night.” He motioned around him. “We will disable the running lights and repel from a safer hight. You will need to disable the third floor guards quickly, so we have time to get down there and finish them off.”


Lord Mada nodded. “At night I can likely shadow walk directly to the third floor and cause a coughing cloud to disorient and confuse the Earthers. Then I can begin taking them out. Harlas, where will you be?” Mada asked.


Lorne’s smile faded just for a moment at Mada’s reference to the Isle of Mag Buskt. He listened quietly to how the other two were planning, and then shook his head as Hide mentioned leyas abilities.

“Aye it’s true, Dr Doom here can use shadows a lot better than I can. I could hide myself, maybe a few others, but certainly not the entire aircraft. I am, however, proficient in strangulari killing. I could silently remove guards while moving from shadow to shadow. As for how many I could take out, that would depend on how well informed I am. I suggest we don’t stick around to wait for whatever reinforcements would be on the way. Lets figure out what we want, grab it, and get out. We don’t have the manpower to simply overwhelm the station. A coughing cloud would work, except for well, someone would probably notice everyone was hacking their lungs up at the same time and try to figure whats happening. Hide, I don’t suppose you have silencers for sniper rifles? If you could take out the outermost sentries quickly, I could jump to the bodies and drop them somewhere more…recluse.”


Hide shook his head. “We don’t have any silencers, thats why I suggested the night approach. At night, with cloud cover, we can turn off the running lights on the Hindengog, make us invisible without your leyas. After that, its just you two taking out the guards on the top floor. After that, we might be able to get a line down and get ourselves into the facility.” He laced his hands, looking at the plans. “We are not the type of tribe to do something like this. Our equipment isn’t made to be stealthy. However, your leyas abilities can make you both very formidable in the darkness of the night.” He stroked his chin. “That would be the first order of business, of course. Maybe one of you can take their uniforms and masquerade as the enemy.”


Mada listened to the others, and nodded. “So, to summarize, under cover of darkness, Harlas and I will shadow walk onto the third floor, where we’ll work to quickly and quietly kill the Earthers there. Then, your tribe will enter and begin looting. I can carry much inside my shadow cocoon, and if the storage tanks around the outside of the facility aren’t attached to anything, I could definitely get some, if not all of them. Then, once we have what we want, we get out and blow the place.”

Lord Mada paused to let everyone process what he’d said. “What’s left is; How will the immutables get onto the third floor, dealing with the the other defenses, and how we’ll blow it up. Any suggestions?”


Hide glanced at the facility below. “We will have to repel down from the Hindengog down onto the station. You will take out the guards, we will get down to loot the of the facility.” He pointed down at the strider. “That may be a problem for us in the future, we could distract it, but not destroy it without risking the facility.” He sighed again, wishing for a cigar in his grasp. “We hope to get in and out without too much trouble, then we will destroy the building that has been looted, as is the way of the Rhug’na’ru.” He grinned. “Usually through flame, but we will leave the honor in your capable hands.”