Outside Mortis Leonin's base in the Bones of the City. Apt 205/Cross the Street


Before TB could attack he nearly lost all power from the EMPs, and was dragged to safety by a nearby agent working for the Resistance. With a little gray at her temples, Maxine Mayhew was a former time shredder but still put work in for the Resistance in the future Earth under IR rule.
Currently in the Bones of the City, the pair returned to her nearby apartment overlooking the courtyard the meeting place was going to take place.

[Currently only open to Captain Axis as his technobroken. More characters may get access to this thread later]


The Resistance member Maxine Mayhew raised her up her scope, and fixed the earpiece so like a demon’s tail to her ear. She listened in to the meeting going on next door as she watched Mortis Leonin take the podium at a small stage inside.
He was surrounded by his neo-nazi followers.

He began to speak.

"The devastation you all see around you is a direct result of ALIEN interference in HUMAN matters. If the Quall N’drone did not threaten the rich and powerful into selling the rest of us Humans out, the Iron Republic would never have taken over the galaxy. And you all know that to be true.

Those rich folks couldn’t give up their fancy lifestyles and join us in the trenches against the Quall. No they turned on us and cut off the major weapons and defense supplies that humanity needed to defend itself. AND WHEN DID THEY REARM? When they could turn those weapons on the rest of us humans using cloned monsters they call Brethren."


“The Iron Republic keeps you trapped here on Earth, and refuses to allow you open space travel.
They did the same thing on my home planet of Refuge, and we kicked them out of our orbit and made them hurt every time they tried to come back.”

“I have friends, a group called the Lions of Earth, who have been moving weapons and armor and vehicles into the hands of Resistance cells loyal to our cause. They are acting both here, and on the galactic front. When we are ready to put our boots to those quall-lovers in the Iron Republic, the Lions of Earth will stand by us.”


The base where Mortis Leonin had been gathering neo-nazis and other terrorist agents was still active.

Every few days, militia-men and food deliveries would come through. It was usually in the early hours of the day, when the IR Patrols were even though Maxine Mayhew had already told TB that the Resistance was reporting that Leonin had been defeated by temporal agents.

TB kept watch on the base, knowing one day his Captain Axis would call for him. He always wondered why Captain Axis didn’t call on him to defeat Leonin when he had the shot on him, but TB had been having spotty Unity connection. It seemed the IR was testing some experimental jammer in orbit, a defense against the E-strain and the Unity’s ability to telepathically connect across dimensions.

TB had started falling in love with Maxine Mayhew, she was strong, intelligent and incredibly interesting. She was busy with her Resistance work, relaying back information that the Lions of Earth were working with local terrorists against the IR. Unfortunately many of these terrorists were racist facists who killed anyone not “human” enough to fit in to their twisted world view.

The Resistance was growing increasingly concerned about the actions of these Lions of Earth funded Terrorists, and how they might cause allies to turn against the Resistance efforts.

Maxine knew that the line between freedom fighters and terrorist was a fine line…