OtO and the Mind Scrubbers (caused by TSGL3 Pregame week 2 missions)


OtO and Mind Scrubbers
Science OtO was going to go back in time, to the day before the real OtO was killed. He was planning to use a rudimentary mind scrubber for targeted memories (destroys cells so memories aren’t recoverable). He was going to create a small container that will hold OtO and bring nanites that would put him in a sub-stained sleep for the time of OtOs death until his own present. After injecting OtO with the special nanites, he would store him in the container, and put the container in the crashed ship at the bottom of the ocean just south of Mag Buskt’s Island.
He would then use the mind scrubber to kill every memory that wasn’t OtO’s at the time of death (includes extra skills). The rest of the day should happen naturally and Science OtO should die in OtOs place.
A brilliant plan with an untested mind scrubber and special nanites. The part he never expected was that OtO would fight back when the Scientist arrived for him. Oh he tried reasonably explaining that he was from the future and a brawl ensued for Old VLAD had informed OtO when the clones were first made that the smartest among them would try and usurp him.
It was a legendary battle where the two shattered walls with their immense strength, all the while the scientist was just trying to inject the nanite cocktail.
The original infamous OtO grabbed the strange weapon at the Scientists belt and turned it on him. He quickly figured out how to fire it and tried to blast the syringe out of his “evil”clone’s hand (hoping to take a bit of skull if the weapon’s blast was wide enough).
You can imagine his confusion as the weapon seemed to do nothing to slow the charging Olgog. OtO was stabbed by the syringe and fell backwards into a dark and confusing sleep. The Scientists stood over him, not quite sure what was going on. He knew he was here for a reason, but he could not understand why.
A trio of Bruskti entered the room, and saw OtO standing over OtO in OtO’s chamber and whispered of K’ias. Scientist OtO quickly burnished a zela blade and cut his palm to show his blood was not silvery.
One of the bruski did the same to the body of OtO on the floor. As the Original OtO in this timeline’s body was cut, it released the nanites, now airboune now changed by the memory disabler. They were changed and entered the brain of their victims selectively destroying memories. And in those first 36hrs before the new nanoplague was discovered it spread like wildfire up and down the coasts on Bruskti Airships trading in the name of the Mag Buskt Island.
Without full memories the cursed nature of the Bruskti took over and like slavering animals they turned upon each other. The nanites learned from them their curse and brought that onward, until first Mag Buskt island and then all of Refuge was evenly split between the “infected hungry” who were known for their torturing and killing rampages until put down with fire, light, and acid attacks and their corpses chilled to destroy the nanite plague that was set forth in that little plan to rescue an Olgog from his final fate, chosen not by the hands of god nor gogs, but by his own through years of choices.
The Scientist OtO didn’t remember the future, he didn’t remember why he came back or why he had that fight with what he now thought was a clone of himself. But he soldiered on against the “infected hungry” and their endless onslaught. Since it sprung up so much later, people assumed it was an attack by the Neliff and not caused by OtO, and Scientist OtO knew no better.
In the ship at the bottom of the sea, the original OtO from this new timeline had been mutated and morphed by the nanites into a monster of unspeakable proprotios. The OtO Nanoplague Weapon was a monster prepared to consumed the world and incorporate it into its own grey goo, But luckily it was still a while before the The OtO Nanoplague Weapon was deployed from that tiny boat to consume all of Refuge.
Would Scientist OtO regain his memories in time to stop it? Would he ever find the missing reclamator crystal the pirates gave him for pickup and if he did would he remember how to use it? Stay tuned on another timeline slated to destroy itself.


OtO (Scientist)

OtO had dealt with nanotechnology before, and the best options was chill based weapons. But here in the goblinlands he didn’t have much to go on. Recalling one of his agents in karov, Watatsumi (steam tech), he began assembling weapons.

Weapons would start at high tech.

using supercooled water (liquid water below 0 degrees C) and a hydrophobic coating, he would use a pressurized tank and “Squirt gun” to store this water. When fired, it would spray a stream (stream is important) of water that upon impact would freeze into ICE. The internals of the water system would be coated with a hydrophobic chemical so as not to break the surface tension (and cause the ice to freeze prematurely)

(expecting 5 to 8 chill dmg based on this weapon)

There would be an ultra tech version, that uses a metamaterial for the tank (one thats hydrophobic). This is harder to produce, but requires significantly less maintenance. (the coating in the high tech version wears off, metamaterial wont). This tank can safely be cooled farther and pressurized more (to keep water in a liquid state and supercooled) and the "Squirt gun part is more advanced to step down the pressure when releasing the water.

Im expecting I could do 10 chill dmg + with this weapon. (NOTE I don’t have a way to produce this version, so it will be stuck in OtOs head)

OOC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercooling and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fot3m7kyLn4

OOC2: I wish I though of this for the Kalok fight


The power armour bay would create light vehicles and OtO would create a rapid response team to deal with any infected. each team would be assigned a vehicle, and the vehicle would be enhanced to use primarily the new water based weapons. vehicles would also have a refilling area (with additional tanks for quick swapping) and be sort of like a tanker fire truck.

Teams would operate in teams of 7, 5 ground troops , a driver/pilot and a vehicle gunner to deal with the attacking zombie vampyres.


Scientist OtO made good progress in securing and defending Mag Buskt island and driving out the Infected Hungry. But it was a hard fought battle and many teams despite the weapons, found the sheer numbers of Infected Hungry overwhelming. Days turned to weeks, and then to months, but first a block, then a compound, then the entire island was recovered.
But by then the mainland was not recoverable. Word of the infection had gotten offworld to the Iron Republic. Their vessels found Refuge unable to defend itself. Using plasma weapons from orbit the I.R. destroyed cities full of the Infected Hungry. The deathtoll was in the billions.

Mag Buskt Island was spared, but the I.R. Starcruises spared few other locations that they knew about. When the OtO Nanoplague weapon rose from its tiny vessel, it quickly found a Starcruiser and infected its systems silently.

Aboard the vessel it left the penal planet of Refuge behind it, and began its inevitable spread across this timeline.

The deathtoll throughout the galaxy was mounting, and the I.R. fought hard to drive out the nanoplague.

Meanwhile on this timeline’s Refuge, Scientist OtO was getting word from his remaining airship scouts that the mainland was glassed, or at least all the major population and resource centers were glassed from orbit.

The Hungry dead had fled underground, and waited for more hosts so they could spread once again.

Scientist OtO found a hurculean task ahead of him. And for some reason he was getting sicker and sicker. It was like his cells were degrading. Samples of his own blood showed nanites were working overtime to prevent his cells from simply dying.

Scientist OtO wondered if he had been infected with some bioweapon during the height of the battles against the Infected Hungry…


Olgog the Olgog (Scientist)

Resources where what OtO needed, advanced medical treatment, nanites, and other resources. With the cities orbital struck, he had to locate some place not hit by the strikes. That meant relying on his EEF knowledge and his memory of locations of bases with VLAD.

First thing would be to access one of the VLAD underground bunkers, to see about accessing the AI that ran VLAD. Next would be to obtain nanites and the medical equipment needed to survive and be self sufficient on Mag Buskt’s island.

Before leaving, there will be a location prepped for securing one of the infected in a quarantine. For testing to see if after disabling the nanites if the damage to the person could be cured.

A small team would go with Science OtO leading the way into the base for locations and recovery of needed gear.

In his absence, the island would work on securing the food (enhancing what Go Dart started) , building more gear, and start search and rescue operations. Artifacts and materials would be gathered, but only if its safe for the team gathering them. Search and rescue is authorized to make riskier moves to save people.


Scientist OtO arrived at the hidden VLAD Base in Saragosa. He had been here once during his VLAD orientation, and was amazed to see what had once been the bread basket of the colonies was now devastated. The Hungry Infected had wiped out the local population, and except for the VLAD base it seemed Saragosa was uninhabited by sentient thinking people.
The doors to the base opened to OtO’s hacking and he made his way inside. Once inside the main foyer, he was surprised to see the blast doors come up locking him in the room. It must be an automated defense, so he began looking for a terminal to hack. Unfortunately VLAD engineers were not stupid, and there was no way to hack the system from inside this room.

A holographic display appeared of a young woman in an EEF uniform looking quite irate. OtO recognized her as Anise the A.I. that helped run the VLAD agency.

“You are Olgog the Olgog,” she said, listing his former EEF ID number and his colonial social security number, before continuing, “You are wanted in the colonies for the hijacking of Orbital weaponry, and the firing of it on a civilian populace with whom the Earther government was not at war. This is a crime punishable by final death.
How do you plead?”