Or'Lur getting in on the Nightmare hide trade.


After weeks of thinking and trading Glog decided that it would be better to make the hide needed to survive… out of nightmares.
Glog and Dar’On had traded with the Earther Candy. They had seen the nightmares created and slaughtered. They had heard the screams as the creatures were slain.
So Glog chose to have a permanent position for the Ur Rhug of the tribe. The 10 would be responsible for the hides, from creation to finish. He had chosen them because of the loyalty they had shown the tribe and a desperate need to have them not cause trouble around the caves.
And so began the Or’Lur’s trek into the Nightmare hide trade.

For the first week of this thread being up (I think it’s week 10) the thread will only be for Narrator and Or’Lur. After that it will be open to all allies and those willing to obey the laws of the Or’Lur tribe.
The tribe that comes for nightmare hides will meet with Dar’On who will stand in front of a secluded cave that has a blanket over the door way. He will inform the Ur Rhug and they will work to make the hides within one week.
All request MUST be cleared by Narrator AND Or’Lur.
Work time will vary based on the amount of request and other variables how ever a general rule is that at the end of the week that an order is posted it will be completed.

(This will be updated after the first week of it being on.)


For the first week the job of the newly appointed hide makers is to experiment in two areas:

  1. the creation of the nightmares
  2. treating the hides.
    They will try different ways to make it so that the hides will not rot in two weeks as a least nightmares would. The will use every method they can think of short of feeding the creator to the nightmare. They are also doing this to try and make the nightmare hide unique and different from other makers.


What specific ways are they going to try treating the hides the first week?


Herb paste to start with. Then a mix of different liquids such as water, alcohol, and/or nightmare blood with a paste.


Herb paste to start with. Then a mix of different liquids such as water, alcohol, and/or nightmare blood with a paste. They will also try to make the nightmares last longer by 2 channeling shadow leyas into a 3rd who will create the nightmare

(Please ignore the first time. that one was not meant to be posted.


The experiments went on for days. Different adhesive chemicals made from local ingredients. Different amounts of alcohol, water, nightmare ichor were added to an herb past, and they found it did harden the hide into good armor. But just like before the nightmare hide would disintigrate after two weeks had passed. And when it did, it would turn to dust, leaving the wearer wearing a paste that stuck them and slowed them.

That was until one of the nightmare handlers got lax. Two Leyas Users were pouring shadow Leyas into a third who focused it into a tall grey furred nightmare that resembled a love child of a Brezan Olgog and a ravenous kolgul. Its rat-like teeth and strange sniffing made it look untrustworthy so why the Olgog took his eye off it may never be known.

What is known, is the massive Olgog who created the Nightmare was leapt upon by his creation. One bite took his hand off, the next his throat. The monsterous nightmare was feasting upon its creator when the other two adepts cut it down.

They each gave a little of their own lifeforce to bring their ally back.

This nightmare, who had killed and consumed his creator, was now a permanent being. With careful application of the hardening agent the Or’Lur had prepared, the nightmare hide was turned into a large set of armor, easily able to fit a large brezan. It was Nightmare hide armor and a nightmare hide helm. And a nightmare hide scabbard for a sword, axe, or polearm.


Reward for part 1

Or’Lur gains 1 suit of Nightmare Hide Armor.


–{Part one is completed. This mission is now open to other players. For each four players who take part in this mission, Or’Lur will automatically gain +1 suit of Nightmare Hide Armor.}–


Hikiti and Teco stand before the cave of Dar’On. Hikiti is a young, male Ur Rhug, dressed in leather armor, a hob’tor spear, and carrying other various artifacts, including a comm crystal. Teco is a large Brezan Elder, brutish-looking, and carrying a massive Hob’Tor Axe, a stone club hanging around his belt, and a strange looking satchel on his side. “Greetings, friends. We are here to trade. We wish hide armor for our Ur Rhug, and want to make an offer for trade,” says Hikiti.


“Greetings” Dar’on replied. “How many are you looking for and what do you have to offer?”


Hikiti smirked. Dar’On was straightforward. He forgot what it was like dealing with other olgog. Earthers were so much more cumbersome in their trades.

“Let’s start with 40. What are you looking for? Weapons, food, water, herbal mixtures, Brezan Alchemy?”


Dar’on watched as this trader smirked and thought for a moment. "We are in need of some special material and a few live stock to start a herd, say a mating pair of mal’ie. As for the material, our Elders have asked that we seek full skeletons of creatures from the land, air, and sea. If you can provide one of these two things then we shall begin making you armor right away. "


Hikiti had not expected this. He shrugged, because he wasn’t sure he understood, “Let’s say I have a pair of animals that are mated. Would that satisfy your trade?”


" We will make the armor right away. In one weeks time bring the mal’ie and we will have your armor."

(Friday the 15th in real time)


Hikiti smiled. “Ok.” The Great Northern Army contingent left, waiting for the time to come back. At least they knew what they would need next…