Operation Round About


Maverick Multimancer was feeling down, and out. The loss of Armenius troubled him. His son was dead, and a father should not outlive a son from Maverick’s philosophy. His only thankful part was that he could say with pride he had been there until the end for his son any time the boy had needed him.

Fate…was fate…

Speaking of Fate, his other apprentices were scattered and he had to gather them. Some were languishing in temporal prisons. Others were trapped by alien despots. Some just had lost their time shredders and needed a pick up.

The first step would be gathering a team ready to go and collect his apprentices and bring them safely home…


Maverick arrived in the workshop of Staine and S.I.L.A.S. in a flash of blue light. These two had come out of the Iron Republic, but had always been his go to Clean Up Crew when a timeline had to be fixed. He still remembered when he had first met each of the brave young men.

[Both Staine and S.I.L.A.S. should do a descript of their character for this thread.]

Maverick said to them, "I’ve been heartbroken and lost since Armenius died.

Everything has gone to shit.

The Refugers did some horrific ritual that killed one Ancient Evil and banished the rest, and set things in motion to kill the Da’uhnb Queen and put the Temporal Enforcement Agency into chaos.

The Resistance really has its chance to gain some powerful allies and free our own from I.R. and TEA jails if we play our cards right.

[Play our cards right, heh, heh. This thread is currently open to Maverick, S.I.L.A.S., and Staine.]