OOC Thread - Roll Call



Hi. Lots of people in and out of playing. Even me. It’s all good, but as a player I’ve lost track of who’s “on my side.” On my side in quotes because “reasons.” (It’s all good, either way).

Roll Call time.

Please respond:
Group Name
Group Leader (we’ve been playing so many characters, I’ve lost track)
UTR representative (not every tribal leader is their voice on the council, we’re each supposed to have 3)
Original location/tribe type (e.g. Karov, Brez, Tla’loc’al, other)
Additional groupings (e.g. Great Northern Army, Lur Union, GUTS)
Is just your tribe, or the whole “union” a member of the UTR?
If your tribe considered a member of the provisional colony?

Any other notes you want to mention OOC about UTR and/or commitment to playing.

If you’re unsure, post. If we can’t clarify here, then maybe an RP thread will determine it.

Gang of the Uf Mag’og
The Great Goblin King Urog
Great Northern Army (GNA)
The entire GNA is considered a member of the UTR, for which the Gang is their sole representative.
The Gang/Brez is definitely a provisional colony. Simonsburg is a free city, but the EEF has a base there anyway, so the point is moot. Urog always represents that the entire GNA territory is a provisional colony, but that may or may not be true.

I’m going to be better about posting, but IRL gets in the way. However, consider me “active.”


Captain Reshed
Captain Reshed/Olav
Lur Union, GUTS, UTR
I am a founding member of the UTR
I think so, technically.


Lalder, Auf Lalyan, Tor’og Tor’ab, Lurtor (VLAD merc)
Tla’loc’al (and Trading Post train station, nearby)
Lur Union, UTR, Provisional Colony with the UtR. Lalder also helps run the Trading Post and Museum at the Train station near Tla’loc’al. He defends and builds it up.


sorry, didn’t realize things had started back up again.

The Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab
Yagogi’al the Og’ab
Maggul (tribal), Yalar Took (mak’ab) and Zhgog’ol MakLur (Uhryu)
Now associated with the ShadowDome of Karov based of the last missions results, and a founding member of the UtR
I believe so based off answers about the ziggurat


Provisional Colony Governer and Mercenary
Scribe the bastard
Used to be a member of Der’al Collective, got kicked out and founded a city based around Rapi’tor(sp?) Practice.
Currently work as Tempral Assassin after Mortis took him back to meet a young Terror


is scribe a member of the UTR?


Sorry miss read. no