Olim Antwerf, Eli McGraw and Backroom Deals with the Lost Colonies


Olim and Eli sat in Eli’s office. The radio equipment had been set up by Olim in the corner of the room. It was currently set to speaker mode, and the voice of the Lost Colonies representative came through in full. And she did not seem happy, but at least to Eli’s relief it was not at him. It seemed some dealings in the Goblin Lands had ruined her own status within the Lost Colonies.

"I understand why your new settlement at McGraw Expedition Harbor is a major target by the Sea Kings. VofV Robot Pilots have been scouting the coast for as long as our Colonies have had a sense of national security, longer than I have been alive for sure. In that entire time, I can tell you we have always had a steady traffic between the Sea Kings and the Olgogs on a large coastal settlement many miles North of you.

But the Olgogs in the southlands have been stirring up war with the Sea Kings. They have been fighting them in Unen and elsewhere.
The Olgogs don’t respect humans, which I guess makes sense after the years of genocide. But they also don’t listen when we tell them to shut up. And they are bringing a whole Sea Kings army from the continent across the Seas.

Our own forces are in constant fight with the Sea Kings to maintain our borders. You will probably have to figure out some defenses for your settlement. But the VofV has no interest in getting involved in that aspect of your settlement.

This call may serve me some benefit though. I have about two thousand people from the Valley who have been begging to visit other places and see how other Earthers live. They don’t want to give up their VofV citizenship, so they would sort of have to come to your lands on work visas.

But that means some actual work or industry needs to be present. Fishing won’t cut it.

They would also need residences.

I’ll let you think on that while we address the final matter."

Kali Devorah cleared her throat and then continued.


"You wish to negotiate for free passage on our trade routes to your location? And you desire our forces to provide protection for vessels going through our sea lanes?

These are fair requests if the VofV Commission gains some benefit from this. What do we get out of this deal?" asked Kali Devorah.

Olim leaned back and then scribbled something on a piece of paper and slid it over to Eli. Eli turned it face up and saw it said, “Offer her a percentage as a tariff for the VofV Commission, and sweeten the deal with something else.”

Eli looked down for a few moments. He suddenly wished his entire fortune hadn’t been reappropriated by Olgog freedom fighters down south, because he would have just prepaid a million ghaz in tariffs and considered the matter closed.

But then again, Eli knew he needed some incentive for the VofV to protect his ships in their waters…


OCC: “Olgog freedom fighters”? Oh… you mean the kinda directionless weird-dos that are the Lucky Fate Squad.

“I think in time I can set up two thousand people here in time. Before that happens we’re going to scout out the area and meet the locals. No rush,” Eli stated cooly.

“Miss Devorah darling, you seem stressed. Is there something I can do for ya to ease your life?”


Kali Devorah sighed and said, “I do have quite a bit of need for electronics grade Copper wire. I have machines that can make the wire, but the Valley’s current supplies are running low. You must have a lot of scrap electronics you can strip out of that old Communications hub the EEF marked as Quarantined on the official maps.”

Communications Hub, wondered Eli, then he realized the EEF was keeping the lost colonies mostly in the dark about the Glacial Research Facility. He wasn’t going to burst their bubble. But it was good to know next time he spoke to Oolong. He was also sure the EEF wasn’t going to be cool with him pulling out wires from the Facility.

But that at least gave him an idea of what they needed.


An idea indeed did formed.

“I’ll do one better and see if I can find a place to get you some copper legit. Plenty of wide open spaces here. I’ll get back to ya.”


Some time later

Eli got the horn with Kali Devorah.

“Got some good news and some bads news. Bad news is I can’t get you copper out of the Facility. Good news is I know someone with a copper mine.”

“How and where?” Olim interrupted.

“I saw a name on a map and it’s named after someone I worked with a few times,” Eli explained.

“Wha… what?”

“Don’t really know where she lives but I do know where she drinks.”

“Let me guess. If you can’t be the front or the back man you’re going to be the middle man? Huh.”

“I do have the only friendly harbor here and it has my name on it to boot.”


Kali Devorah’s voice could be heard through the radio system.

“Mr. McGraw, greetings from Doyest Vesk. I’m enjoying a really nice salmon sashimi with real wasabi, so I do hope this call is as profitable as it is interrupting.”

Olim countered her saying, “Mr. McGraw has stepped forward again as a valuable asset to the entire western coast. Ms. Devorah, what would you say to access to a Copper Mine, and a Harbor to ship that Copper Ore to the Banking Guild Outpost for your convenient pickup?”

“I would say if its real, then you have my interest. I will send a super freighter with eight hovertrucks to McGraw Harbor. Those trucks will accompany you to this Copper Mine, and pick up the first shipment. If the shipment returns to McGraw Harbor safely I will authorize the super freighter to deliver the first payment, and the 8 hovertrucks will stay to continue bringing the ore across the ice. BUT, I want that Ore, Mr. McGraw, and I want it sooner rather than later,” said Kali Devorah.


Eli smiled at his desk. “Good to see ya eager, Kali. Though, you’re going to have to send someone up here to talk. He needs to be a real sweet-heart. Her name, the owner of this mine, is Nuria.”


Kali Devorah’s smile could be heard through the radio as she said, “I will send my best negotiator, Philip Balthezar III of the Deldoroon Balthezars. He is unflappable and very charming.
When he arrives, he will arrive aboard the convoy I already described. Make sure this Nuria is willing to meet with him.”


Three days later the Superfreighter arrived at McGraw Harbor. And from it deployed eight hover trucks, along with drivers and twenty five VofV support staff. All of them were Earthers and they were led by a proud looking man with a dark complexion and a muscular build.

The gentleman had a long green trench coat, black high boots, and a red silk shirt. His pants were thick material,and Eli wondered if they were made of plastic.

The gentleman approached Eli directly and gave a respectful bow saying, "You must be Mr. McGraw. I am Philip Balthezar the Third. You can call me Balthezar, but NOT Phil. Understood? I hope so.

I have charge over this VofV Expedition and my boss Ms. Devorah has no patience for wasted time, money or resource. Where do I find this Nuria?"


McGraw had a shit grin as he approach the man and tip his hat. “I am Eli McGraw, slayer of nightmares and purger of hostile hombres. Nuria been a busy bee like the rest of us and last couple of months has been one deadly frozen dinner after another. She likes to let loose at this bar.”

Eli held a heavy coat in his hands. “You’re going to need this. It’s the Ninth circle of hell cold out right now.”

“Balthezar, if you follow me to my tracked truck we’ll get going.”


Phillip Balthezar the Third took the coat and added it to his own, thanking Eli, “Thank you for your hospitality Mr. McGraw. I will be happier once I make some good deals with Ms. Nuria, Actually do you know if she prefers Ms. Miss or Mrs?”

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