Official Olgog Language Thread


Here are the official Olgog Language as it has been recorded in the Goblin Lands.
As players develop new words and word combinations we will choose to recognize some as official parts of the language and post them here in subsequent threads.

Common Olgog Words
Auf = Devoted Caretaker , Earther term: priest
Ol = Earther term: Soul, Actual Thought
associated with a spirtually- connected being that
inhabits the flesh
Ka = Volcano, or Cave with thermal vents
Or = Earther term: Mind, actual thought
as sociated is the willful part of being focused
Ur = Thought
Tla = Water
og = Strength
Mak = Food (active)
’ ab = Hunter
’ na = Earther terms : Flames , Torches , campfire
Gor = Enemy of the Tribe
Uhryu = Earther term: Shaman, actual thought
associated with Knower of Secret Knowledge
Mag = Earther Term: Noble, actual thought
associated with Honored from Times Past
Hob = Stone
Lal = Wood
Kol = Bone
Lur= Weaver
Lok = Flesh
Uf = No Earther translateable words , as sociated
thoughts are finality .
Dar = Scaly creature.
Rapi = Claws
On = Eye Gol = Axe or Polearm
Gul = Fang, Knife, or tooth
Dol = Horn, Spear or Tower
Tor = Death, End of life
Rhug = Loot taken in Battle
’ ru = Human Settlement or House
’ al = Cave, Hut, Tent or Home
Kug = Fish or aquatic food
ya = grasses
yi = Sand

Combination Words
Kalok = Obsidian, Burned (From Fire) , or the
color Black.
Darlur = Armorer (Weaver of Scales )
Der’ na = Flame Winds
Lurlok = Earther Term: Necromancer (actual
word combination Flesh Weaver)
Darlok = Earther Term: Lizardman (actual word
combination Scaly Flesh Being)
Darmag = Earther Term: Dragon (Honored from
Times past Scaly Creature)
Dargor = Earther Term: Nightmare (Enemy of
the Tribe Scaly creatures )
Kuggor = Aquatic Nightmare
Kuglok = Earther Term: Merfolk, (Llandreu)
Lallur = Rope, bindings , sewing thread
Der’ al = Earther term: The World (all inside the
great cave of the Sky)
Uf Kalok = Traditional Obsidian Throwing Blades
yalur = woven basket (or other item woven from grasses)
Deryalur = Hammock (woven from grasses )
Gul Kalok = Obsidian Swords & Axes .
Gor’ ab = Hunter of the Enemy , Executioner .
Mag’ ol = Ancient Honored Bloodline.
Maklal = Fruit that grows from trees

Words with Multiple Meanings
Der = Earther term Sky . Contains the following
thoughts 1 . The Wind
2. The Forces that create Rain Storms
3 . What you see when you look up outside the
gog = no translateable Earther term.
Contains the following thoughts
1 . Adult Member of the Community
2. Of the species known modernly as Olgogs
3 . Healthy Green Fur

Loanwords from Other Languages

Goblin = Ignorant low quality savage being,
Earther Loanword
Reshed = Metalworking or specifically to refer to
Iron and Steel weapons. K’ias Loanword.
Yyan = Giant being, Krato Loanword


New Language Update 1

'sa= The Light that illuminates the world, Earther term: A Sun, or pertaining to a sun

Ur’sa = Light

'or = Direct translation is Mind of, but when combined with another elemental term becomes a descriptor of Leyas. Examples of Leyas Types: LalHob’or (Earth) Tla’or (Water) Ka’or (Fire) Der’or (Air) Tor’or (Shadow) Ur’Sa’or (Light)

Ur’sa’na - The Flames of Light


MagMag’Ol - Ancient Chieftain of reknown

Mag Gor - Ancient Enemy, Usually used to denote enemies from during the K’ias Wars period such as Mag Gor J’kutu (K’ias Domino) or Mag Gor Abra (K’ias Abraxas)

MagMag Gor - Used for the ancient Evil Warmonger, or for the K’ias Mar’un’ga during his time as Host to Warmonger and called Warmonger as a result.

Ol’der’al - Distant Shores, other dimensions (positive), example: Falosini Ol’der’al = Land of the Falosini (Ses’rus)

Gorder’al- Other dimensions (negative), examples Land of the Quall N’drone = Ka Gor’na Gorder’al

Mag Gorder’al- Hell Dimensions usually only known about by ancient heros of the K’ias Wars and the Gor’ab who are very familiar with the lore of Emperor MagMag Gor trying to control all the other Mag Gor in this Der’al, in Ol’der’al and Gor’der’al and his own MagMag Gorder’al. This is an example of cross-cultural diffusion of beliefs from their interaction with the Falosini and the Children of the Falosini.


Loo= long, used in Unen and Karov primarily

Zh= great

'Mis= fur, used in Karov primarily

P’hin= wild, Krato Loanword, meaning places without rule


Zh’ab: hunter of greatness, one who seeks fame, used sarcastically in Tla’loc’al to mean an upstart, used more seriously in Karov and as a name.

Sap’hin: the wild sun, the sun one experiences in the deep desert. Also the name of an ancient king who in Giant fables is a Giant and in Olgog myths is an Olgog.

Loogog: A long gog, is the name for a tribeless wanderer. Without a tribe their fur grows long and unkempt and they act as hired workers. Term is an Unen term often also used for gangs of long ship raiders who dont serve a real captain.


Ka’mis : volcano fur, used for those Olgogs who have red fur as a result of rape of an ancestor by pit mongrels.

Der’mis: Sky fur, used for those with blue or teal furs as a result of Falosini blood in a specially bred Olgog warrior ancestor

Tla’mis: Water fur, used for a tribe whose deep blue fur marks them as foreigners.

Gog’mis: Healthy fur, used for common green furred Olgogs

Yi’mis: Sandy fur, used for rare Olgogs with sandy colored or brown fur.


this makes me wonder what fur the colour of krato blood is called?


Bill’mis? Sorry, couldn’t resist.


I thought the narrator was going to say that, but you have beaten him to it. Kudos !


Ill allow it

For karovians only

Bill’mis for neon green fur


What of Yyan Og Yog? Has that made it into the official language guide?


Post the translation, for all’s enjoyment!


Well the general translation could mean something along the lines of “show some guts” or “get a backbone” . But it’s origin is an insult saying “Grow some balls!”


Consider it official!


I was just looking through and thought of a few words
Derlootla= frozen rain

Dertla= rain

Dertlootla’mis= ice fur (white)


Approved commonly known by tribals north of the Goblin lands due to rareness of actual ice in the Goblin lands.