Offer of help to Nelios Daph-Tangnon Elorios from the Lucky Fate Squad


Place and Time: The Ceremony of the Steed of St. Dugari while changing into ceremonial armor…

“Nelios? How would you like some help rebuilding Dunesphere quicker and gaining some fame and fortune in the process?”, asked Godart.


Nelios asked, “Depends, what are you offering specifically?”

He was wary.


“I got some hover trucks WITH earther drivers sitting around doing nothing at this point. You ever heard of Dead Domes of Deldoroon? I know a guy name Igor Yerin Abulard. Those guys got lots materials but little man power. Yous guys still have lots of man power but little material. They can’t accept non-earthers in their city. You dudes are not fond of non-earthers. Also, that whole no non-earthers working in Dunesphere thing… Huh, huh?”, grin Godart.

“What do I want? Same thing you guys want: One - The olgogs out of Dunesphere as fast of possible because minds can be changed back real quick. Two - A weak hostile city to olgogs might seem like a good thing short term but it’s a bad thing long term. The unrest and suffering will spread out all over Refuge. Can’t have that. Three - (And might not be the same thing you want) A Bit, bit bored with seeing people regardless of genetics live in garbage because of apathy.”

“Short of it, you help them with their problems and they can help you with their problems! You guys look better and they look better while both of you get better. Win, win and… win!”


Nelios said, "I would be very open to paying your crew a fee for making such transactions and deliveries happen.

Of course we would pay highly in cattle and chickens. Moneywise, the entire treasury of Dunesphere has been frozen pending the return of the papal authority. But we can provide goods and animals. The question is what type of payments would this Mr. Abulard take?"

Godart knew he would also have to negotiate passports for his Trucks through UtR and Provisional Colonies lands. With how dangerous things had become in the Der’al Collective lands, a little diplomacy with the UtR might save them miles of dangerous travel…


“Uhm, Mr. Abulard would like the food but I’m thinking something bigger in along with that. You guys have a branch of knights that hunt demons, shadow creatures and things that go bump in the night. You guys have dragon slayers and recruits that could use the training to fight the monster problem they have. Lot’s of earthers who wouldn’t piss off the Brothers of the Fist.”

“Before you think W T F are you loco in the coconut Godart - if I know my ruins of advance cities, they have lots of the good stuff in the lower levels. You can spin this into you guys are making Refuge better place. Plus, you get materials to rebuild Dunesphere harder, better, faster and stronger.”

Godart look around.

“Huh? No Daft Punk?”, shouted Godart.

“We’re changing clothes right now!”, yelled a random squadie.

“What are you on about?”, asked another.

“Didn’t bring the track!”, pointed out a frustrated Naeil.

“Never mind that.”, he turned back Nelios.

“I’ll just change the paint job, change the plates and I might be able to smooth things with UTR for quicker trips.”, he said confidently.


Nelios agreed, "I definitely think the new government would support making stronger bonds with the Lost Colonies. I can personally send a Johnsport training regiment of fifty Knights and their squires. Maybe the government will want to see more if we have a good reception.

It would defer some of the veterans who are currently grumbling about being sent on work details back to rebuild Dunesphere or offworld to fight the Quall with General Vulfrym.

A good fifty strong zealous swords trained to drive out evil Nightmares might be just the cure for what ails Mr Abulard. "


“Ok. I’ll get back to you when I get a hold of Abulard.”