Nightmare Hide armor up for trade! Just south of the Ruins of Brez


A stunningly beautiful young earther woman with straight jet black hair wearing a tight black leather bodysuit steps out of a large wagon driven by a pair of hooded figures. She was around five foot five, slender build. The wagon is pulled by four Mal’ie and is painted with imagery of dead nightmares with "X"s over their eyes to signify them being dead with hooded figures skinning them.

“Greetings! All are welcome to Lady Candy’s Nightmare clothing emporium! We have clothing! We have armor! We have toys for the children! Our very talented workers, nay artists can even custom fit to your own specification. Anyone is welcome as long as they are polite and keep the peace. Make your offer, we accept many things in trade, we accept water, hides, different types of food, and various other things. Make your offer and we will consider it. Every purchase comes with a bag of delicious candy.”

In addition, if multiple customers arrive at the same time, there is to be no violence around this camp, anyone violating this order shall be removed from the premises. The young woman smiles sweetly.


A youth from Or’Lur walks to the wagon and asks"What do you have that is good for the cold season?"


Lady Candy smiled upon the young Olgog, at least she figured he was young, they varied in size and furryness so sometimes it was tough to tell with these guys and their voices were rather odd compared to what she was used to, kinda of like they were forcing themselves upon the language, or at least she liked that image. Tearing herself away from the image she responded to the (youngish?) Olgog

“Well, you are in luck here, we can tailor make you some stylish Nightmare Hide blankets! Though we may need to enhance the insulation. (Candy looks at the Youth up and down) though with you and your tribe i don’t think that will be a problem if we are creative enough.” (Candy gives him a wink)


The youth thought about the offer. it would at least help them stay warm at night, yet it left the day. The Elders had been very clear in what they wanted. “What is reasonable for 30 blankets?”


Lady Candy strolled up to the youth and looked like she was about to embrace him, then started sniffing the air and shrugged and decided against it. She just smiled at him instead

"Well that really depends on whatcha got now doesn’t it? We take most objects of value for trade, knitting, stone, obsidian, (she looks him up and down) some good wood perhaps? Any combination is fine with me really. Maybe a nice grass ropes, or baskets, something pretty like to display. The Wood, obsidian and stone is always useful for repairs for the wagon as well. metals are nice too but i understand they are rarer around here.

We can make many different types of outfits for you, not just the blankets, however nightmare hide is only so warm, it is built for protection rather then warmth. We need something inside to keep the heat. You are all pretty furry, we need to shave you and stuff the hair inside of the knitting. That will give it the warmth, now now don’t look at me like that, i got an item here that i can just wave over you and your hair will grow right back. I will just need to shave you, again, and again, and again etc to make all of the items as warm as they can be (she seems to be very excited by the idea)…however we will probably need to wash your fur first before we use it, you kinda smell a bit"

Candy giggles a bit playfully.


The youth raised an eyebrow at the strange Earthers even stranger behavior. He pulled off a small pack from his back. From that he pulled out a tall metalic javelin that should not have fit inside it.
“Glog said to say it made of Krato bone.” the youth said, offering it for her to examine. “Would this be enough for the blankets?”


Lady Candy takes the javelin and begins to inspect it, frowning slightly

"Well i was hoping for something a bit more cultural and less stabby, you know something to show that I am trading with Olgogs and not Krato, however this should come in handy. Alright I will take this and one other thing. After we have shaved you enough times to fill all of the blankets, I want one additional shaving of you for me to keep for myself. The original shaving i will keep, the blankets shall be filled with the regrown hair.

If you agree to this then you shall have your thirty blankets."

Candy snapped her fingers and the back of the wagon opened and a trio of robed figures came out. One of them had a leyas powered trimming device and approached the Youth. The other two set up a large umbrella that created a large shadow. From there they removed a pair of serrated blades and began chanting in a guttural union, under the umbrella one after another nightmares began to emerge and as they did the pair would start making careful cuts to disable the creature and begin skinning it while the nightmare screamed.

Candy smiled playfully at the Youth, “Don’t tell anyone, but the hides come out best when you skin them alive” A giggle escapes her lips as she breathes in deeply “Now then,” taking out some trimmers and a bag from her own outfit which seems so tight that there shouldn’t even be any pockets, “Lets start shaving”


The youth closed his eyes and hoped the tribe would be greatful for what he has done for them.


After several hours of washing, shaving, regrowing, shaving, regrowing, over and over again with the disconcerting background noise of screaming nightmares in the background, a very creepy giggle always on her lips Candy and her robed accomplice finally declared that they were done with a final wave of the artifact regrowing the fur of the youth.

“There we go my dear! All finished, Also your new coat of hair is much cleaner then when you showed up! My associates will be done skinning the nightmares shortly, and we can begin the tanning poccess, won’t take long we use leyas to speed up the process. We shall press the fur and place it inside two layers of nightmare leather and sow it all together, by tomorrow all of the blankets shall be done and you can take them home.” Candy smiled as her minions went to work.

“Oh, and before I forget, here is your bag of candy that comes with every transaction.” Candy hands the youth a small bag of sweets from the colonies. Afterwards she gives the Youth a big hug rubbing up against him and breathing deeply. “Ah, you smell so much better now, and are so furry and comfy, like a walking carpet, ahhhh.”


The youth blacedthe blankets and the strange food into the pack.
“Thank you.” he said before he calmly walked away.


Candy waves at the Youth, “You have a good day now, and enjoy the candy!”

She looks at the krato bone javelin, and scratched her head, she was expecting more basic things, well at least she got the hair, and if it was as useful as she thought, then that might make all the difference, of coruse it could be useless, but she would find out.

"Come one come all! Nightmare Hide items! Armor! Casual Wear! Blankets! fashionable bags! We can make almost anything out of these things! We make custom items fresh right in front of you or else you can choose from our generic stock! Come one come all! We take pretty much anything in trade as long as it has some use or value! Come one come all!


The last few days have been quiet, too quiet, Candy didn’t quite understand, well perhaps she needed more advertizement? More candy? She was already providing basic armor for pretty much anything. Maybe she just needed to wait a few more days. Then she would pack up and move to a different location.


A hunched and stoop backed olgog slowly walks up to the vendor, a walking stick tapping the ground in front of him. His hair is silvery white, and falls in a long mane to his back. He wears old traveler’s garb, as well as a worn pair of boots. A thin piece of cloth covers both of his eyes, yet he seems to have no trouble navigating the ground. As he approaches, he stops, and a small smile crosses his face.

“What have we here? An earthling as well as some other things…curious company for a place such as this. Tell me earthling, what is your name and what are you doing here?”

As if anticipating an answer, he sits down heavily nearby and looks into the sky patiently.


Candy gives an easy smile to the elderly Olgog, "Welcome, I am Candy and I run a small traveling shop here, i sell Nightmare hide armor and accessories. I also sell anything one can think of being made of Nightmare hide and can do custom orders quite easily. One thing i must point out, I am not an earthling. I have never been to earth, i was born on Refuge and consider this world my home. I may be human but I have nothing to do with earth.

How may I help you this fine day, we take most things in trade, whatever your tribe has that has value we take. We also are running a special deal, with every trade we throw in a free bag of candy from the colonies."


He seems to take the information in for a moment, then says “Well met Candy, most call me Pluto. You say you sell nightmare hide items, and as it happens I am buying them. I am sure that you can see that I do not possess the typical trade goods…but I do have this.”

He procures a small rock from within his robes. It is jet black, and has thin veins of a dark red rock flowing through it. He seems to smile as he holds it, and looks into the distance. After a moment, he seems to remember where he is, and looks back to Candy.

“I found this when I was a young gog. It comes from deep inside the mountains that once threw fire and smoke into our world. The tribe I once belonged to once held many of these, but I think most are gone now…The word for it is” he struggles for a moment, as if deep in thought. “Well frankly I cannot remember. It is a type of the rock called kalok…er…obsidian. It still has the mountains heat, here feel it.”

He extends the rock off to the left of Candy, as he is not sure where exactly she is.


Candy takes the rock, and frowns slightly, “a chunk of obsidian huh? Does it do anything special or is it just there? Cause if it is just a chunk of obsidian then you won’t be able to get too much with just this.
What exactly where you hoping to get? Armor, clothing?”


The old gog frowns, then reaches back into his pack and pulls out a second item and seems to consider it. He turns and offers it to Candy. It is a small band of beaten gold, in which 3 pieces of black rock are set.

“This was given to me when I completed my training as an Aufgog of Tla’loc’al. Each stone has a special use if one knows how to manipulate leyas…The first one here, gives a warm aura to the user, making him or her more tolerant of heat and better able to resist fire. The second here, it allows the user to cast a fireball to smite an enemy, granted if the user is not familiar, that may be difficult. Now the last one, well that’s just for decoration, so it would look nice. I was hoping to get a nice nightmare hide set of clothing, to keep these old bones warm, and maybe some boots. Will this suffice?”


A smile once again appears to Candy’s face, “You just want an outfit for yourself? Well then I misunderstood you, i figured you would be making a larger order. You can keep the second item, the chunk of obsidian is more then enough.”

Candy looks the Elderly Olgog up and down and then whispers something to one of her hooded attendants. They go inside the wagon and the sound of working can be heard outside.

“We can make an outfit that fits you perfectly, it will keep the cold out as well. For the obsidian we will throw in a second outfit as well, also your complementary bag of candy as well.” Candy reaches into the tiny pocket of her skin tight outfit and pulls a bag that shouldn’t have fit in it out. “Here you are, i do hope you enjoy it.”

After 10 minutes of waiting, the hooded attendant comes out with a pair of nightmare hide outfits, consisting of a shirt, a pair of pants, and a hooded sweatshirt to go over it. He hands it to the Olgog, while keeping his head down so the Older Olgog cannot see what the person looks like.


As if sensing the attendant’s reluctance, the olgog chuckled. “It has been many a year since old Pluto could see anything besides the darkness.” He lifts the cloth covering his eyes, revealing two white eyes covered with cataracts, as well as a large horizontal scar across both of them. Replacing the cloth, he accepts the clothing and hands over the rock. “Thank you very much young lady, and I am sure that you will find that rock is more than it seems.” He nods in the general direction of the traders, and moves off back down the path, tapping his walking stick in front of him.


Candy waved as the old Olgog left, then looked at the obsidian chunk she had been given. The red made it look nice and she was sure it was artificed, most would be overjoyed in receiving the artifact but Candy was left wondering. She opened this wagon here in hope of getting simple things in trade, like grass baskets/ropes, obsidian and bone tools, things that were Olgog made that could be traded up north to colonists for an “authentic Olgog experience!” However she has had two customers and both of them traded her out of the ordinary objects that wouldn’t be for the common man.
These were very nice for her personal use but she did hope that she would get some more normal transactions in the future.