New User Error


Hi all,

A few players brought to my attention that their characters were not getting to post, and were basically stuck in limbo.

I went into the back end today (in my basic way:confused:) and found that despite my own attempts to validate their accounts, it still kept them in limbo.

Please accept the deepest regrets from the entire DR Team for any players who are experiencing this error.

If you are a current player and you are experiencing this error please post to this thread with an active character listing screen name that is not functioning.

If you are a new player who is trying the game for the first time, please accept my double regrets. Email me directly at so that I can get your screen name to our web mistress for this to be fixed.
You must include in the subject line DR Website Error so we know you are not a spammer.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we fix this matter.

Much Love,

and the entire DR Team


The account "S.I.L.A.S. is able to log in, but states insufficient privileges to access the “my account” page, citing that it is awaiting account activation.


Corey Briggs is unable to access the “my account” page. Insufficient privileges or awaiting activation.


Sorry about this, activation emails don’t seem to be going out so I’m going to try manually registering you guys.


Alright Dark Refugees, I’ve registered the following users: Derek Grandis, S.I.L.A.S, Corey Briggs, Captian Axis, and THE TERROR. Please email the Narrator if you’re still having issues.

Other new players or accounts should also email the narrator and we’ll take care of you. Thank you everyone for your patience!

(Celyse sends her love Terror <3)





Humbly requesting activation for failed brethren “Stane” :smiley:


“Blackheart Security” has a user account which requires activation


Stane should be activated now

Is “Blackheart Security” the user account? I checked and the account appears to be registered.


It is thank you


Please post to this thread if your other account is still not working. I noticed a few players who PM me did not post to this thread and have never posted with their new characters. If this problem is still occurring please advise me either here or via email at use this thread if you already have one active screen name


Activate Eli McGraw please.


Test it out and take it for a test drive. Post here if there are any probs with it.