New Provisional Colonies for 2219


Please post here for your tribe to join the Provisional Colonies as an Independent City State. Please note Independent City States cannot dictate laws for other city states but have virtual autonomy in most matters.
This thread is open to

Gangs of Uf Mag’og
Ka Gor Tribe

Please refer to mission reward from Finale part 2 for limitations.


:frowning: Another Fail


Standagildheim (the Arena) and Deryyanheim were growing, the announcement of the first annual games helping to make people aware of the new city. With this in mind Scribe took the offer, hoping the new citizens were quick in choosing their representatives in the cities council.


The Aryeserai serving under the Army of the True Flame are happy to join as a Provisional Colony in the form of the Colony of Zh’ka’al.

All will be welcome there. Two sites will be prepared as part of the Colony of Zh’ka’al.

The first establishment will be the capitol city of Zh’ka’al.
The second establishment will be the Feral Reservations on the former Gultor’Uf lands. They will be made into an official national site, with all rights according the ferals living there. The Colony of Zh’ka’al will retain its administration.

[All Ka Gor tribal settlements like the original True Flame Barracks and the Pit of the Ka Gor remain outside the border of the new Colony of Zh’ka’al and legally seperate from the Colony of Zh’ka’al.
The Army of the True flame retains an open borders program with its allies in the Der’al Collective, barring further Giant attack]


Lalder responds "At a minium, My tribe will accept the offer to join the Provisional colony. But my preference is to bring all of the UtR as a whole into this as well. I await a single vote from a member to confirm this. Pardon the length of time this has taken. But in the end, I think it will be well worth the wait.

I’ll send a message when the vote is complete for the next steps."

(OOC I just wanted to make it official that we are planning on Joining. )


Uhryu (Bill)

I don’t own Karov, its not our way. I will make your offer to the other tribes at the yearly meetup but I will not vote for it. I find that the EEF is very self serving and what they want is not necessarily what our tribes need or want.


Lalder confirms “We have received word from the Brezans. The UtR will join as a Provisional Colony in whole.”