New Civilization level Weeks 11 through 20 - The Mercs come to Town Optional Rules


Each player may choose to make 1 additonal account for another player character they have created HOWEVER this is not for whole nother tribe. Its for a hero unit to send on heroic missions.

For week 1-10 Only our two winners from Running GAGG gained this bonus. This thread is for players to request permission to create their secondary named merc character. Either VLAD agent, outlaw, or adventurer you can use any DR kit that DOES NOT USE TECHNOMANCY.

A few rules. Merc characters can train characters for their same player’s tribe. HOWEVER they cannot ever trade gear or goods. If a merc character creates any artifacts or goods they can only trade them to different players not to the same player in the trade threads.

Authorized for Week 1-10

Tribe Merc Character
GulTor’Uf | Olgog the Olgog
Unit 817 | Grim

Authorized for Week 11-20

Tribe | Merc Character
GulTor’Uf | Olgog the Olgog
Unit 817 | Grim

Tor’og Urrgh | Paxil the Olgog Plague Vampyr
Ol’Lur | Lord Mada & the Nightmare Penguins
Or’Lur. | Scribe the Bastard Rune Caster
Lalder | Daron the Freed Olgog*Borvian Dragon.
Rhug’na’ru | Ethan Eirtrian, Baribur EEF Goliath
Kolgol | Lorne Harlas, Earther Shadowmancer
Kul Gul Rapi | W’muba the Shapeshifter
Yyan Kol | One Eyed Willie, illuminated pirate captain
Lord Grimaldus | Burke, Immutable Merc
Yagogi’al | Sir Mag’Nr , Morgothian Dark Paladin
Agent Candy | The Herald of Wintermute
The Ka Gor Tribe | Phantom Mark-93875

Post here what character you would like to bring in.


((Quick question, can we use time-shredders characters? The only other character I have made and used in a DR live game was in the first beta test, which was a stock character you had laying around.))


This weekend may change it, but my VLAD Agent Lurtor is my only other played character than Lalder. Can I make him this? He has been part of my tribe since Too many games reward. (He’s the character I played there.) I would just have to separate him and his /eq from my spreadsheet. (give him his own tab.)

Or can we create new characters with background stories for this?


I would like to bring in Lord Mada, the Nightmare Slaver. Mainly because, let’s be honest; Nightmare Penguins just add a whole new level of hilarity.


You can use time shredding characters, but time shredders and time travel cannot be used. So basically character gets dropped off to interact have missions etc, but cannot change the timeline or alter the timeline or actions of other players.


I actually encourage the creating of new characters with background stories for this. They don’t need to be part of the pre-existing tribe, and half the fun will be having characters that are off doing non-tribal related adventures and interactions. Simply choose a kit you have looked at and thought, Hey I would love to write in the voice of this style of character and we can make it happen.

As stated earlier the only limitation is no technomancy or technomantic characters/ technomantic kits.

Unlike tribes, no conquest/land holding will be allowed for Merc characters (individuals). They can only act as adventurers and free agents.


Lord Mada and his Nightmare Penguins have been approved! You may now make a screen name for Lord Mada and use him in heroic adventures and in RP threads.


Requesting permission for my Rune caster, Scribe, as he is brand new and yet to play a mission.


Scribe the Rune Caster has been approved!!


Requesting to add Silas Sariel, my FEA militia member. Just for consideration, during the beta test he acquired an atomic bomb, and in a game following he bought Gilgamesh Power armor. (The bomb is stored within a storage thing he wears on his wrist that can hold 1 item, not sure if that is allowed in goblin lands)


Requesting permission to create Daron the Freed Olgog Borvian Dragon.


Please note that the fea member is not an immutable so if you choose to use him on Refuge he will have to start suffering from leyas backfire from using tech. A very dangerous combo when combined with an earther atomic. I would actually recommend against it.

If you are absolutely sure this is the character you would like to play then of course the atomic could only be used in a mission with narrator permission.


Approved and added to the list.


Where should we put descriptions of these. Like the introduce your tribe bit.


Here you go!Just make sure any negotiation of payment for services happens here in the perishables section.


Also with the start of week 11 there will be three tribal missions and one heroic mission each GAME week (2 week period).


Requesting Permission to bring in Ethan Eirtrian, my Baribur, Goliath, Special Forces Tank Hunter!


Absolutely but you will need to clear with Field Marshall Strykker anytime you want to act in an official capacity as EEF in a mission. It is assumed otherwise that your character is on leave working side gigs down in the goblin lands.
EEF are always held to a higher standard of conduct when acting officially. When not acting officially no EEF markings should be worn.


Permission to add Lorne Harlas, a freehanded character I just made from the book. He is an earther shadowmancery sneaky type with edged weapon and springshot skills. (I tried to upload the sheet but it was being difficult)


Lorne Harlas, Earther Shadowmancer is approved.