New Arrivals: The Karovian Alchemists and the Rehsedian Smith


Please post here to collect your Alchemists if you pre-registered and did not yet use and declare your Alchemist and any sundry rewards.Here is also where you can announce their names if you so choose.

This Karovian Alchemist grants 1 Bonus artifact on arrival. This artifact is a set of Artificed Goggles of Leyas sight at 4 successes, Read at 4 successes and Channel Leyas at 4 successes.

The Karovian Alchemist can be used for one of two tasks each game week.

Task 1 Change Resource, changes one month of resource into half a month of another resource (max 1 per week) Does not work on water.


Task 2 Artificer (use stats listed in GL guide)

All other players who joined Independant Games Day gains The bonus Rehsedian Smith. They must name their rehsedian smith. He can either be used for one of two tasks each game week. The rehsedians smiths have fled the warmonger cult

Task 1 Forge Heirloom Olgog plate(max 1 per week)
Task 2 Forge Rehsedian Armor plate (this vehicle armor takes a vehicles normal armor and adds +10 V.A.R. vs Melee and Missile (cannot stack with itself) Vehicle gains weakness to Melt metal greater, Chill Metal and Reverse Metal.


Toresh the Rehsedian Smith
Lalur the Alchemyst

Auf Lalyan aboard a Lur Union Fighter or Skimmer will be sent to pickup each and give them a ride back to the Artificing caves.


Question, does the Rehsedian Smith have leyas abilities? What are they? and Can he be used in Learning or be taught more?


Name: Kuggor’Lur the Rehsedian Smith

(This is supposed to be for the Or’Lur Tribe not Scribe, sorry)


Pre reg for Tokyo masks on FB
taking alchemist

Taking smith (after being integrated into tribe, he will be called smith)


forgot to get this done earlier

Alchemist: going by Chu’la. normally refered to as the alchemist

Smith: Samosin referred to as the smith. does not give out his name