Neliff Jammers for sale or lease


Sales representatives from banking guild subsidiary Moonrisen Trading seek meetings with all factions. They are the sole point of sales for Blackheart Security Neliff Psychic jammers. The small earpieces create a psychic white noise field around the wearer blocking Neliff telepathy.

The devices can be leased for 10ghaz a mission with a 90 ghaz security deposit (Can be currency like IR credits, or goods)
The devices can be purchased for 100 ghaz

All candidates in the EEF election get one device for themselves for free.
All faction leaders get one device for free.


Do they work with Immutables? If so, We’ll take the free one (Naeil) and lease 5 for 50 ghaz (450 ghaz worth of high value metal for security deposit).


These do work for all character types including undead mekanoids and all alien races.


Eli McGraw, wearing [i]the Crown of the High King’s Favor/i under his hat, walks in dragging a man by his arm. "Hi Eli McGraw. Blackheart Security? Good. Give me that free Neliff Jammer and I’ll pay 100 ghaz for other friend waiting in the sub.


Kal’thus used to be a very fit Kiorn before he died quite horribly in the swamps of Kelvara now his bloated rotted Zombie Lord form hardly resembled his previous form. His armor had to be custom made to fit his bloated decaying form and thankfully for those around him he wore a talisman which hid his quite foul stench. He gave a big smile to Sales representatives from banking guild subsidiary Moonrisen Trading (a quite horrid thing to behold) and began, “Greetings Ms Moonrisen, my name is Kal’thus, I hail from Wintermute and I am here to purchase Neliff Psychic jammers. If I were to purchase a larger quantity, would there be any discount available?”


The Lucky Fate Squad doesn’t have time to negotiate a discount and leases 45 more Neliff Psychic Jammers for 450 ghaz and puts up 7 “special*” Hover Rigs (worth 600 ghaz each) for the security deposit.

*(they have expensive custom secret compartments that can hide Olgogs from Scanners)


Squire Bart bows politely to the sales representative "Good day, I would like to purchase six Jammers, I have brought the six hundred Ghaz to pay for them. Thank you.


As time is running out, Kal’Thus shrugged and made his purchase anyway. Five Hundred Neliff Jammers, Kal’Thus will pay 30,000 in Ghaz and 20,000 worth of trade goods (raw material like Timber, and worked equipment like springshots, furnature, wagons, and simple shadow artifacts)

Any discount would be appreciated.


Nameless Finality got ahold of the vendor. " Hello, I ma here to get a order for Torlok’ab of The Shield of the Redeemer. He would like to get 10 units. I have been authorized to deliver payment.: Holds out a Gold bar worth 1000 ghaz. “f you could wrap those up I really must be getting back.”


Alanze Orestes met with the Banking Moon Risen Trader assigned to the Northern Kingdoms a floating platform with 2 large grey rugidized cases on it. “Supreme Leader Chaan and Prince Lief both wish to pick up their complimentary jammers. Also we have 500 ghaz worth of G-class lasers, and 500 ghaz worth of SW shotguns. We wish to trade the weapons for 10 jammers. Fort Lendill understands the clauses against reverse engineering. Please understand those same clauses protect the weapons we are trading you.”