Mortis Leonin Kills Terror: Alternate Refuge (TS GL3 Pregame Week 1)


Kolgol was livid, again in a damn Earther cell. What the hell?? It almost made him want to call Kalok down upon these arrogant Earthers. He had been hunting the Mortis Leonin. But he didn’t have a good way to hide when he found himself in the center of dunepshere and was quickly captured by the Inquisitors.

That’s what resulted with him being stuck here…here of all places. Across from him was an Olgog that reminded him of the infamous OtO. All his gear and weapons had been taken, much like his cellmate. They were both just green furs in a human prison.
Spear OtO was annoyed beyond belief. He never expected Leonin to alert the local guard and when he marched into the Magistrate’s office there was an inquisitor waiting. No amount of talking got him out of having to show his face, which caused an entire team of Red Bishops outside to turn their EMP Missile Launchers on him.

He instantly recognized Kolgol. OtO nearly laughed. Here were two of the most hated Olgog leaders of his own time, but here they were just animals to the Earthers.
First they would need to find a way to escape. After that…he only hoped the Old Vlad had some contingency plan for time travel.

Unfortunately for them, they heard on their second day of imprisonment that the Inquisition had captured and killed an important K’iorn terrorist and stored his cursed corpse deep inside the prison.


Olgog the Olgog (spear)

The first time I spoke to a member of your tribe, they described how they threw small immutable olgog children into a volcano. The last time I warned them not to do certain things when they were, specifically , breaking you out of EEF custody. Both times, it seems I was ignored. Are you going to listen when I give advice, or should I plan on you doing random things?

OtO is examining the room around them, specifically looking at the structure of the walls, and the front of the room (ie what kind of gate is preventing OtO from just knocking it down and leaving [other than its a bad idea atm]


Kolgol studied OtO for a minute and said,

“Well as it seems we are both in the same predicament for the moment, I think it would be wise to heed your advice, but I also would ask that you heed mine. This isn’t my first prison experience and it most likely wont be my last. We both seem to possess an uncanny ability for surviving capture and assassination attempts, and here they’ve gone and put us both in the same cell. There isn’t a prison in Der’al that could hold us if we work together.”


Olgog the Olgog (spear)

You and I have been in different prisons then. Don’t get cocky here, a single lucky shot can kill you no matter how good you are. Whats good is that I can understand them, and the oners, at least the run of the mill ones, won’t know Olgog [OOC note : OtO is specifically speaking an older bruski dialect like that of mag Buskt]. As long as one of there ranking or specialist people are around, we should be free to converse. Granting an inspection for any bugs or wiretaps.


Kolgol shifted closer and lowered his voice,

“So then, whats our plan? Should we wait and see if anyone comes to speak with us, which I am starting to doubt, or should we try and find a way out of here?”


The pair observed their cell closely. The walls were concrete as was the floor and ceiling. Only one side was open facing a hallway painted industrial grey.
The cells bars were less than a hand span apart from each other and made of some strong metal.
Each bar was as thick as OtOs thumb.
Across the hall were more cells. They could only see into one where an Olgog farmer had been beaten to a bloody pulp by the jailers and left unconscious on the cot.

In their own cell they had similar cots that resembled a small surfboard made from plastic. The cots had no moving parts or removable materials.
Lighting was provided outside the cell by the flickering nanite force field which would disable anyone reaching past the bars.

Every hour a Church of One Paladin would patrol the hallway to make sure no one was doing anything to escape. The church of oner ignored all attempts by prisoners to get their attention and would not come close to the force field.


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

*OtO made more observations: How far outside the bars was the nanite field? (6 inches, 1 foot?, or more?) Where is the emitter for the force field, can we see the emitter on the other side of the hallway? Is it above /below or left/right? Does it extend into the walls ? The jail cell bars, are they embedded in the floor and ceiling and walls, or just bolted down? what kind of hinges are used. *

OtO stays quiet and knocks on the wall behind him, listening to the echo of his impact on the wall (trying to gauge the thickness of the walls)


The bars were an inch closer than the forcefield. No emitters can be seen inside the cell. You can’t tell anything about the force fields behavior outside the cell.

Bars go from floor to ceiling and are imbedded. They appear to retract into the ceiling but how they do so cannot be ascertained.

Walls are at least two feet thick.


Kolgol closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, feeling for the flow of leyas, or the the lack thereof. Using Leyas Mapping, he is attempting to discern the presence of any wards that would be interrupting the natural flow of the leyas through the area.


He can sense wards against Earth leyas and against Shadow Leyas. All other Leyas is available.


Kolgol smiled to himself, they’d unwittingly imprisoned a powerful leyas user within a prison unequipped with complete warding, although Kalok’s power was inaccessible to him in this reality.

Leaning closer to OtO, Kolgol whispered,

“You probably have some idea along what line my abilities lay, and I do not believe this facility has taken proper precautions against it. Suffice to say we have a few more options at our disposal than I had thought.”


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

Do you know air leyas?


Kolgol nodded.

“I have a decent command of air leyas, but what exactly are you proposing?”

OOC: air lvl 4


Olgog the Olgog (Spear)

The field on the other side of the door is created by an emitter. The emitter is somewhere in the ceiling, or higher. I need you to look for something that looks like lightning following a piece of small metal, but smaller and controlled. You are specifically looking for two that go into the emitter, one will have the lighting going in and another going out.

Now, I need to know if the emitters are hooked up together, or if there is a lot of these pieces of metal going back to a single source. If you can do that , see if you can find another small metal piece that goes from the emitter to the ground. This will probably be harder because there shouldn’t be lighting on the line.


Kolgol paused for a moment.

“Do you mean, eee-leck-trish-ety? I’ve worked with the Rhug’na’ru immutables before, i know what it is but not much else. You are asking me to sense how many wires are going into a box, and if there is one going to the ground?”


Olgog the Olgog

Yes, I mean electricity. I’m asking you to find the power wires, and trace them emitter to emitter. And I’m also trying to get you to find the ground wire


Kolgol nodded and stood up, then walked over to the bars of the cell and attempted to use the leyas to sense where the current is flowing in the emitter.


Kolgol didn’t know what an emitter looked like let alone what a ground cable was. But he relaxed his vision and tried to sense the flow of electricity in the room. Yet every time he tried he could get no further than the energy being given off by the forcefield.


Finally he stopped thinking about the Leyas and just allowed it to flow naturally. While he couldn’t figure out how the emitter was powered (he was no Technomagi), he did notice a pooling of air leyas consistent with an air duct in the wall next to the cell across from their own.


Kolgol turned and walked back to OtO.

“I can’t seem to hone in on the emitter because of the power of the forcefield. However I believe there may be an air duct in the cell across from us. If we could get over there we may have our way out.”

He thought for a moment, then continued,

“I could easily melt these bars, but then we’d still have the forcefield… Do you think if I pumped enough lightning into it I could overload it or something? I’m not sure how it works really.”