Month 5 Updated


Download the Month 5 free .pdf update.

The status of the Provisional Colony of 2218, the United Tribes of Refuge, the Great Northern Army GNA, Lur Union, GUTS, Rehsedian Empire and Armies of Eloga are not set in stone and will change based on the players actions over the next set of weeks.

With the posting of this update the following mods occur:

The Provisional Colony of 2218 is now a viable set of settlements. Absalom and Hebron are open to Olgog diplomats and Olgog Merchants for trade. Fortress Isaias is offlimits to Olgogs. This Colony may join with other tribal regions to create a new cluster of Colonies if players choose.

The UtR has a standing army as listed on the update. This Standing Army can only be deployed on Missions with at least Six UtR Members in play, and at least four of those members must come from Unen, Brez, Tla’loc’al and Karov (one tribe from each region must be there to mobilize the full army).

The buffer zone between Karov and the Armies of Eloga is now open for conquest. If the UtR moves into this position taking the land, then there will be war with the Armies of Eloga. If other non-aligned Tribes take this land, they may set up a small autonomous region there (but will be politically stuck between the UtR and the Armies of Eloga). The region currently has Karovian tribals there.