Month 4 Update Posted


Week 1- Week 10 updates and download the Month 4 free .pdf update.

The status of the Great Northern Army GNA (formerly the Armies of Gul’al) Lur Union, GUTS, Rehsedian Empire and Armies of Eloga not set in stone and will change based on the players actions over the next set of weeks.

With the posting of this update the following mods occur

All Unit 817 gains Shield of the Redeemer lvl 2.
As of week 9 Unit 817 can deploy all Unit 817 without fear of possession except Simeon whose crystal had grown back from the liquid injected into his cavity. Captain Torkol’ab and captain Tormog’ru gain it at lvl 3.

Krodnok gains hellgun and hellgun enhanced for all his Warmongers Dead and Dead Warmachines.

Kolgol and Ol’Lur gains additional four Balgogs each.

The Rehsedians are now available to trade with but they will only accept tribal slaves in exchange for metal weapons and armor at this time.