Mission Questions


This post is for any questions people have about mission criteria or situation. Please post questions here because the answers may enlighten other players. Please start every post with the mission and week.


For example:
Defense mission week 4: Saving the next generation


Conversion or Resurrect would turn the Mak Hoblok hide back into a Mak Hoblok in the mission stated.


Crusade mission Week 4: Battlefield-Barts port
How many EP do the Iron cross battle ships have?


Good question: current answer unknown to the attackers…
Some Fleet of the cross ships work off of coal fire engine EP10, some off of wood fired engines EP2.
Some even have advanced ultra tech engines with an EP of 60.

As a result of different drive types, the Battleships use analog firing and targeting equiptment. No targeting computers or other digital devices.


Week 4 - The might Yaldol

level 4 and level 2 (two different characters), animal lore check for Yaldol. Looking for domestication tips, subduing without killing tricks, be it certain weak spots, a food source, smoke, whatever. Otherwise, good ways to knock one out without killing it.


Mighty Yadols are notoriously hard to tame once they enter metamorphosis to change from Brezan Stalker to adult Yadol. Weak points are kill points (eyes mouth) not stun points.
However Yadols are very drawn to the blood of Brezan Stalkers and try to drive the juvenile stalkers out of their territory if alive and eat them if they are dead.
A common tactic is to leave a fresh Brezan stalker kill and fill its gullet with Torya grass (which would kill the yadol. Finding a nondeadly poison would be necessary for such a plan to work in this case.
Hope that helps.


Where is “the mighty Yaldol’s” taking place. Generic area (e.g. just north of tla’loc’al, desert between brez and karov, unen outskirts) requested.


Between Brez and Tlalocal


What time of day is the Bartsport-for-the-Hammer-of-Protodoxa Battle taking place? Night or Day, or can we determine? Of course my preference is night :slight_smile:


You can set the time of the raid by agreement. If you would like night and at least The Auf of Ol’lur and one other player agrees then night it is.
Protodoxa will defer to those advising him.


Is battlefield 2 for Protodoxa mission open to all players? i only see numbers, not what tribes/groups are allowed.


I can answer that its Not Open to all players, it says

Battlefield 2: The Infiltration limited to Tla’loc’al, Brez, and Karov Tribes and Grim.

If you are Brezan (hint: you are a brezan) you can post to it. If you want to be part of the big MagMag’Ols planing thread go here

QUOTE=Gang of the Uf Mag’og;1269]Is battlefield 2 for Protodoxa mission open to all players? i only see numbers, not what tribes/groups are allowed.[/QUOTE]


Week 4 Bartsport: sea battle
Are the ships wood or steel hulled below the water line?


These specific ironclad battleships have iron covering below waterline.
How far below water line is unknown but a standard scouting view with binoculars would show that the iron slopes down below water level, is covered with a chemically treated paint to stop rusting.


Has any sort of reconstruction begun on Bartsport since we, -ahem- anihilated it? Other than the defenses listed in the mission. Or are the buildings still in ruin and the streets filled with people-slush?


The Buildings are still in ruin, but the people slush has been washed away by multiple coastal rains since then.

The tunnel that was dug to get down into the Manor from the last time is partially filled in, has guards around it, and an obvious armored wall (looks like repurposed tank armor plates)


Peacekeeper Mission 4: Kolgul Militia

**Tribe of Og-orol is nomadic, having no permanent base. As a result of events in Week 3, they are currently setting up on the edge of The Great Uf.

  1. I presume this mean that the attack will happen at that location.
  2. Would other tribes with members there be able to work together on a defense?
  3. Will the outcome of the attack affect the restoration efforts at the Great Uf?


Yes other Nomadic tribes stationed there may work together, BUT non-nomadic tribes helping at the Great Uf will still need a seperate plan to defend their holdings.

Any permanent defenses or fortifications at the Great Uf added in this mission could definitely remain as part of the great Uf restoration project


Week 4 Bartsport:

Can you describe this hanger that someone mentioned and the path to it? As I wasn’t at the live event, I’m having a hard time picturing the scene. I already had the manor wrong :-p.