Message to the UTR from General Ma'ple of the EEF


Greeting esteemed council members,

We have reason to believe that Olgog the ol’gog may soon be a source of trouble again. Recently he contacted the Field Marshal and attempted to convince him to restrain the EEF while he enacted some plan to gain control of the provisional colonies. The Field Marshal of course refused him and pointed out that the EEF has no say in such civilian political matters in any case. As proof we have included a recording of their conversation. Although we do not know specifics of his plans at this time it was felt that you should be warned to be on guard for possible treachery. We also feel that you it may be prudent to inform the Der’al Collective but we do not have proper diplomatic channels with them currently. We have made contact with Mag Bustk in hopes of convincing him to encourage his champion to behave.

General Ma’ple


Lalder responds "Thank you for the warning. He is already not allowed in my lands. I will bring this up to officially make him a criminal in the UtR Lands. Since he already balked at his punishment and the conditions for his freedom, it should be easy.

I will send a message to the Der’al Collective.

On another note, The UtR is just waiting for one more vote to officially accept the offer to join the provisional colony. I expect this soon."

(OOC offically I’m just waiting for one vote to join the colonies. I will post the joining once I get the vote.)


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Lalder takes the commcrystal for the EEF out and says "This is Lalder of the Herd of the Auf Lal’al and the UtR. I have news of a unsanction spaceship launch that Olgog the Olgog is planning on. Mag Buskt announced a week of festivals on his island to celebrate called the Honored Week of Launch. During this time, at some point Olgog the Olgog with another Olgog, will Launch a ship towards space.

From my own experience, I know this is not allowed. I ask what is required to make sure the Olgogs do not feel the wraith of the Iron republic from this? Does this ship need to be stopped, either diplomatically or by force?

I plan to go and ask Mag Buskt to stop this launch, at least until/if permission can be gathered. But I don’t know what lengths OtO would go to make sure this launch happens."


Lalder sends an additional Message "Also, Godart has just informed me he met with the Neliff from a distance.

The quote is: Neliffs? They sound bad but my only experience with them was ok but creepy. Not that I got up close to one nor did they get close.

So, I would have anyone who goes to this launch checked after. And don’t send someone too important. I do not trust these events. Launching a ship would cause chaos. This all could be a plan by the warmonger’s forces as well."



I thank you for making us aware of this issue. It is concerning. We will send a representative. Hopefully we can convince them to not launch the ship though I of course doubt this given Ologog the Olgog’s involvement. It would be best if the launch never occurs.

Should the ship launch it will be given a warning to land if it does not do so and attempts to continue into orbit it will be destroyed. It is unlikely that the Iron Republic will take any action beyond destroying the ship. I would expect at worst they would destroy the launch site from orbit.

We will be sure to screen for any Neliff influence in any delegates. Though without close contact it is unlikely that they have taken control or anyone.