Meeting with the Tribe of Yagogi'al


Captain Puhza was the first (living) Baribur to gain the rank of Captain in the Blight Guard and had been gaining a fairly big ego when he was transferred to the Goblin Lands, needless to say he wasn’t happy. The first few days weren’t terrible, however he didn’t quite see how he would advance his career away from the capital.
Then his new orders came in, he was to conduct negotiations with the Tribe of Yagogi’al, with the Kasanthian build up in the west the Herald was getting concerned.
The flight from the Shadow Dome to the Yagogi’al tribe was pretty easy. Landing at the outer area Puhza would approach on foot as to not to alarm the Olgogs. When brought to someone with authority he would begin.

“Greetings Venerable Yagogi’al I am Captian Puhza of Wintermute. I am a member of the Blight Guard, an organization dedicated to the defense of our proud Kingdom. I have been sent here to discuss with you a matter that concerns us. In the west the nation of Kasanth has begun a military build up and we fear that Kasanth wishes to expand their influence here in the south. While many have advised our Lord Hassan of Wintermute to do the same to prepare to counter any move they make, our leader feels that our role should be to support the Olgogs here rather then take the lead. We wish to discuss possible directions to take our future plans.”


Captain Puhza’s ego was further deflated with his failure to actually meet with anyone of importance in the Yagogi’al tribe, this transfer was worse then he even feared. Not only was he snubbed and never met, he also missed the battle at the Shadow Dome against the Krato thus further preventing him from gaining any glory. He leaves to return to the Shadow Dome and report of the Yagogi’al tribe’s refusal to meet with him.