Mag Daron Prisoner Transfer


This thread is for all players who took a Mag Daron prisoner to decide what they will do with their prisoner.

Offer to EEF

Return to the Falling Star


Sell to Unit 7756 or Krodnok’s Dead to be converted.

Post here with your choice, and a reward will be posted in response.


Or would it be possible for the Yagogi to take claim for them?


No this is not a get extra Mag Daron thread.

This thread is for players who recieved a specific reward in the mission and now get to choose one of the above listed options for what they are doing with the prisoner. Each option has a specific rewards and negatives associated with the chosen course of action.

Therefore if you did not get this reward please dont post to this thread UNLESS the player who got the reward decides to give it to EEF, Krodnok or Unit 7756. In which case only EEF, Unit 7756 or Krodnok may reply to this thread after player choice has been made.

Player may choose to have unit 7756 and Krodnok bid for the mag daron bodies but only the player who recieved the reward can initiate a bidding auction


The three blades would argue for a slow torturous death for the cannibals.

Babi argued it would strengthen ties to the EEF to turn them over to them.

Mama Rapigog disagreed with them both. Martyring the Mag Daron would draw more of them to Unen seeking vengeance. They committed no crimes in EEF territory so this wasn’t there problem. Her and the elders would converse from sun down to sun up.

In the end Mama Rapigog would show up at the home forge wearing the Opal Badge. She would explain the Mag Daron’s crimes and his link to the home forge. She would leave it to the K’iou’s wisdom to dispense justice.


[This info is available to Mama Rapigog only]

Upon arrival she was greeted by Forgemaster Hiryam the Mediocre. His mediocracy was more related to metalworking and stone shaping leaving him few options but to take on the role of magistrate for small matters. His time had been busy taking care of the matter of missing Kiou.

When Mama Rapigog explained the crimes of the Mag Daron, the Forgemaster sighed, "It was old Iblik who brought these cannibals to our lands. I dont like cannibals, reminds me too much of the Slammers employed by the Itashis.

Ill handle his punishment personally. A few months hauling ore will make him rethink going all vigilante in the future.

Many thanks."

He offered Mama Rapigog a Cask of Finest Vagna Liquor and Balbrek, Club of Carrion. Once weapon to the famed Bruskti Pirate Carrion Ko, it was liberated by The Mediocre before Carrion was hurled into the plane of life.

Balbrek Club of Carrion is a legendary weapon. One of a kind.
It does 1d10+ 10 Melee dmg, Bludgeon. It requires two hands to use.
Indestructable. Shieldbreak at 5 successes. Catlike Reflexes at 5 Successes and Banish at 5 successes.


Mama Rapigog hefted the club. “Hmm I bet this be a help keepin’ da crew of da Proud Mary on task.” She said with a laugh. “Good way to counter da effects of da cask too.”