Lurtor's report to Fort Lendill and the EEF


Lurtor documented his trip to the Hobtla Mag’Ol home. While not giving the location to the entrance, he described caves and how the different sections were. He documented that they had a grand Chieftain and the Advisor. The caves were large enough to support a million olgogs. There seems to be a heirarchy, but I did not see enough to know if there were 3, 4 or more levels. I only witnessed 3. The Chieftain, the advisor, guards and Olgogs in good graces, and then lessers. I did not yet see if these were set or on the whim of who pleases the leader.

The like Meat, and the ultimate punishment is to bed dinner. The second worse punishment is exile where they are often eaten by ice dragons. Don’t know about the lesser punishments.

We have permission to go there and continue diplomacy with the Advisor as we want to.

One thing did give me concern, the Body guard of the Chieftain was an Illuminated and would need to be investigated. I don’t know much of the sea kings to know if they are all bad or like other races where it is based on the individual. Last thing we heard was she would be looking into us.

Oh almost forgot, I guess I killed their leaders body guard before I was ever there. So I assume another me did it. But I didn’t get what happened fully. Will investigate more later."

Lurtor will add to his book he is dictating with the details of the Olgogs, their religion as described to him, and how their caves look. But not details of where.


Like many of his reports Lurtor had thought this one had fell on deaf ears but the new McMurphy had gotten the data.

Thinking he was using the Lurtor clones to set a trap for the last of the Old Vlad agents, the new McMurphy made sure agents unknown to Lurtor began an infiltration of the Hobtla Mag’ol society.