Lurtor's letter toVLAD high command


Lurtor still didn’t feel right that McMurrphy was being punished so harshly for the actions that took place. After a few questions he found what he thought was his way to try and support McMurrphy after his other attempt failed.

Letter read "
To those in charge of the resolution of the events involving McMurrphy and the charges against him.

I feel that McMurrphy must have experienced a very traumatizing situation the last time he was in the facility. One I don’t even think he remembered about before coming there. As we went through this facility, it became more and more obvious that something terrible had happened.

Being present at the location with McMurrphy, it wasn’t obvious until later that our journey had turned up some old memories, fears, and Trauma. At first this was not very noticeable, but as we traveled farther more and more signs were becoming apparent, though I personally did not understand the full scope of McMurrphy’s condition until it was too late.

It started with him getting a little lost in thought. And then some mumbling. Some of his looks at the long dead bodies of people he possibly knew. Who he knew, I’m not sure of, though he did mention specifically the communication officer that was resurrected.

The events in the communication room happened quickly. And I feel that his reactions, were that. All of a sudden, Grim resurrected what he thought was the commander. I don’t think McMurrphy was paying attention at this time, as he was lost in thought.

Then when this Commander was brought back to life, things went crazy. She, who must not have seen an olgog my size, started freaking out some until she set eyes on myself and fainted.

I think here, McMurrphy acted without thinking. Maybe the part of it putting him back into this room when something bad was happening. Or elsewhere in the facility. I believe his intentions were to stop any damage or suffering. This is why he only killed her instead of any final death.

But his actions afterwards speak truly of how scarred he was at this. He took time to reset her back to the desk. Almost on autopilot. The scaring and damage was obvious. So while she was dead, that was easily to repair her physical damage. He did not try to coverup anything as the officer was not final deathed. So hiding a past wrong is not a possible motive.

So while it is true that someone died at his hands. I do not think there was malcontent or even someone thinking in their right mind. I think it was the actions of someone under great mental distress, possible flashbacks and panic, and that also needs help and therapy. Not punishment. Someone who reacted without thinking but had a good intent as we were in a facility with no backup, possible and probable enemies around and no way to take care of someone who was just resurrected after a terribly long time without endangering everyone.

We had no ability to care for this officer. We had little ability take her with us or leave her and hope no one found her or she woke up and wondered in a daze around still scared by the poorly time resurrection.

I ask that you help McMurrphy and not punish him. As I would want for any soldier who has been what he must have been through, help him get through this trauma.

Thank you for listening to this request.