Lurtor's Apartment in Fort Lendill


No place like home - new home
While taking a short break from all of the events that had gone on. Lurtor took the chance to setup his place in Fort Lendill. It was a small place with only a few rooms, but for an Olgog who rarely spent the same night in the same city or country, it was more than enough.

He had gone outside to marvel at the infrastructure here. For now, he brought the Artificing supplies he needed and setup a workshop in one room. He didn’t plan to do much there, but its always good to have a backup workshop.

Next he setup a few of his storage and weapon cases. Making sure only weapons legal here were locked inside. Lurtor sync a set of goggles to them so he could retrieve what he needed. Most of these items were specialty or extra items, but it was always good to be prepared.

Lastly he artificed a sheet with Shadow walk, linking it to the Hallway closet. He would put this sheet into a waterproof bag so he can get back to classes when on a mission.

The University - Everyone needs to write a textbook.
As he was getting established, he contacted the university again to see how and when he was to teach and be taught. He requested the materials need to prepare the course he was going to teach on Olgogs as well as the required books for the classes he was going to take…

After seeing the textbooks for his other classes, Lurtor decided he needed to record some basic information on Olgogs, tribes and their basic histories and relations, Olgog economy and trade, and Olgog traditions. References would be give about exhibits in the Trading post Museum and Brez Museum. Since he was a terrible typer and likely to fry any computer, he used his mind instead of his hands to interface with the computer to record the information.

Once written, he would ask the university to help him edit and publish the book for those attending his class.

He thought that if the book turns out well maybe this will goto the general population as well.


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The long work on writing an Olgog history had begun.

As he was making progress, he got an assignment from Fort Lendill and the EEF. They assigned him to an expedition into the lands said to still be controlled by a culture of the most ancient of the Olgog Mag’ols. Those who are rumored to have survived both the Goblin Genocide and the interceding 1500+ years.

There he was to copy and transcribe all the Olgog cave paitings and carvings they came upon.

With the new Assignment, Lurtor completed his preparations to make sure he could still attend and teach classes while on the trip. Additionally he goes and gets all of the supplies he would need for a cold environment where food might be lacking.