Lurtor reaches out to Lord for trade


Lurtor acquires the commcrystal that was used to reach out to Lord Mada before.

Lurtor says "I am researching different religious that I have come across. And I need your help in locating some texts I need to for this research. I’m looking for a copy of the Kasanthian religious texts of the Church of Shadows.

I’m currently located in Simonsburg."


Deep within the bowels of Bartsport, Lord Mada was busy preparing his tray of “implements” for his newest arrival; A Church of One scientist chained to the wall, sniveling and trembling at the thought of what the nightmare slaver had in store for him. Just as Lord Mada was about to begin his ritual, he received a communication on his commcrystal. With a glance between the crystal and his victim, he sighed and said, “Excuse me. I have to take this.” He began to walk away and called back cheerily “Don’t go anywhere!”

When he was back inside his manor, he answered the crystal and listened to Lurtor’s proposal. “And what would I get in return for aiding you?”


Lurtor says “I have been thinking on that. I was looking through some artifacts and one seemed that you might like. It was made by Unit 7756. They called it the Trap shell of Unit 7756. It creates nightmares. Its really a nasty trap.”

(OOC its: Trap shell of Unit 7756. This section of hide is placed under the sand. It is artificed with Create Nightmare fleshworms. During the day it does 2d6 Melee dmg to anyone who steps on it. At night they also take away a nightmare flesh worms as they step away. This nightmare will try and kill and consume the closest living thing. )


“Very impressive.” replied Lord Mada. “Deliver this to my servant outside my city, and I shall have ready the texts you desire.” With that, Lord Mada ended the transmission and sighed. His “fun” with the Oner scientist would have to wait for now. At least Mada knew that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Lurtor sent out an Ut Tor with the artifact to Lord Mada and to pickup the texts.

(OOC At this point I assume the trade has happened. I’m taking the item off my inventory.)