Lurtor meets Tyr'ani at the Nightmare lord Museum backroom


Lurtor needed to find out more about what has happened to himself and about Gorguldul. Through he kept much of his appearence in a shadow Shroud, people would start to notice the staff and the nightmare lord language. Like Nngao did.

Lurtor would request a meeting in a secure back room of the Museum with the lead Tyr’ani incharge of the nightmare lord research.

Lurtor would be waiting in the room with his hand and Gorguldul behind his back and a shadow shroud cloak covering much of his features.

Lurtor would says “Greetings and good to meet you again. I have questions that I need answers to sooner than later. I expect in this you will also learn much. My only condition is for you to keep this as between me and the Tyr’ani. And even to just you here for now.”

Once an agreement is met, Lurtor will take his hand with Gorguldul from behind his back to show while dropping the Shadow shroud as well.

Lurtor would say “I’ve got a story to tell, but I’m not sure how much of it I can say. So I’ll start basics. I was recently offered this staff, to become it bearer and I accepted. I was transformed to what you see before you. This is called Gorguldol. The Olgog translation is Enemy of the Tribe, Fang, spear.”

Lurtor would look at the staff and then. It was currently a staff, which is part of the name, Lurtor then wondered with the connection, could it change forms like he. He knew it went into the ring.

Lurtor thought about the staff forming into a blade making sure to keep the point away from the Tyr’ani.

Lurtor would then continue “There is nightmare lord writing on it and the ring, which I can read some of but you may be able to read more.

I need to know as much about it as I can as I have a feeling I need to more sooner than later.”

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She was a bubbly and beautiful K’iorn female, with golden skin and a emerald eyes. Her name was Marzi Shog and she listened intently to every word Lurtor said.

She replied, "Spymaster Lurtor, this must have been a very trying and harrowing experience. While I can promise your secret will be kept between you and the Tyr’ani, the nature of our faith requires me to ask others within our faith about your condition.

Allow me a week of time confering with other Awakened Scholars about this matter and I will return with news."

As she turned to leave, Lurtor would swear her shadow on the wall morphed into a truly monstrous being.


Lurtor says “Thank you, I understand and am OK with the questions within the Tyr’ani faith. One day I would like to know more about the faith. But for now, I’ll see you in a week. Contact me sooner if you need.”


Marzi Shog returned, and again Lurtor wasn’t sure what to make of her strange and monsterous shadow, but Marzi seemed very excited to see him.

Marzi said, "My hubby Thornton was so excited when I discussed the matter of the Gorguldol . He and the other Awakened Scholars have been studying the Nightmare Lord culture and to have a chance to learn the Gorguldol was real it made all of his tentacles stand up at attention.

I also spread the word to one of our greatest members Uriel. He is consulting the ascended and may join us soon.

But my hubby Thornton was aware of the Gorguldol from a Nightmare Lord tomb known as the “X Mortis”. The X Mortis was a document penned in blood, in the language of the Nightmare Lords, and was found during the first crusade of Mortis Leonin at the height of the Goblin Genocide. The name comes from Mortis Leonin signing “X Mortis” on the front inner cover to make it seem like a personal journal if his fellow Inquisitors ever saw it.

The X Mortis has flowed into the hands of many over the centuries. It appeared briefly during the Border Wars in the hands of the Four Great ancient evils."

The X Mortis speaks of a ritual coming of age ceremony


"Uriel had a chance to review the document, and passed along a copy to the Awakened Scholars. I was looking through it and found many references to the Gorguldol as part of an important Nightmare Lord coming of age ceremony.

Nightmare Lords feed on the pain and fear of sentient minds. Before the K’ias Wars, the Nightmare Lords were upholders of the balance. The way they prevented their society from causing suffering to others was a unique pact.

When a Nightmare Lord reached maturity, they and their true Nightmare would ride to the center of the Border of Consciousness and pass into the stream. With them would be the bearer of the Gorguldol. The Gorguldol would protect the party from the warping effects of the stream of consciousness. Once they reached the Low Place, the place closest between the Stream of Consciousness and the Dimensions of the Ancient Evils, the Gorguldol would act as a key.

The bearer would use it to allow one Ancient Evil through and that ancient evil would become the symbiote of a willing Nightmare Lord. The Nightmare Lord would be fed by the dark dreams of the Ancient Evil and would always be full of energy. The Nightmare Lord would have a willing vessel to explore our dimenions. Both would be held to the balance."


“That Gorguldol can open the way for a single ancient evil or for all of them. But only at the Low Place.”


“The reason it affects you the way it does, is to make your body able to survive passing the Border of Consciousness without dying instantly.”


Lurtor says "It is interesting about this, espeically with how the Evils have been banished right now. Since you mention the balance, I wonder what the balance is now. And how this would affect it?

Also, With our 2 nightmare lords growing up right now, is this ceremony something they need to do? Does it affect their will making them do the bidding of the evil. Or is it more of a sightseeing tour for the Ancient Evil? I would never want to cause either harm, but also don’t want to harm them.


Marzi Shog replied, "You would have to check with a Balancer, a Bladed Sun Knight, or one of the other guardians of the Balance to find that out. Unfortunately our order is all about amassing knowledge, but that information is beyond even our order.

The Nightmare Lord mated pair will neither be positively nor negatively affected by this ritual. Except it does keep them fed which I suppose is a positive. But no the Nightmare Lord does not become a slave to the Ancient Evils. Dako’tha served the Warmonger willingly as did the other rogue Nightmare Lords. The honorable Nightmare Lords never served the Warmonger. "


Lurtor says "Is there a way to reach Uriel, I have more questions for him I think. I feel a bit overwhelmed by this and if I should do anything with this or let the status quo develop. The primordial evils were not something I expected after the death of the warmonger. With the mention of balance, maybe they were the effect after all of the Ancient Evils were banished.

I would hate to cause more troubles because I don’t know if I should never do this or it is something that should be brought up to the nightmare lords as an option. In the end, I expect it will be there choice, but I would like to know more before I bring this to them.

I’m not sure if I have a way to reach Uriel right now. He was just kind of there anytime I needed him before."

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Several shelved books open seemingly of their own accord and the sound of rustling paper fills the room as the pages begin to turn themselves. The shadows in one corner seem to thicken briefly and Uriel steps out of them.
“Greetings, Lurtor. Ms. Shog. Apologies if you have been waiting long. Time is not what it once was to me. Can I be of help?”


Lurtor says "As the bearer of Gorguldul, I can travel to the boundry of the Ancient Evils and allow one Ancient Evil through to become the symbiote of a willing Nightmare Lord. From your sources you said this was a coming of age ceremony.

What I don’t know is if this is something that should be done or should be asked if our Nightmare lords want to. Especially since all of the Ancient Evils have been banished.

I’m looking for advice or what you think this would do to the balance. Even as the balance definitely seems shifting right now with the primordial evils guys and the Ascended beings are all still here."