Lurtor Debriefing to the EEF/ VLAD


After teleporting away from the IR soldiers and one of the horsemen… not sure what that made the doctor type, Lurtor takes out his VLAD/EEF crystal and says into it “I need to talk to the boss and report in. I have been gone a while and I’m finally able to go in. I need to do a debriefing as lots has happened that the EEF should know about.”

When one of his bosses, Anis, Striker, hopefully not McMurrphy answers with the location of the debriefing. Lurtor will go there, making sure to unload certain items (Technomancy, hell forged, etc) into his storage before he arrives at the location.

At the debriefing, Lurtor says “I heard I missed the Mirror Crystal invasion. I’m not sure how long I was gone, but it seems it was a while. But there were some important things I have found out in this. Though my information is incomplete as I do not know all of the players involved by names or in history, just the actions I saw.

First Scribe, Colonial General of Deryyanheim, is working closely with the IR. He summoned some IR to check a group I was with out when we appeared in his bar. I will get to that story soon. Among those he summoned, he referred to the Horsemen. His quote was ‘"Do the Horsemen need me to place other TA’s in the area to monitor the increased activities or is it covered?’

Second, there was, and I’m still trying to understand this as the subject is new to me. Time travel.

I was in the Museum of Brez defending the Mirror Crystal, which I didn’t know was there at first, from a bunch of Robbers. It turned out the leader was a Pirate K’ias. Which I didn’t know until later. This K’ias was near the crystal. Then I jumped near the one who i thought was the boss of the criminals, the K’ias, another stabbed him with a sword, and then a flash of blue light.

I and a few others were transported to another place and time. A future version of another planet. It was not refuge. Mav said like 600 to 800 years in the future for us. The skies were blue. I didn’t know of him at the time, but the one who transported everyone was named Maverick. I assume he is the Temporal Criminal that Scribe referred to and the reason why he was chased. Prior to this, I had not heard the name.

The K’ias was struck and killed with a Zela Sword by Mawen Rapider, a Mag’Daron Gor’a.

The city before us was in ruins with no signs of life other than plants. There was a building showing of Leyas. Under the Advice of Mav that our current location was not safe, we shadow walked to this building.

Long story short, we found a video of Mortis Leonin that was left for other time travelers saying he was going to the past to wipe out the Olgogs. He is an church of One Inquisitor afterall. He said he was heading back to 575 A.R. Also there was an inactive nanite vial that he claimed was a plague. The nanites were destroyed.

Then we convinced Mav to bring us back home. Seems he was the only one with that ability. And he dropped us off at Scribes Bar running from one of Scribe’s visitors. I assume Mav’s chaser was part of the IR as well.

Here, Scribe forced us to give blood samples to the IR and undergo testing to make sure we brought back no diseases or nanites. They did destroy the samples in front of me though per my request. The IR officer in charge, a doctor of some sort, confirmed we were clean. And let us go as we had not done any of the time travel ourselves and we did not change the past. At least I assume that is why.

Also we were debriefed by this IR doctor as well. I told him the same as I’ve told you.

That is my report on that trip.

I’m still not sure how much time passed between when I was taken and when I was dropped off. But it does seem it was a good amount of time as I missed all of the events around the Crystal invasion. I only know the IR is following the EEFs lead in this and will only not if the EEF creates a FUBAR of it. As told to me by that IR doctor.

It has been a rough year, First being teleported to a prison Dimension of Nightmare lords with Terror andd Celyse, running into a clone of myself that I didn’t know about, and now time travel. Things are way too interesting.”

(OOC I did not include the events of GAG as those results have not been posted. Specifically the Timeshredder part of the Events.)


“Time shredding,” Jeremiah muttered. “Hate the stuff. Always causes more problems. Still Agent Lurtor you did well to get back. We’ll see that you get field reports for the time you were…away. At any rate you did well to get back. We’ve been trying to nail down Leonin for some time. Sadly being a time traveler he’s pretty tough to get a hold of. I’m also a bit concerned about Scribe’s involvement with the Iron Republic.”