Lurtor - Back at Jemison Post


(OOC this thread is for Lurtor’s alone time :wink: )

Lurtor just got back to Jemison Post. He discretely went back to his offices, he had work todo. Tatters had shaken him. Letting something leave Jemison Post after the Colonies kicked it out might have been a mistake. The Lurry form had allowed him to learn more of what the guests felt the program was like. He would have to make improvements.

Once back in his rooms and the area secured, he got out of his armor and such for Lurry’s Form. He then released the mimic of Lurry. His staff appearing from the ring. That would take some getting used to.

The Lurry form had come in handy. He was able to still make use of his contacts with the EEF and he believed he got a big prize of intel. He didn’t know enough of the sea kings and he knew he needed more. And now he had to figure out what he could learn from the Illuminated’s memories. Especially since he no longer had the Illuminated. This would be a newish experience for him as so far he has only Dooplegangered a white fur before.

Lurtor then shifted to Qory Kal I’tash’s form to search his memories in more detail.


Lurtor shifted in size from being a tall Olgog to being a much smaller Illuminated. For the first time he really settled into the skin of one of these beings, surprised again how scaly Qory’s skin felt. He was completely hairless, it seemed like many Illuminated Qory wore a wig made from hair harvested from their slaves. His own wig had been a combination of thick rich fire-proof K’iou hair, interwoven with much finer, almost feathery Baribur hair that made it soft to touch. Living inside Qory’s mind for a moment, Lurtor felt the odd need to cover his bare head, grabbing a nearby hat and plopping it onto his bare grey skin.

The rest of his body felt natural and fine nude, as if the Illuminated had a personal worry or fear of his bare pate. Lurtor searched Qory’s memories for the why of it all. He had a traumatic memory of overhearing a Bestial Overseer mock the hairlessness of his Illuminated Masters. That overseer had been overheard by others and suffered greatly. The next day Qory had watched the Bestial Overseer lose his rank, and be stripped of his ceremonial robes and his pelt one after the other. Watching the bestial get slowly flayed to death had been deeply traumatic to young Qory. His youthful mind hadn’t connected that the Bestial was being killed for mocking “his betters”. To Qory’s childlike mind, it was obviously because the majority of the Illuminated’s lack of hair was something worthy of shame. A topic worthy of murder, since even a child knew such a torment was not a joking matter.


He followed this formative memory through Qory’s whole life. Growing up in the court of the Illuminated was a highly structured, highly religious affair, with the Warmonger Cult and Ancestor Worship of the K’ias Generals taking primary roles in life. Each of the different Illuminated Lines followed a different philosophical view based on their diefication of their chosen general. And the final arbiters of faith were the Pharoahs, the God-Kings of the Illuminated. In their language their rank was pronounced closer to Prro, than the Earther term Pharoah (but since both terms translate roughly to Royal House, it was not surprising the Leyas translated them back and forth).

Some neighbors of Qory’s kingdom had been worshipers of Abraxas Havokhammer. These berzerkers had been used often as Mercs by the other Pharoahs both against Krato and Quall who had tried to invade their continent in past centuries. But their most recent Pharoah had died, slain in the shadow-war between the Illuminated of Vul and the Illuminated of Xevion. A neighboring group of the Illuminated of Lai’so had tried to step in and take over these Illuminated of Abraxas.


But such a power grab was ill-fated and ill timed, as the Illuminated of Lai’so claimed land and tried to subjugate the Cambion and Olgog slaves of the Abraxasene Berzerkers, the Border Wars were at their most dangerous heights. The Iron Republic had begun a full invasion of Refuge with Brethren clones air dropping in dressed in atomic powered armor that nuked entire sections of the countryside when they were killed. The Illuminated of Lai’so fell back to defend their own lands leaving the Abraxasene berzerkers without a Prro. Their Ikuz (captains) all turned on each other, demanding leadership and blaming the others for their fall to the Lai’soene.

Into was into this chaos that Qory Ikuz Hahlmah led his vanguard. He was no fighter himself, but he was cunning. And his choices made sure he never saw battle himself, but yet still the most dangerous of his agents would be striking fast and true. Qory gathered together the Abraxasene Illuminated Ikuz and turned them to his own Prro. With their added numbers, Qory was recognized for raising the status of Prro and all of their lands.


Qory was not given a chance to rest. Word had come that the Ancient Evils had returned to Refuge and were cleansing the continent of Vima of Warmonger’s Cultists. Qory was sent first to Makuf to make his name under the Illuminated there. But once he proved himself he was transferred south to the beachhead at the Kingdom of I’tash. There he secured the forces, and pushed back first the I’tashi Loyalists, then the Coalition of Enlightened Nations, then the Borvian Dragons.

The years took their toll on Qory. No longer did he find joy at the planning table, no longer did he take glee in expanding the hold of the Illuminated.

Finally he pushed back the newely formed I’tashi Alliance and settled in for a long siege…


The years from 2218 through 2220 had passed in a harsh seige. During it, Qory cared less for his body and his mind, than for his studies of the I’tashi Alliance. The power struggle between the anti-undead factions from Korpu and the pro-undead factions at Wintermute took up much of his study. He saw these as the lynch pin, or the point of leverage that could rip apart the I’tashi Alliance.
When Warmonger’s Quall Avatar called the armies of the Illuminated from across Refuge, Qory instead was called back to his home continent, leaving the continent of Vima to lesser illuminated.

He reported to the gathered Prro of Mar’un’ga, of Xevion, of Vul, of J’kutu, and Abraxas, and the subordinate Prro of the Lesser Generals. His report was long, and careful, and done in secret. But while there, the gathered Prro shared with him a most concerning occurence. While Qory had been one of the acting Ikuz of I’tash, the Earthers had launched a devastating and unexpected orbital attack. Most of the major settlements had been targeted, and Prro who had lived for generations and generations were granted final death in an instant.


The Prro were reorganizing, and gathered together forces not seen before. Training Cambions according to the varying philosophies of their Illuminated spent most of their time. And with the rank of full Lord, he was sent as Kal I’tash to lead the I’tashi Beachhead.

But who would have expected that offshore volcanic activity would cause a tsunami that rushed his peoples positions and threw their beachhead into chaos.