Lurtor - A trip back to Fort Lendill


As Lurtor made arrangements for him to be gone for a few while he went back to Fort Lendill. Top of the list was getting things ready so they could pay the defenders of Jemison Post.

(OOC Lurtor has mainly talked to [FONT=Arial]Arg’oon Blazefist each time.)[/FONT]

Once he got to his computer and in his apartment. He sent a message requesting an urgent meeting with Arg’oon Blazefist or his direct report to. The message contain the subject “Need to report the recent events of Jemison Post and the Glacial Wastes.”

Then Lurtor would begin a quick bullet report of Recent major events in the Glacial wastes. The events of the Doom wyrms and Ice Dragons. The Current issue of the new Warmonger General wishing to freeze the world. He would leave out Vadim for now and the events of Grim Becoming a peacelord. As he wished to talk about Grim.

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]When summoned or notified/escorted where to go, Lurtor would not take any weapons with him per normal as he wouldn’t be allowed to keep them anyways and make sure he was completely presentable and go.[/FONT]

Lurtor will show proper respect and say “Greetings, [FONT=Arial]Arg’oon Blazefist. I have much to report. I have a report with some of the general issues. Like Doom wyrm riders being declared Nngao and their fall and the Ice Dragons being recognized by WarCouncil of S’vana. These important events are much more straight forward.”

Lurtor will put down the report and then continue "[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Additionally as you may know, I have taken in most of the Lurtor and OtO clones as well as some others clones. At somepoint wish to talk more on this and hopefully stop or change the way they are dealt with here.[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

What I have come in person today is to talk about Jemison Post and much of the Glacial wastes. We are awaiting a Seaking invasion. We know the ships are coming, just not when or how many. At the time we were being attack by the Doom Wyrms from one side and needed to stop the attacks. The Doom Wyrms were being protected by Borial’s forces.

This is the part I must finish.

We decided, Jemison Post, to goto Borial I’Tash and see if we could negotiate a peace before the Seakings attack as he is no friend of the Warmonger or his cults. When we got their, Borial surprised use all. He offered myself and Grim the Title of Peacelords and everything that goes with that.

I refused the title and position. Even though that meant riches, power, fortunes, and the removal of this collar. A collar I do deeply wish gone. But I did not want to loose my place here.

However, Grim did not refused the title due to the benefits of the offer and the lives it would save."

If needed Lurtor will ask to be able to continue and then say "Grim is now offically Peacelord Grim of Jemison Post. He said he would inform his buddy the Colony General. And that is what brings me here. For the details.

Jemison Post and the lands of the Ice dragons and their hunting grounds, which Borial considers part of Jemison Post, is now being protected by his forces. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial] The Ice dragons agreed to this. [/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] Borial also order the Doom Wyrm riders to stop any attacks on us with the penalty of destruction. There will be no more raids for slaves on Jemison Posts lands including the Ice dragons. Additionally when the Seakings attack, Borial’s forces will help in our defense. Something the EEF refused to do even though we are outside their front door. And Borial is suppling Jemison Post with the Ghaz and resources needed to build and take care of those we are responsible for. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]All of our prior non aggression treaties and deals stay in place. [/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

Jemison Post’s only commitment to Borial is to help in defense if he is attacked and to feed our people. [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Jemison Post is[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR] not required to attack anyone. As far as I know we are still receiving the reformers from the Colonies.

Grim’s first action was to Free all in his lands as he has no slaves. This was agreed to before he accepted. His next action was to make Biff of the bladed sun officially his Conscience with the right to hit him on the head if he’s being an ass or power hunger. His next action when we got back to the post was to appoint me Spymaster of Jemison Post.

And that is where things stand right now."[/FONT][/COLOR]



Ar’goon Blazefist was impressed by the mission report. He sighed, sipping a cup of black tea slowly. Then he put it down and smiled.

"Excellent Work, Agent Lurtor. When you arrived in the Glacial Wastes, I must admit I was quite worried about some of the stories that had come back to me. But I never expected that Fort Lendill could get a double agent as acting Spymaster for a PeaceLord working under Boriel the Slavemaster.

You will continue feeding me any information you find on Boriel’s military movements.

I am proud very proud to renew your enrollment in FLIT for another year, with full coverage for your books and study materials of course. Though for obvious reasons we won’t be able to publish any findings you make about aboriginal Olgogs until after this mission is complete.

Dear Leader Cha’ain is quite proud of your work here."

Ar’goon paused and said, “About that, I only ask because it was part of your original expedition cover. Did you find any news about Aboriginal Olgogs of this region?”


Lurtor says "For now you can expect Jemison Posts and the Doom wyrms arie to be protected by Borial’s assets right now.

As for the Olgogs, We have a few hundred living with us. The white furs are ruled by something more like a king than an elder. I fear they are under the influence of an illuminated as the Illuminated is the acting body guard of the Elder .

This is something we haven’t been able to go back to due to other events, but really need to. Maybe now is the time, or it could be too late. That is the issue we’ve had with so few resources to work with.

The white furs are over populated for their food supplies. So they are small and the less powerful are underfed. The white furs will eat most any meat if given the chance, but don’t tend to due to lack of supply. Also, as punishment, their king sends white furs out into the Glacial wastes to die. We setup an arrangement so those sent out find their way to us. Its about 100 per month I believe.

They value Wood above almost anything else. This is where grim has some influence as he has traded wood with them. Also the White furs tend to be good Aquamancers and live in Ice Caves below the snow. They can move beneath the snow undetected and without disturbing the top of the snow."