Lurtor - A list of Sightings of Lurtor to investigate.


Lurtor had a list of places and times where he had been. The problem with the list was he wasn’t at many of these locations. This list was generated by the security computer which had hacked Old VLAD’s network and got this Intel.

Lurtor sends a request to the EEF
"I have a list of places where I have been sighted to have been. I have gone through this list and selected only the places where I have not actually been during these time frames or ever. This could be places where clones or Old VLAD is operating out of. Some places could also be EEF facilities where someone was trying to gain access through impersonating myself. This could help in reducing capabilities of Old VLAD and finding his cloning facilities to remove them.

I would like help in investigating this locations. I suggest we start at the top and work our way down."


Lurtor was feeling exhausted by the time he finally got security clearance to enter the first zone he was hoping to check on. Between the lecture in Fort Lendill, and the wait for the EEF escorts and the Tram access, Lurtor felt he had spent days deep in bureaucracy. But aboard the Tram watching the hologram of Ze stump and annoy one of his EEF escorts, Lurtor felt a bit better.
Knowing Old Vlad was so many steps ahead, was deeply angering to Lurtor. But then again, he mused, the old cloner had been defeated in the United Tribes lands time and time again. Old Vlad must have gotten desperate coming here and launching that orbital attack on the Sea Kings.


They arrived at Metro Station 28 Emergency Water Reservoir, and the doors to the Tram opened. The EEF escorts handed him a radio and showed him how to use it to call back to them when he wanted pick up. At first he was surprised that they weren’t sending an escort down onto the floor with him, then again he wondered if they had orders to treat all Lurtors like they were scheming with the Old VLAD.
But when he saw EWR level he also realized it was because it was just a giant frozen underground lake held in place by concrete. Lurtor looked around at the wide glassy surface of the reservoir, and immediatly knew if he were here and needed to hide something, this lake would be the perfect place. It was easily twenty feet deep at its shallowest end, and the bottom couldn’t really be seen.


The only question is with so much frozen immobile ice to search, how would he go about doing it?

[There are no obvious leyas auras. The natural background leyas of the room is water, earth and shadow which makes sense for an underground ice cave. ]


Lurtor pondered the room. Water and Ice were a great way to protect something, but there was one thing that traveled through water and Ice well. Sound.

Lutor gathered his troubadour leyas and lightly touched the Ice. He used his leyas to sense the vibrations and sound that something might produce in the water and ice.

(OOC looking to use sonar ability, but on receive only at first.)

As he reached out for the sound, letting his mind build a map of what lays below or in the water and ice.

IF he doesn’t sense what he needs, he will give a sonar pulls to see if he can generate that image and find what the ice is holding.


Sending vibrations through the ice and feeling for them was new to Lurtor, but a natural extension of his use of the Leyas. As he reached out he could feel the vibrations reverberating back at him except in one section of the ice. Near the east side of the reservoir was something about fifteen feet down, and a little wider than a long coffin.

Now that Lurtor had found it, he was wondering how to safely extract it.


Lurtor went over to the east side of the reservoir. Noting the thickness of the ice, he went over to that area. There were two things he wanted to be careful of. First, if this thing was dangerous, and the other was to make sure he purified any air from melted ice and vaporized water.

First he checked with healing leyas (1) to see if he could sense any life down there. He also checked to see if he saw any thermal differences or signs of electromagnetic fields. Lurtor then switched to his night vision from the bone rings

His plan to bring the object up was two fold. After double checking that the ice was thick enough to loose 17 ft of ice in a few spots without collapsing the area, he started his slow work.

Lurtor began to turn the ice above this object to water a few feet at a time. Then moving the water to the sides to reinforce the walls he would be creating. The hole would be bigger than the object by 3 foot on each side. He would leave 2 feet of ice surrounding the object on all sides. Then when that work was done, with his vorpal claws, he would cut stairs down to the bottom.

Once there, he would use water and air leyas to make the ice clear as glass so he could see what he has found. What he found would decide his next actions.


He was lucky he purified the air as he went. Unknown to him, the Lurtor clone who had placed the Stasis Coffin down here, had mixed mercury and other toxins into the water, just in case someone had come along with a metal detector and found it. Each time the water evaporated, Lurtor cleaned the air allowing him to safely be in the area.

Finally after and hour of hard work, and enough hard concentration to give him a migrane, Lurtor could finally see the full Stasis Coffin exposed but for a two foot layer of ice keeping it sealed away.

Inside was a original colonization era Stasis coffin designed to keep someone unaging, and healthy despite a long trip between planets. The Stasis coffin was unmarked, but Lurtor didn’t need to check it to recognize the Olgog youth being kept inside. He recognized himself in his youth without a question.
The Stasis coffin was still active. The readings flashing on the temperature resistant screen showed that this child had been in this coffin since Lurtor remembered being around the same age.

A little bit beyond the first coffin, straight down was another second Stasis coffin.

Lurtor could make out a wirey Karovian Olgog youth whose fingers had been bitten off down at the knuckles and healed that way. Lurtor remembered back to a story his old “squad mate” OtO had told him on the way down to the Goblin Lands their first time. Back when the pair had been allies and investigating rumors of Kasanthians on the Island of Mag Buskt. Those two and half year ago, the entire world had seemed a different place to Lurtor. And Lurtor had been shocked when OtO had told him about how his father, Uhryu Bill, had bitten off his fingers thinking to teach him a lesson, only to instead learn to his dismay his child was an immutable and the fingers could not be restored.

Having such a supportive father himself, Lurtor was saddened and wondered how set on his path OtO had been or how manipulated down that path he had been.


Lurtor now realized he had to believe that IR scientist. He was a clone. And most likely one of the first clones of the kid Lurtor. Though the more recent clones were still most likely of him… they were updated. He wasn’t sure on that as he didn’t understand the earther technology on this.

He left the 2 statis boxes alone but visible.

Over his commcrystal, he noted he found something and he needed to report to Commander Oolong or another commander.

When they arrived, Lurtor would show Commander Oolong the collar to make sure he knew he was himself.

Then Lurtor says "It looks like I have found the basis for all of the OtO and clones of myself. It seems also that it is true that I am most likely a clone of myself, one, I expect, sent back into the world to hide that I was taken. I expect the same for the OtO that we all know as well.

I have found statis boxes containing young versions of myself and OtO. I noticed the missing fingers on OtO. The ones his father bit off to teach him a lesson. When Scribe, Colonial General of Deryyanheim, order a group of us to be inspected by a scientist of the IR, he told me I was a very old clone of myself. The age he gave lines up to the age of myself in the box. I’ve been taught not to trust the IR, so I didn’t. This was something I didn’t believe or accept until, I guess now. That inspection was in one of my reports I made as soon as I could leave Deryyanheim.

That is why I believe they could be the originals. This could still be the old guy’s trick and not the originals. But I expect EEF could determine that if the IR could.

There is possibly something in the ice if you melt it. I purified the air as I made the hole down to those stasis coffins. So I’m not sure. But if who I think put them there did, I would expect more traps.

I don’t have any technical or medical skills to deal with this coffins, so I did not want to move them or expose them to the air fully. There should be 2 ft of ice around them still. I think these 2 should be inspected for physical and mental tampering and if cleared, then returned to their tribes.

I have not told Lalder that I personally might not be the original Lurtor as I didn’t fully believe that myself. So That topic will need to be explained to him. I’m not sure if Uryru Bill knows of cloning either."

Lurtor’s face hid much of his emotions on this, but there was something there and gone again. He didn’t know what to make of the cloning issue. He was still himself. He lived a life. What did that make it? He wasn’t sure. That was the one truth, the was himself. He choose his actions and actions are what make you. He will need to ponder this for a while.


Commander Oolong arrived with his Wraith team and enough Onis to secure the entire Reservoir.

"Its been a busy week. Seems this place has been used by the Old VLAD for a long long time. It is good that we recovered the children. I think Commander Shiro will consider it a personal honor to return the original Lurtor to Lalder and the original Olgog to Uhryu Bill.

Learning both their families were being manipulated by the Old VLAD may relieve some of the animosity between those two families."


Lurtor sends a request to the research station " I would like to continue to check on Lurtor sightings in and around the research station. When I was visiting with the local Olgogs, It was noted by one of the guards that I had been there before and killed a body guard. This was not myself, but a different clone and it happened recently. "

Lurtor had his list of locations, but if he was given permission to check on recent locations with the security computer, he may find out more details.


Lurtor received an interesting letter back. It was from the desk of Commander Oolong of the EEF. It stated…

“Due to increase concerns of biological contamination related to the Outbreak, Agent Lurtor will require another VLAD agent in good standing to accompany him into the depths of the facility. Please select either Grim or Eli McGraw, as both are capable of containing Agent Lurtor in case the outbreak becomes dangerous.”

Lurtor grew a little disturbed at the wording, “Containing Agent Lurtor.” The VLAD Agency wasn’t known for its skillful containing of subjects.


Lurtor contacts Eli as he knew Grim was fairly busy. Lurtor asks "Eli, will you join me searching through the research station. There have been many notations of my presence even though I have not been here. There are a few reasons for this. One, I believe Old VLAD is doing something down here doing something. Using clones of me to help him out. It was also noted that I killed a body guard of the Olgog Tribe’s Chief. So I want to check these out.

You can note its the real me by this collar I have. " As Lurtor points to the collar.


Eli McGraw took his time getting back to Lurtor on the account of he had so much to do and he was a lazy incompetent bastard (personal trait not race). “Not sorry I’m late but here I am just the same. Let’s do this. Uhm… what are we’re doin’ 'aign?”


At that moment the door to the Research Facility opened to the pair, and they headed down into the depths of the facility. They arrived at the Hovertram and there was a holographic display already active and showing much of the facility. While the areas already unlocked by the pair were still unlocked, it seemed their joint arrival had caused the computer to open two new areas for investigation.

Potential area 1 was “Mortuary Services”, while the second was labelled “The Gene Bank”. Both did not seem like original parts of the facility, and must have been added on after the initial colonization project.

Eli and Lurtor looked at each other, which would it be. Mortuary Services or the Gene Bank.


“I vote Gene Bank! Use to hate banks but got pretty good dealing with them over the last couple of years. Not really - I had a secretary that did the heavy lifting and I got screwed by her. Hard. Meta’ fore’ like and not for realzy. Buffy would take issues with realzy and not the way you would… never mind!”

A cold, horrible chill traveled up Eli “Let us not go there!” McGraw’s spine.

Eli shruged and then looked at Lurtor.

“Maybe there is some info concerning your misbehaving clones there?”, he suggested.


Lurtor nods and says "Yeah, lets look at the bank before the place where they take dead bodies. I really have little interest in Zombies over Gaz. Though maybe the Mortuary might be a good hiding place for them to hide stuff. We will have to check that out.

If if we were tracking me, which we kindof are, I would goto the bank first."


The pair took the hover tram down past the lowest levels. They found themselves traveling through tunnels that were more ice than man made structure. After a time that was long enough that both men wondered how far from the Glacial Research Facility they were going, they arrived at a large underground structure of a very crude design. More poured concrete that plasteel, this building must be deep below the ice sheet.


A large sign in steel labelled the building as the Gene Bank. When their tram pulled up, a wide hatch opened up and they came to a stop in a forest of biological sample tubes. Smaller versions of the stasis pod that Lurtor had found his younger self. Each of the stasis containers had a piece of flesh. Some looked like the hooves of mal’ie, cows, horses and other land creatures. Some quite clearly had heads in them. Human heads, the heads of Children of the Falosini, even the heads of Olgogs.

Lurtor began checking the computer using technomancy to hide his use. He quickly found out the samples were not from actual sentinets. Each was a cloned part, from a sample taken without memories from a species on the planet. The databases here were far younger than the one at the main GRF. Instead the Gene Bank had been built at the height of the Tyrants reign of terror. Approximately two thousand two hundred years before, this site had been very active.

Lurtor realized this site must have been one of the first true cloning labs that the Old Vlad used for experiments.

Lurtor told Eli all this as he worked.

The pair realized they had found this place before even Oolong and his men had. The question was would they investigate the dark corners of the lab, or simply report it back to the EEF…


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Eli wants to poke around the place but will wait for Lurtor to say something otherwise.