Lur Union Trading Thread


This area is made by order of the Union so that Narrator and other tribes can track our internal trading.


Khalid entered Tla’loc’al once again, under his true name. Unlike among the Children of the Falosini where he had to hide his identity, among the Olgogs he could simply be himself. Most Olgogs respected that he was a former dimension walker, he hadn’t served the Quall since the day the Earth was conquered and their deal with him was broken and he was betrayed after years of service. The Olgogs usually appreciated that sort of thing.

As he entered the Lur Union trade post, he looked for a nearby person in charge.

He needed to buy a Civilian Skimmer, and had artifacts and relics to trade.

(he currently was offering the following items:

Boil Blood Vial - This vial will cast Boil Blood at 6 Successess on a single target that it is hurled upon (single use item) Very powerful assassination weapon.

Big Pumkin Bomb - This simple bomb with a fuse is about the size of a pumpkin. It will do 50 Energy dmg, and shatter all walls in a single structure that have S.A.R. 20 or less.

Tooth of the Escape artist- This shapeshift artifact melds with the users mouth and hides a set of lockpicks that can open just about any set of handcuffs, and key-based locks. (Single Adventure use item, does not work on magnetic locks or tech locks)


A Tla’loc’alian Olgog steps forward. He’s dressing in an Armorfiend vest and a dark cloak. He says "My name is Lalon, student of Tor’ab. I have been told of you and that you were a friend of the tribe.

Your trade is acceptable."

Lalon whistles and a Civ Skimmer floats out of a cave to their back with another Olgog pilot .

Lalon says “Let me show you how to control these. From the pilots seat, its pretty easy to control. Also if you touch this stone on the center console, you can invoke any Leyas shield you could put on yourself over the skimmer. It will protect those aboard.”

As Lalon is pointing out the controls he demonstrates how to pilot the skimmer.


An Earther with blond hair and a blond beard entered, “I am seeking a trio of Civilian skimmers with large flatbed cargo compartments. My name is Lance and I will gladly pay with a fountain that flow with resurrection waters.”


Lalon could see the use of that foutain. He said “My name is Lalon. I find your trade acceptable. I can show you how to pilot them as well.”

3 Civ skimmers would be flown out.
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Once he was learned in piloting the Air Skimmer, Lance delivered two. One to Uruf, one to Abel and then set off in his own.

Fountain artificed with Resurrect (4 successes) given to Auf Lal’al. It casts rez on anyone who drinks of the fountain or splashes water on them in the presence of the fountain.