Lur Union Trading Outpost of Tla’loc’al.


(Construction starts Week 8)

Lur Union Trading Outpost of Tla’loc’al.

Auf Laylan will let the managers at the Train station know of the site of the trading outpost. And the invite to use it with the rules. (No fighting, stealing, or cheating. Barting will be used there, but no problem of currency at the Train station.)

Auf Laylan with the help of the Juvs who have enough Earth leyas to help (5) will start the construction of the Lur Union Trading station located near the Train Station at Tla’loc’al. This will be a set of newly created caves and underground caverns that will create a place for Earthers and Olgogs to interact in safety.

All areas will have some sort of Plant life and all areas will be well lit.

There will be a set of caves that have Rooms created down the tunnels that will be places for Olgogs and Earthers to stay in. There will be 2 sets of rooms. One Short term stays, another for longer term stays. These sections will be separated rooms for Olgogs, Earthers, and Other. For now this section will not intermingle. Each room will have 2 beds, a table, chairs, and a door. Once this area is setup, it will be warded against Shadow Leyas more powerful than the first level, and Earth manipulation of the walls. Additionally the entire area will be under the effect of Translate. So all visitors to this place can communicate with each other.

Next there will be a common area where Olgogs and other races can intermingle. This will be a set of Larger Caverns where there are meeting rooms in the walls of the caverns, an eating area where Olgog style food will be served that is grown from local farms. Additionally as the trading enhances, other styles of food and drink will be traded for. (Ol’Lur will be allowed to open a bar here if he likes). This area as well will have Translate artificed into areas so all can understand each other.

There will be a few rooms where this does not happen, so Languages can be taught. These rooms will be free of use. For trading of Culture and Knowledge of each of the races will be welcomed.

Next there will be larger caverns for storage of trade goods. For merchants arriving and leaving to delivery and receive traded goods. This area will have a cave, that will ramp up into the desert to ease the delivery of goods. There will be 4 Civ skimmers located here for the use to transport goods. There should be space for vehicles to be parked under cover and protection due to the storms that are common to the area.

Finally there will be a learning area. A museum of sorts. This section will be setup with Drawings, items, and story tellers where other races can learn more about Olgogs for themselves. This will show the proud history as well as some on the Goblin genocide. But the focus will be on the positive and the types of Olgogs. This will also go into the very basics of what Leyas really are, but not how to use them. (aka, no one is going to learn leyas, but they’ll know its a natural power of the refuge.) Additionally the crafts of the Olgogs will be shown off.

All trades that occur here should be done under Barter. There is no issue with any type of money transactions happening at the station iteself though. The house will also barter for trade items for the use of this location. Allowing the outpost to help pay for itself.

This location is built for the use of the Lur Union, but the final decisions will be approved or denied by the Herd of Auf Lal’ al. This can be open to change depending on the effort and resources the other members supply. If the Lur Union decides not to participate, it can be renamed to the tribe.

Additionally the elders hope this site will be helpful in recruiting more tribes and Olgogs into the Lur Union by showing off the benefits of membership. Additionally the goal is to help educate any earther on what Olgogs really are so they don’t just have what the Church of One says.


Auf Laylan goes to the site of the outpost to start building it. She brings with her Dolur (General 2), Urtor’an (Earth 3), Dar’al (Earth 3), and Larak (Earth 3). She also brought the 3 Ur Mak Summoners since they could now summon elementals. The would summon earth Spirits (Earth 4) to help prepare the area. They would change element Spirits based on what is needed. Dolur would be artificing the Translate through the area. Auf Laylan would make sure to set the shadow ward limiting to the most basic of Shadow Leyas. Once all of the walls were set, she would start setting the Earth wards to make sure others could not move the walls around.

Auf Laylan would also have some tribesmen handle building tables, chairs, beds, and cushions.

The Goal was to get this place in order for the craftsmen and and the museum to be setup and ready for the day when travelers would arrive.


Four Olgogs arrived shortly after to assist in the construction and set up of the outpost. The four gogs look nothing alike but all wear the symbol of the Ol’Lur tribe. One gog was from Brez, another from Karov, and the last two were from Unen, although one appeared to be a pirate and the other a tribal. The four are here as a sign of unity; lending their individual talents from different parts of the region, and help out where needed.

(OOC: Just posting real quick for now. I’ll expand and actually give them names at a later point. Until then, they are 1 Ur Kug, 1 Ur Rhug, 1 Ur Mak, and 1 Olgog Pirate.)


Carried across the skies in the Airship Hindengog, 6 Olgogs, each with construction tools and mining tools, flew into the area. One had a map, he was called Rhug’ab. Two more were Heron and Uf’Rhug, brother and sister. They honestly looked nothing alike aside from the clothes they all wore under their coats. Hide was also among them assiring their safe use of the airship. The other three were the main pilots of the ship. None had any Leyas, so they had planned to help where they could, and assist in the basic construction of the building, to assist the Union.They would probably work on chairs, beds and whatnot.

(OOC: They brought with them wood, tools for construction, the Hindengog (transport), and themselves. All standard tribals)


Four weary looking olgogs strode to the location of the new trading post. They were of the remnant that served in the defense of the nearby train station, and as such were deemed experienced in this region. They were standard Ur’Tor, normal in every way except for the things they carried with them. The leader, a familiar sight to any who had previously defended the station, was Kul’al, given a second chance to prove his worth to the tribe. Surplus building materials and the like were toted in via a large sledge pulled by a Balgog. The massive creature seemed to ignore the weight of the materials and followed the commands given by Kul’al. The Balgog would also assist in the greater needs of construction, lifting heavy (nonflammable) objects and helping with any large manpower projects. They would remain and work until given other instructions.

Basic ledger:

-4 Ur’Tor

-1 Balgog class golem

-Building materials (wood and stone primarily)


Tla’loc’alans from far and wide came to see the Lur Union trading post and cultural center. Many came with goods to trade, others just to see such and undertaking in action. Perhaps it was also to see the impressive artificed Balgog that worked alongside the olgogs in construction.

Some even began talking with the staff about joining the building project.
They all were excited for the first train to arrive, it was only a question of what the first commutor train brought…


Auf Laylan says to Larak “You have done well here, but I have another job for you. Take this ring of Tunneling and goto Jamesville. We have some Ur Tor there keeping a watch on the place. Work with them to Cut off the water.”


Twenty four hours after the first orbital laser attack, another one struck Tla’loc’alan holdings. Anyone not hidden in deep caves were incinerated from above. The deathtoll in Tla’loc’al is currently believed to be in the thousands.

This site has also been hit but being in an open area was struck multiple times.
Ten Tla’loc’alans and fifteen visiting tribals were incinerated by Laser fire where they stood.


Auf Lalyan will work her way around the area resurrecting anyone she finds the slightest piece of. If possible, she will use Mass Resurrection (LR 5, Healing 4, Light 3) to raise those she may have missed.

If this works out, Auf Lalyan and Lalog’na will do this in other places in Tla’loc’al as well.

(OCC I know the ability says mass resurrection in title, but it says it heals. So hopefully it works as intended.)

All of the Gogs that survived will be instructed to leave a tooth inside, just in case. Additionally 2 of the Ur Mak summoners will be sent to reinforce the areas of the Trading post, making the entrance more reinforced and a Z like path to make sure those inside have cover from future attacks. Additional the rest of the Trading post will be reinforced with stronger ceilings, walls, and columns holding things up. (Elementals have Earth 4).

5 Additional Ur Tor will be sent down to supplement the work of those lost in the strikes.


The Trading Post has been expanded and reinforced since the laser attack.
Also more have come to the trading post, five Brezan Ur Rhug’s have sworn they will defend the trading post. They may now be deployed in defense of the training post but cannot be used in any other way.

Those who could be saved have been saved, and work continues on preparing the station for the first regular train traffic starting this coming week.


Auf Lalyan looks over the trading post, making sure that each exhibit is setup and correctly reflects each of the tribes. She makes sure that gogs working it are equiped with a earring artificed with Translate. These ear rings will also be available for those who need them. She will also make sure one of the gogs have a ring of Healing (Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Heal internal damage).

(OCC I wanted to make sure this was all set and going. The Museum about Olgog Culture is a big part of it. But additionally the trade is important as well. )


The trade coming in from the Hovertrain is perhaps a greater boon than expected. A small town now extends around the trading post. It is filled with Colony Citizens visiting from Chooru, and foreign Olgogs from Brez seeking a new life in Tla’loc’al.
(Twenty homes currently, one cantina and one inn. At beginning of week 16 it will have 80 small homes, the Museum, one Cantina, two restaurants, two inns and a Gambling House and is considered a Free town).


The Trading Post is ready for expansion to its next level of developement.


Auf Lalyan knew the flamewinds were coming. They had to get the trading post ready for this. It was partially there due to the work done after the Laser strikes.

Work to done:

  1. Expand Tunnels, Caverns, and rooms deeper underground at the trading post. Create areas for Gogs and Earthers to take refuge during the Flamewinds. This includes reinforcing the structure.
  2. Load extra supplies into store rooms
  3. Seal extra entrances to the trading post.
  4. Plant a set of trees in a deep cavern that can be used for pass tree to connect to other bases.
  5. WOrk on a way to seal the entrances in a way that is airtight and can be reopened.


Dar’on walked into the trading town, the eyes of merchants and venders were sharp with suspicion as he walked by them. Finally he came upon the merchant he was looking for. A shop which sold weapons and other things a traveler may need.

Once he was able to speak with shop keeper he says, “Good day, I am looking for specific items and was told you would be the person to speak with. I am looking for the material to make or already made bows and crossbows made of strong material, but light weight.”


The Gogs of Auf Lal’al were busy installing the new doors and air purifiers for the trading post and other bunkers in the city. These new doors with Protective Aura would replace the clasped tunnels. Next they needed to reinforce the buildings outside to allow for buildings to withstand the winds. The goal would be to eventually make the surface able to withstand the flamewinds, but that will take a while.


As the city was expanding, Lalder gathered his will and raise more stone walls around the trading post to have his gogs hollow out to make new buildings. Lalder also had tribesmen with tunneling rings expand the reinforced caves below to provide refuge from the flamewinds for all of these new Olgogs.

From the new Gogs, Lalder would also recruit more farmers and workings to build more flying Farms which would produce food to supply the expanded numbers at the town and throughout the UtR."

Lalder would ask those that can use sustain earth leyas to use it some until the food stabilizes. Those that do this and/or help with farming, will gain access living areas sooner than others that don’t.

(OOC Also, Lalder will do the same type of recruitig in the UtR to build more and more farms."


As Lalder is working towards improving the city around his trading post. One day this may become the capital of his colony, or at least for his Tribes part of it.

Lalder had his Olgogs install the new… Toilets… thats what the earthers called it. Beings waste would be purified.

Also the Protective Artifacts and shelters to protect against the flamewinds had to be installed into newer buildings. The city could not burn down from an attack by nature or enemy.

(OOC I built some of this with the Artificing Caves threads. The Toilets, AIr purifiers, fire proof doors, and underground shelters.

IF there is a way to build enough wards to keep the firewinds back, that would be done as well)

Lalder new that millions of Olgogs needed homes, and many in his and the UtRs lands. By building this city up he would give them a place to belong and increase the safety of all. Olgogs working together in these numbers could do anything.


The Lur Union Trading Post had grown into a sizeable settlement. Honeycombed tunnels extended in all directions from the citycenter with its Museum and Hovertrain Station.
It was a nearly perfect city but recent word had come in of giants massing on the borders. In hiding waiting to strike the most eastern Olgog settlement.