Lucky Fate Squad Top Gear


I got stuff to maintain and repair and build:

The Power Plant (Above Solar/Below Geo-thermal, batteries)
The Underground Complex (5 hangers, hovertruck garages, medical center, lot’s of storage)
Leafy Green Pink House (food and water)
15 Hover Rigs from Doyest Vesk (with expensive custom secret compartments that can hide Olgogs from Scanners)
4 Anti-air guns
3 Mortars
2 Tracked APCs with crude rocket launchers
1 Red Bishop Artillery Strider painted red.
some .50 Cal Machineguns with under barrel Flamethrowers
lots of Heavy Pistols
a few Shotguns

Goblin Ur’sa 3 (damaged engines, damaged hull, not even sure this thing will ever fly again)
The Launcher Rail at Mag Buskt (wear and tear)
The Tower Building at Mag Buskt (rekted)
The Underground Complex (manufacturing trashed - this is the first to get fixed)
Olgog the Olgog’s Office (needs to searched and cleaned out for cool stuff and secrets) -> turning this into Hekeriki’s and Naeil’s Office
Godarts Office’s (sweep the floor… it’s dirty)

Goblin Ur’sa 4 (this one we’ll do last)
Underground Living Quarters (below Underground Complex because tents suck after awhile)

Godart (Gunsmith 6, Ammosmith 6, Science 3)
Hekeriki (Science 6, Computer 2,Explosive Theory 3, Profession (Engineer) 3 or 4 ,Tech Forger and Repair 3)
Naeil, (Profession: Bureaucrat 3, skills as a goblin gunner?)
21 Goblin Gunners with skills? (3 dead,dead at running gagg)
4 Olgog Scientist/Engineer Profession (Engineer) 3 and skills?
15 Earther Immutable Drivers with skills?
35 Brezan Stalkers to dig out stuff
huge influx of materials from the Brusktis

note: 8/29/2015, found running gagg notes
note to future self: should figure out what to do with mothball shop/bunker in Port Unen


Change Log TSGL3 Week 4 (Goblin Fragment Crisis - AR 2219)
1 Red Bishop Artillery Strider painted red : gone
most of the light arms (.50 Cal Machineguns, Heavy Pistols, Shotguns) : gone

Godart’s Office’s locked and closed until further notice.

Underground Living Quarters on hold due to lack of gog power

Godart, final death?
Hekeriki, missing or dead?
Naeil, I’m too busy
5 Truly Lucky Goblin Gunners left plus the Eggheads.

Assessment: Understaffed to the point where defense and upkeep of Mag Buskt base is near impossible. Moral dangerously low for those left. Can’t sleep without booze. How to turn this around? Godart. Cash in on a dead friend’s fame? Yes. To what purpose? Cross that bridge when we get there.

“I’m sorry, it’s time to be proactive.” - Naeil


Change Log TSGL3 Week 7 (Goblin Fragment Crisis - AR 2219)

4 Anti-air guns sent to Unen defense
3 Mortars with special rocket ammo added sent to Unen defense
2 Tracked APCs with crude rocket launchers upgrade with Gatlin’ Railguns sent to Unen defense
1 super secret project - you’re going to love it!

Meaning: I sent the gear to the old bunker in Port Unen while you were off in another dimension. Most likely not going to come back. Tough. And I’m taking the drivers with me. Don’t worry, I got them insured. How did I do this? Magic of having all the time in the world. Also, blame Hekeriki.

“Alright you apes! Do you want your brain uploaded bit by bit to a cartoon world for little girls?”

“No…”, whimpered an earther driver to winged unicorn robot.

“Then follow me out of here to victory!” - Thunder


TSGL3 Week 9+ The Return of The Nine

Deep under the bunker, they found buried there as if for centuries (Wait! Centuries? the Bunker certainly hadn’t been there that long…so how did someone know to bury it here? wondered some) a massive battle robot of proportions never before seen in the Goblin Lands.

In fact after doing some measurements, the only robot larger on all of Refuge was the Colossus of Beacon City. And that one couldn’t move from the city because of its girth.

This battle robot could definitely move from its design. It was an impressive vehicle, requiring multiple pilots, and resembling a massive Kuo’lo…

“A Metal Discord Kuo’lo?” asked Ani G looking up at the name on the folder Hekeriki had pulled from between the Robot’s articulated toes, “Do I even want to know how you knew it would be here?”

“The folder or the MDK?” asked Hekeriki.

“Both, either?” said Ani G.

“Hmm good question,” Hekeriki replied, “I can’t answer that. But it would explain what that Eli guy was yelling about. Must have cost multiple fortunes in ghaz to just get the parts to assemble this thing. Its got dual drives, and so many toys and internal weaponry that it has a four page long index in the manual.”

“Good thing the only people who know about this are you and I, and the guy who went off to freeze to death in the cold north,” said Ani G, “We could bury it again?”

“What happened to the coolest Lucky Fate Dude in the Game?” mocked Hekeriki, “I thought you’d be excited to get up in this metal discord Kuo’lo?”

Ani G gulped as he looked up at the menacing robot. It was scary looking enough that Ani G’s mind was flipping through scenarios where it went nuts and began destroying cities.

[The Metal Discord Kuo’lo can be used for Mission 11]


“Oh I’m excited too!”

The young male gog and the the younger female gog turn behind to see one large pissed female gog. It was Naeil and she was having a bad year.

“Is this why we owe some person named McGraw a favor or three?” Naeil advanced towards Hekeriki.

“Yeah…,” stuttered Hekeriki, “but now really my fault.”

“Oh? Really? Do you know what hell I’ve been though?”


Naeil picked Hekeriki by her shirt. “You got some explaining to do!”


She embraced her friend. “Don’t leave like that again.”

Ani G muttered to one in particular, “Females, am I right?”

Naeil look at Ani. “Who’s the pretty gog?”


One Private Plot Dump Later

“So you explained to McGraw about this time travel thing and he explained what he found,” confirmed Naeil. “And then air quote The Nine Gogs end air quote are here to take our stuff.”

“We can’t let them take the MDK,” pleaded Hekeriki.

“Why the hell not? What are we going to with a huge fighting robot? How are we even keep this thing working?”

“I figure it’s all in the manuals.”

Up on high, Ani G poked his head from the cockpit, “Heh, I found colored Pjs in here! I call yellow!”

Hekeriki rolled her eyes, “Figures. I call…”

“…red. I call red. You get blue.”



“… I hate possible future me.”


DR2220 Mission 4 Report: Strykker Learns a Lesson from the Border Wars

Ani G’s 500 ghaz payment in gold is reinvested to the Lucky Fate Squad’s operating cost for Daron’s campaign. That should keep things going for a week or two.


This investment opens up a push for Mt. Vir like in Ithamar. The suburbs unlocked include The Forest of Kn, J’kutu’s Crag, the HomeForge of Mt. Vir, the Greslarion Training Caves, Old Beros UnderFortress.