Lucky Fate Squad: Good Face Media


Via word of mouth, audio or moving picture

A average size olgog with a slightly burnt face in a spacesuit sits on a spaceship hull. The spaceship rests on the beach surrounded various olgogs: the living, the undead, the light, the dark, the tech-heads and one demi-god.

“Hi there, I’m Godart of the Lucky Fate Squad talking to you from Mag Buskt Island reporting on part of the aftermath of the battle. What battle? The battle for the future - but I’m getting ahead of myself. By now you might have heard the exploits of Lord Mada vs the Iron Republic and might be asking yourselves: What the heck?”, smiled the immutable.

“It’s mostly true! Who is the Iron Republic and why where they here? One word: Neliff.”

Picture show switches to ugly looking tentacle legged alien

“The Iron Republic are bunch of people from space who hate the Neliff and want to stop them. The Neliff are a bunch of aliens that want to eat your brains and get off the planet. Mostly. They tried to mind control the Iron Republic and create havoc for the rest of us. Tried and failed.”, speaks the voice-over.

Picture switches to varies people fighting and doing heroic feats or what-not: Mag Buskt rallying the Bruskties, Godart and gang heroically fighting the Neliff “John Wu Style”, Krodnok bringing down the wrath on the Neliff, Unit 817 snaping his fingers and Neliff exploding, an olgog jumping out of an olgog spaceship and bringing down the pain on the Neliff highjacking an IR shuttle, etc… (OOC: PM me if you want name/action here and played in Running GAGG “Space Campaign: Diplomacy Group”

“We stomped the Neliff! And you can too! Stay tuned for further information about this from Mag Buskt Island! Godart Out!”

(OCC: After mission awards are posted from the Narrator, and if they are any Lucky Fate Squad members left, we’ll be selling propaganda for any one who was at the Runnung GAGG event for their tribe if they were in the Space Campaign: Diplomacy Group (easy) or Fight the Power Group (hard). We got cameras, editing equipment and brunt cookies. Just post here if you want to make a deal.)


[Dark Refuge Post 2220]
The Lucky Fate’s work on Good Face Media had made an impression. And now any character running for election could hire on Naeil and the Lucky Fate to do promotional work for their election. Use this thread to discuss hiring them and what sort of media you will be promoting.


After getting the support of Scribe, Daron knew he needed help getting out to the people. He needed help with this as he didn’t know the first thing about this.

Daron searched out the Lucky Fate Squad. He had seen them in action before.

Daron says "I’m Daron. Former Borvian Dragon, Friend of the Great Northern Arny. Well really I haven’t had much time to build up titles or fame. But I do wish to run for the Colony General. I want to make sure the colonies don’t fall to hatred as others preach, but work together and help each other. And that is where I need help and would like to hire the Lucky Fate to help me. I know very little of Media or image. I want to run a positive campain highlighting events where the races are successful working together. I need help getting my message out and letting those of the colonies know who I am.

Your Neliff piece is an example of this."


Naeil says “This has peaked our interest. Where would you like to focus first in the colonies? Since there’s very little mass media that’s universally available, we’re thinking starting out with rallies.”


Opps wrong account.


Daron thinks about it and says "I’m a warrior and a wanderer. I’m going to have to rely on your suggestions. Rallies sounds like a good start. Right now I need exposure and a chance to meet the colonials. To start with, I think we should try something more friendly to neutral at first. Lets get a few under our belt before we go to the front lines.

So let us start in the south."


For undeclared colonies in the south you are looking at Ithamar the City of Dreams, S’vana the Warcouncil, Neo Vargas, Mt. Vir and Saragosa.

Depending on the tactic used by the media team it can have drastically different results:

A) Focus on Holographic Street signs. Benefit: Rewiring the ancient Earther tech will get the Lucky Fate access to free broadcasting throughout Saragosa, Neo Vargas and Ithamar. Negative: Has no effect on Mt Vir nor Svana because they never had those devices installed.

B) Focus on Holonet Broadcasts. Benefits: Lucky Fate will get their own pirate channel that can reach every game location on Refuge. Negative: holonets are not common elsewhere but this will have a huge impact on Saragosa and Neo Vargas.

C) Public Rallys with Broadcasts. Benefits: Lucky Fate gains a press pass that will allow their units to any colonial location and even into warzones. Negatives: Puts Daron at risk for assasination.

Both Lucky Fate and Daron must agree on a course of action.


Naeil says “Since we don’t have a real feel on the colonies yet, let’s go with Public Rallies with Broadcasts and get you out front and center. Risky but… death is transitory anyway. What do you say Daron?”


Daron says “I’m good with that. I need to meet the colonalists. In areas where there is risk, I may need to get security. But for now, I doubt we have to worry about that.”


The Media Team can choose to set up the Speaking Tour starting in one of three colonies. After its first location it will go to Ithamar as the second location for a rally being held by the Uthvelor of Ithamar. The topics discussed during the first location will affect subsequent public speaking tours.

A) Saragosa - Getting a billing on Saragosa’s Farm Aid performance is a win, and gets a chance to speak to the breadbasket of the colonies. Threat Level - Medium

B) Neo Vargas -Getting a chance to speak during a Colliseum Grand Tournament will get sportsfans on your side. Threat Level - Low

C) Mt. Vir - Getting a chance to speak to the K’iou Forgemaster’s Council will get the main production leaders on your side. Threat Level - High

D) S’vana- Getting a chance to address the WarCouncil as Queen Nn’aba is a unique opportunity, but a good chance for diplomatic errors abound. Threat Level Medium.


[Daron and Lucky Fate get to decide which is their first location with the appropriate possible results and how bad the threat is to Daron’s life. ]


“Before we continue, there has been an incident the colonies over the perceived weakness of I’tashi Alliance,” Naeil said with a frown.

“People are calling for invasion of the north. It’s called the air quote New Vorik Conviction end quote and you should make a statement for or against it. We, The Lucky Fate Squad, are not really for that type of action. Then again, it’s not our problem… yet. Regardless what your position we’ll support it.”

“For location of first rally, I think Saragosa would be a good choice.”


Daron says "I would like to go where I can practice and learn of areas I’ve not been much, but won’t cause a diplomatic mess. I agree that Saragosa would be the place to go.

As for the “New Vorik Conviction”, we are not in a position to get involved in a civil war. I would not support that. The Itashi’s might be weak, but rebellions are always messy and the helper is never seen as that for long. I will try to put together something for that. You have any suggestions?"

(OOC Daron will post an opposition in his mission post unless Naeil convinces him elsewise.)


Naeil replied “Nope. No suggestions. Well… other than just speak from the heart. We’ll get your message out.”

“Daron? Leave the details to us. We’ve got got your back!”

(OOC The Lucky Fate Squad will post the details for security of the rally in Saragosa and “New Vorik Conviction” beyond on Dark Refuge Post 2220 Mission 2: A Tsunami of Opportunity mission.)


Naeil put her feet up on the desk. “Good job Hekeriki. I’m putting you full time on this. Get with Daron and bring change to Refuge.”

“… you suck,” Hekeriki frown as Naeil stood up and left. “Little guys do the all the grunt work. Huh?”

“I do have an idea though. Something that doesn’t get mention are all the little towns and what not between the main colonies. I say we court them because no one else will think of them,” she said to no one. Yet.

Hekeriki calls for Daron to discuss this idea.


Daron says "Hmm, that could work. Though it would be pretty time consuming. We can definitely start there and then expand from there. Continuing to aim for those ignored by the others. What I would need first though is to know about them and their needs. Who are we talking to? See where I could help them out.

While we prep for this, I wish to talk to the UtR as well. Do you have some suggestions for them as well. I stayed in Brez for a year or so."

(OOC I’m going to post something to the UtR feed as well.


There were six tiny townships near Ithamar the location of the BIG speech. Each township were considered outside the “Colony” and were in many ways lawless. They each only had a few hundred people living there.

Between Ithamar and Chooru are the Townships of:

Zengaiban- This small township is known for the Pagoda of the Blue Buddha. Every Blue Guard of Chooru makes a pilgrimage here once a year to confess any failures in honor to the Blue Buddha. The families of Zengaiban work in hospitality trade or on the Caravans that run between Chooru and Ithamar. Zengaiban has one of the finest traditional Earther swordsmith shops in all the colonies, the Dragon of Zengaiban.

Orisha- This river town is based around the Loa’s Lily Pad, a restaurant, bar, and caravan depot that regularly serves hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. Some buy passage on the river route, taking the Voodoo Queen River Boat up river and then downriver to Ithamar. Others come here for blessings from the Bokur Rudolfu DeJean, a holy wandered who wandered into Orisha over four decades ago and never left.

Between Ithamar and Kelvara there are two swamp towns of:

Buchend- This “town” is made up of Riverboats from Kelvara that have crashed and partially sunk into the swamp. The Buchend Bop is a dance hall that has resulted in more than one dance craze over the decades. They have a huge problem with Hydras in the nearby swamp. Buchend exports a type of vine rope that is known for its strength even when getting wet.

Lorelei- This swamp town is known for its riverboat craftspersons. It had about seven wooden docks, and five of them are usually in use by Riverboats going between Ithamar and Kelvara at any given time. It is under the protection of the Master of Gelo, and anyone who starts trouble usually gets kidnapped in the middle of the night and is the subject of horrible experiments.

Between Ithamar and S’vana there is one Earther town and one CoF Town:

Old Epoch- This town was an old Uthvelor Fort, taken and converted into a Caravan depot by the Merchant House of Oberon. House Oberon runs Old Epoch as a massive hotel for travelers of all stripes. There are rumors of extensive hidden corridors and tunnels winding through the fort. Old Epoch also has a rather impressive silver mine nearby.

Treeline- This treetop town is at the edge of the forest of Haffah. Caravans park on the ground level, while the Protectors live above. Treeline also ships out Binber Wine from five different Vineyards. Not known for the most expensive vintages, instead Treeline wines are sought out for their reasonable price and high alcohol content.


“Let’s start simple…”

Hekeriki points out a few townships around Ithamar

“…and so forth.”

“Before you continue, we need to get people to spread your message. Problem right now is - what’s your message? Why vote for you? What’s the one sentence that make me want to have you to be leader?” the young gog asked.

She smiled. “Other words, what’s in it for me as the voter?”


Daron says "I have thought on this. Security, Education, Access, and Trade, SEAT. Yeah, it needs work.

Security is the key to everything. Our world is a dangerous place. If we can protect our roads and settlements quicker and more efficiently, trade will increase, and our citizens will have more opportunities. We need to be quicker to respond to threats and dangers. To do this, we need to know of these faster. Especially from our roads and smaller settlements.

When everyone, even those from the smallest towns of the colonies, need a way to report the dangers, threats, and attacks. I propose we create a set of capabilities to allow all to report threats, attacks, and dangers throughout the colonies to a central system. If this is reported in a central way, it won’t matter if the threat happens in a big city or a small settlement in between two colonies. Someone will take action. If it is a colony internal matter, this system can notify the responsible colony authority to resolve. If the EEF needs to resolve it, they can do it quicker.

Because we will know quicker, and resolve quicker, this will improve conditions on our roads, cities or less populated areas. Travel and trade will be safer.

Education. Passing more information about how to deal with threats or what threats there are to the colonies, and the people, will allow them to be prepared.

Access. This was access or accountability. If someone is crushing an area with forces or crime, the appropiate authorities will learn of these quicker and deal with it quicker.

Trade. As our security improves, trade will increase. Also as we bring in the provisional colonies, we will have more trade. More places to sell your goods to and more places to buy from. Competition will drive down prices.

Well, at least that is my long winded explanation. What do you think?"


Hekeriki’s jaw dropped.

“Take a seat Refuge and… we’ll make this work. That’s a good acronym. Makes a better plan though. Let me think… pick up your seat. Stand would have been better. Security, Trade, Access, knowledge with an N capitalize… for education… it’s a bit of a cheat don’t have anything for D,” Hekeriki mumbled out loud.

“Think, think, think,” she chanted determinedly.

Hekeriki eyes lit on fire, “Determination! You need to be determinate! We got our D!”

“Take a STAND Refuge! Security. Trade. Access. Knowledge slash education slash vigilance. Determination. Let’s figure out a word for that starts with N!”