Lucia reaches out to one eyed willie



As mayor of Coral City, Lucia was tasked in its growth and protection. Upon finding out that there is some sea kings developing location nearby, she decided to reach out.

If she is granted a meeting with the leader of the sea kings (where the tidal wave hit), she would say.

“Hello and greetings from Kasanth, I’m Lucia and I would like to discuss some issues to prevent future crisis between our nations.”


As Lucia was lead through a maze of leyas worked buildings she was surprised to see the makings of a actual town.

She was brought to a building the looked much like the rest save for a banner hanging next to the door. After entering she was lead to a room with to large nightmare hide armchairs. Sitting in one was a illuminated.

The illuminated rose as she entered and said " Greetings I am Nhilus. The captain is at a political meeting and has left me to run the day to day of the town."

After gesturing her to the other chair he looked the kasanthian in the face. A odd experience giving the one massive eye. " So what is this crisis in the future you came to discuss??"



*Lucia would walk and take a seat in the offered chair. *

It has come to my attention that we have become neighbors of sorts. We’re close enough in proximity that if either of us was more established, I feel that we would already be at war.

As our cities have just started, I was hoping we could discuss some sort form of a non aggression pact at the very least. If not a treaty to help us both move forward towards building our respective cities.