Lord Malaganth gathers the Uth Slavers of I'tash (week 6)


Lord Malaganth, honored among the Mind Spikes, sat on soft cushions while perfumed slave-soldiers fanned him. Normally the cold of this region was enough to keep him cool, but here in the grand furnace it was downright hot.

Heated air was circulated from this building throughout the City of Boriel’s Retreat, making it the hottest location in all the city. The perfect place to hide a meeting of many, many warm bodies.

The chamber was filled with Uthvelor soldiers. Most wore the garb of the Slavers of Boriel I’tash. A few wore more traditional Uth Mail, and a few wore simple robes.

But all hummed a short prayer to Azrael, Lord of the Uthvelor, and their true master.

Lord Malaganth said, "Brothers and Sisters, who have served the Honored House of I’tash. We have been driven from the lands of I’tash, out into this cold waste.

And while we continue to ply our trade at the behest of Boriel I’tash, there are few slave-stock here in the Glacial Wastes.

Soon Boriel’s Retreat will need more Slaves and we will be sent out to gather them."

An older Uthvelor Matron snarled, “Malaganth, we are not Boriel’s slaves, We are the chosen of Azrael and we are wasting our birthright.”

“You are correct Matron Ahngehein,” said Malaganth, “We are not Boriel’s slaves. We are the chosen elite. Those few with free passage across his lands. And we gain this by our payment in slaves.”


The Matron said, "We found Giants for them when they needed Giants, and now we have gained them IceWyrms for their WarDragons.

What next?"

Lord Malaganth said, “Now that the Warmonger is preparing to launch his fleet against these frozen shores, we must be ready. A Quall Avatar of Warmonger and his Illuminated Elite will lead the attack.”


“What of Boriel’s army?” asked the indignant Uthvelor.

Malaganth laughed, “There is no hope in uniting Boriel’s army with the forces at Jemison Post.”

His curse took over as emotion flooded his system. He felt the laughter cruel and cold of countless malicious beings, and the memories of mocking and jeering of countless others filled his mind. When his eyes cleared, he was standing over the dead Matron, her blood on his hands.

He converted her back to life and said, "I am sorry Matron. Allow me to apologize by allowing you to lead the Slavers in their finest work.

You will infiltrate the Caverns of the IceWyrms. You will find the Lair of the UnderWyrm and when you find it, you will tell me, and I will tell Master Boriel.

And Master Boriel will invade…"


Matron Ahngehein returned to Lord Malaganth with an air of intense anger. Her intense control was the only thing from allowing her curse to take her over and Lord Malaganth could tell.

“What vexes you so?” Asked Malaganth.

The Matron said, "The Caverns of the IceWyrms were easy to infiltraite. But we were beaten there by Grim and Lurtor of Jemison Post. They allied with a K’iorn named Vadim. I have seen the memories of Vadim. He is an evil being who once served both the Warmonger Cult and the Quall Hordes. This Vadim has the UnderWyrm. He has awoken it and claimed it as his own.

Even now he has taken it to Mt. Sandspire, and he is beseiged by an army of IceGuard."


“IceGuard here? I mean it is fitting but what brought them from the Dream Seas to this planet?” Asked Malaganth.

The matron answered, “They are led by a General of Warmonger. Pelonious IceGuard.”

“We cannot allow any who serve the Warmonger to claim the UnderWrym,” said Malaganth, " Matron Ahngehein, please take some scouts and prepare the way for us. We will need a full mobilization of Lord Boriel’s army if this Pelonious gains the UnderWyrm."

“Yes Malaganth, in the name of Lord Azael I will go,” she replied.

“And be careful Matron Ahngehein, I fear that we may be caught between enemies. But Boriel still awaits my word, and he will definitely prefer an invasion of Mt. Sandspire to open war with the IceWryms.”


(week 10+)

Matron Ahngehein returned bearing a box artificed with Water Leyas to keep the contents ice cold. The Uthvelor Matron lifted the top of the box, and inside Lord Malaganth could see ice shards that twitched and moved as if alive.

“These are all that remains of Pelonious Frost General of Warmonger,” said Ahngeheim, “The Frost General did not last long. As heir to Fredrick IceHeart, Pelonious ruled for less than a single month before Eli McGraw, Nuria, Grim and Lurtor defeated him and deposed him.”

“An easy enough task. Pelonious had not gathered the Heart of the Glaciar, his powers were…still rising. What of the Frost General blessings that bound Pelonious?” asked Lord Malaganth.

“They are gone. Fully and Permanently,” said Ahngeheim, "But the Warmonger has not waited long. The rank and blessings of Frost General now lay upon a former innocent. A mercenary by the name of Belinda Frost.

And she has quested North to conquer the tower of the Cloud Slavers and use them to unleash a Frost Storm upon all of Refuge. These are her dreams and her thoughts. She had been convinced by Unixah Kal Hobtla Mag’ol that Belinda must serve Warmonger.

But I have also read the memories of Unixah, and that Illuminated Pharoah is using her as a distraction. If Belinda Frost succeeds, Unixah will use the cover of the Frost Storm to launch a full invasion southward with hundreds of thousands of white fur Olgogs of the Hobtla Mag’ol tribe."

“All to pave the way for the Warmonger’s arrival,” said Lord Malaganth, “Have we kept the knowledge of the true location of the End of Worlds dragon hidden?”

Matron Ahngeheim snarled as she clamped down on her emotions. Then calmly she said, “The Warmonger Cult has the Poison Claw Clan on its side. Do you not think those Pelebor are monitering the memories of all the leaders in this region. And Grim knows full well where he hid the Doomwyrm End of Worlds.”

Lord Malaganth paused, “If the Warmonger Cult knows full well the End of Worlds is no longer on Refuge. Then why continue their attack on Jemison Post, McGraw Harbor and the Coastline?”

The older Uthvelor warmaster was puzzled. They knew the Sea Kings had set forth from the other continent with a fleet of vessels and an invasion force. Once it linked up with the Hobtla Mag’ol army it would exceed the defensive forces of Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor by over 100 to 1.

But such a force would inevitably suffer extensive losses. And for what gain?"

Ahngeheim said, "Taking the Glacial Wastes would be a Beachhead larger than Makuf in the West. They could use their alliegance with the Poison Claws to raid south and west into the Nightmare Moors and even into the Earther Colonies and the Northern Kingdoms.

They also took a beach head in the lands south of Port Unen as a beach head."

“Three beach heads. One at Makuf, one in the Goblin Lands, and one here in the Glacial Wastes. The Sea Kings plan on taking this continent,” said Lord Malaganth with horrific realization, “Warmonger doesn’t care about the Mother Dragon, this invasion is to secure this planet.
Matron Ahngehein you must go to the Northern Kingdoms and warn the Grand Magi Elijah Morte. I will go to the south to warn the leaders of the United Tribes.”

Matron Ahngehein said, “I will do so. But shouldn’t someone warn Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor?”

Lord Malaganth said, “If we warn them their only choice will be to evacuate.”

“You plan on letting them die,” said the Uth Matron cruelly.

“If Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor do not hold the coastline,” said Lord Malaganth, “Then a quick death during the invasion will be preferrable to a cursed undeath as one of Warmonger’s Dead once the Ancient Evil takes over this planet.”

“The EEF?” asked the Matron.

“I will tell Zaodonai Celyse of the invading armies and she will tell Colony General Malthus. But the EEF will be drawn thin. They will need to protect every inch of the coastline of this continet of Vima. They cannot call in reinforcements from space, most are busy protecting the Draco Constellation.
The EEF is still recovering from the battle against the Fleets of Fate and the Dragon of Fate’s attempt to destroy the Goblin Lands. They are simply not recovered enough to fight a three front war and win,” and with that statement Lord Malaganth prepared for the largest invasion he had ever faced.