Lord Grimaldus has Olgogs to trade


(Alright, since there has not been any more tribes coming to collect Olgogs, this thread is now in calculation mode. I shall take the total number of Olgogs being released and divvy them up between all of the groups. This may take some time, but it shall be done)


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(In theory, if you’re divvy-ing them up between all groups, that means i’ll end up getting some anyways, right?)


(dividing among groups that posted in this thread :stuck_out_tongue: )


(Oh… so, if i wanna get some of these olgogs, i should post anyways…)


(ok. I’ll take a stab at this… see how well it goes…)

On visits to the Church in Simonsburg, Lotara had heard of an Earther who had some Olgogs ‘under his care’ that he was looking to move. She thought that, maybe, she could liberate some of them.

She arrived at the location she had been told to go to. There, she stopped and called out. “Hello? Is anyone here? I hear you have some Olgogs, and i think i could take some of them off your hand.”


Paladin Hore nodded to Lotara well, most have laid claim to most of the Olgogs here. However I am sure there are a few here who might be willing to go with you."


Lotara bowed her head. “Anything we can do to help. We already have a sizeable number of Olgogs that we are caring for. Taking on some more shouldn’t be any trouble. How many do you have that still need to be re-located?”


(OOC I had a sizable post, but it was lost and I am sad. So I will make a much shorter version)

Paladin Hore looked upon his records, around four thousand Olgogs needed to be moved, so far the local tribes had asked for approximately 1,595, with some tribes asking for a vague amount. Very well, he would give the tribes who asked for a specific amount what they asked for then divvy up the remaining with the others.

Rewards for participation: Each tribe that posted will get what they asked for, if they specifically asked for a number they will get that number, if they were vague they will get a portion of what remains based upon how they phrased their request (my personal interpretation) The Olgogs you get are civilians and cannot be used as part of your army or to create artifacts. They have little to no useful leyas talent having been mentally and emotionally crippled by a lifetime of cruelty and slavery. If the player attempts to put them to hard labor a small portion of them will obey without question while the rest will have flashbacks to their enslavement and will have panic attacks. There are of course exceptions among every group, if any appear among you it shall be specified to you by the Narrator, or myself at some point in the future. You all did a wonderful thing by saving these poor Olgogs, now of course you need to feed and care for them. Due to their current state, even healing won’t make them better (physically they can be made healthy, emotionally not so much, that like many things takes time)

The Or’Lur Tribe will recieve 100 former slave Olgogs.
Gang of the Uf Mag’og recieves 400 former slave Olgogs.
lalder recieves 1020 former slave Olgogs.
The Ka Gor Tribe receives 10 former slave Olgogs.
Kul’Gul Rapi Family receives 45 former slave Olgogs.
Gu’Tor’Uf recives 2,000 former slave Olgogs. (as you didn’t specify a number and you wanted as many as possible you get the lion share of the remainder)
Krodnok receives 105 former slave Olgogs. (As you posted late you get a smaller amount and most of them tend to be the most emotionally and mentally handicapped, there are a few strong willed ones but they seem to be wary of you due to your undead nature)
Yagogi’al the Og’ab receives 300 former slave Olgogs. (as you didn’t specify a number you were assigned what was left over)

Now if anyone mentioned a different amount and I didn’t notice, please feel free to comment here specifically showing the part I missed while I was divvying up the Olgogs.