Looking For a Mak'ab Hunter


The Or’Lur Tribe is looking for a Mak’ab hunter who is willing to teach at least one if not more of the tribe Summening Leyas. Please make an offer.


Welcome Or’Lur member.
I am but a humble Ur Mak of the honored Gor’ab, Yagogi’al the Og’ab. Before any offering takes place, before you meet any Mak’ab, my Gor’ab wishes to know about you Tribe. Where are you from, and what it is your Gogs stand for. What do you know of the Mag’ol and Uhryu?
To the Gogs- Tun’Dra


The Or’Lur tribe is from Tla’Loc’al. Our tribe is part of a Union that is trying to unite all the tribes in peace. Our Elder Glog has fought alongside the Uhryu Bill at Bartsport. to our knowledge non of our member has met a Mag’ol, but we are seeking other tribe to learn from and to share what we know.


A large Brezan tribal approached the two, “I know your tribes exploits. The Lur Union is a friend to our gang. We have no Mak’ab, but we know enough to teach you summoning. But we can only spare one teacher, and I hear it’ll take a month to teach you. If you are willing to learn, we ask one month’s time teach of one of your tribe to teach us Healing. You send your student to us, we will send our student or students to you. Deal?”


ooc- sorry trying to keep track of all the different tribes, who i am supposed to get along with and otherwise. Or’Lur Tribe, are you considered a Herd, Cell, Army or Shard. I figured Gang referred the the Goblin Kings of Brez.


The Or’Lur tribe started as a small group that dwell in caves around Tla’loc’al and have expanded to a diversified tribe of olgogs that were out cast or seeking safety. Currently our 4 Auf’gogs and one Tor’og are working on helping each member a place they belong and are also seeking Immutables to join us. We protect what is ours and try to unite the great culture of our people with the ever increasing changes that the Earthers have brought with them. This is frowned upon by all other groups who seek to keep the old ways unchanged. To be more clear we are a growing tribe that seeks to create unity through diversity. As for trading students, that seems more then fair.

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Stepping before the Or’Lur tribe was one of the elder Yagogi, she had become quite vocal as of recent acting as one of the tribes representatives. Lady Hob’ Lalol came before them for an audience. “I am quite certain that we the Yagogi can have a mak’ab that can teach you summoning. We can do this, if you would be able to teach one of our own some of the ways of your tribe. I know of your Aufgogs, and I have heard there are the young Aufgogs in training. If we have a juvenile that would meet the requirements, could one of our tribe be trained in return for teaching you summoning. This would create good relations moving forward as members of the Untied Tribes of Refuge.”


We have no problems in teaching one of your youths as an Auf’gog and are willing to send you one of ours as soon as possible


This thread is still open. If the Gang of Uf Mag’og still wants to trade students I can teach 4 gogs at a time.


“Ok, we’ll send you our 4 students. You will send your two students. Two months worth of teaching for two months worth of teaching.”

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