List of things that should have gotten Ryuk punished

  1. Killing the da’umb queen. (At least an atticing)
  2. bringing back almost demonic entities to the Unity (I’m thinking final death for this one)
  3. actions with children to create weapons (an atticing)

(can we get Grant and others to list out more crimes that I should be killed or sent to the attic for?)


Hahhahahahah I support a listing of Ryuk’s crimes :slight_smile:

  1. Annoying Lord Mada to the point that he will pay Jemison Post all of Ryuks money from his casino. (Well, not a crime, but an interaction).

  1. Being rude and wearing lime green zoot suits. (sentence to finishing school)

  1. Attacking Bishop Reiner, who was a Church of One Bishop, but the attack took place during a Peace Summit. At the time Ryuk was hired to provide protection to all the Peace Summit speakers. The Peace Summit never got underway, and as a result, a potential lasting peace between Dunesphere and its neighbors were crushed.


(Ryuk’s answer to that )

He was inciting a riot by his disparaging words (I was a bad player when I started)


Kidnapping a political candidate, after specifically entering his home with weapons.


For general insubordination by failing to report key elements regarding his plans to (any) superior.