Lalder - To the Sylvans


(OOC I as a player forget the titles of the undead. Lalder will add any honorifics T’mar would have requested.)

Lalder approached T’mar , the sylvan undead with a respectful greating and then ask “T’mar, Will you accompany me to find the Sylvan Council? I wish to alert them of this attack. As you know my fleet was recently wiped out and we may need help with this Krato attack on the olgogs. I can open an energy bridge to Do’krice. And I should be able to teleport us to where we met the council before. Or near by.”

(OOC Going with T’mar, saying yes).

Lalder will then goto an area away from others. He will have the area guarded for their return and in case something agressive comes out.

THen Lalder will open the energy bridge. Following any directions that T’mar gives. If Lalder can close and lock the bridge so he only can open it for his return home, he will do that.

Then, unless T’mar suggests different, Lalder will take them to the council.


They arrived through the energy bridge onto the surface of the land of the Sylvan.

T’mar sniffed the air, his undead nose still accute enough to pick up the scent of Krato blood. Grabbing Lalder, he pulled him into a nearby tree, just in time, as a band of Krato, six in total, each over forty feet tall, came into view. Running at their feet, on leashes were Annihilators. The Annihilators were being used like hounds by the Krato. But as they would approach a bush or shrub they wanted to check, the Annihilators would simply buzz and the bush or shrub would simply disappear from existence.

Using the trees to keep one step ahead of the Krato, and obscuring their auras, T’mar led Lalder deep into the sylvan forests. After an hour of silent running, hiding and sneaking, Lalder was exhausted. He didn’t have to work so hard in the field since back when the Oners still controlled the South Lands. And yet he could tell from the fear emanating from the undead Sylvan, that the Krato were a dangerous threat.

When they finally came to a stop under a tree with a trunk as wide around as a mage’s tower, and Lalder finally could catch his breath.

T’mar whispered, “Krato have hunted Sylvan in these woods since the end of the K’ias Wars. What you just witnessed was a common enough hunting party. If they were to come upon us, and find us. First they would try and enslave us. If that failed they would try and eat you, and probably annihilate me.
Oh I see that look in your eyes, but no if they couldn’t eat you, the Krato would have their pets simply annihilate you.”

Lalder had seen just a tiny bit of the destruction caused by an Annihilation weapon mounted on a K’ias Ziggurat. Thinking about the pack of Annihilators, he straight up felt uncontrollable shivers run down his back.

“Will the Krato attacking our settlements back on Refuge have Annihilators?” asked Lalder finally calming his mind through ancient breathing techniques.

“Will they? Maybe, it depends if the Krato want slaves, food, or just to lay waste to cities. If its the former two options,” muttered T’mar, “Then you are lucky, they might wipe out your cities’ walls using Annihilators, but they will keep you all alive to be caught by Krato. If it is the latter…well you would hear a buzzing and then entire city blocks would be gone…
Krato are one of the few species that put fear into the Sylvan Empire, so much so that when the K’ias first enslaved the Krato, my people thought it a relief.
A missed opportunity it was, we could have mended the strife with the Krato, instead they became more militant and more hatefilled under K’ias slavery. And when the Sylvan Empire fell, the Krato were ready, willing and excited to use my people as their food source.”

“Why don’t the Sylvan fight back?” asked Lalder.

“Fight back?” whispered T’mar, “I don’t know if Bel’en Neth or Iessa told you about the great curse that now affects all living Sylvan? Only the Undead are protected from it. The Curse has rendered the Sylvan to little more than bestial animals. They cannot even organize anymore. The curse was a weapon unleashed on my people at the end of the War. Since them, and it has been millennia, the living Sylvan make the most Feral Olgog seem like a civilized being.
There was a Warleoch once who tried to domesticate them…it did not turn out well for anyone.”

Lalder had heard of the Sylvan Curse, but never the story that there was once an Undead Sylvan who tried to organize the living Sylvan to disastrous results.


T’mar said, “If you are ready to teleport, now is the time. No auras nearby that might try and track us.”

Lalder nodded and began focusing the Leyas. Earth Leyas was so strong here, it flowed powerfully into him, but the shadow leyas was harder still to draw upon. It took immense concentration but finally the Teleport activated and T’mar and Lalder disappeared.

They reappeared deep in the depths of the Necropolis. Lalder recognized the central audience chamber where they had met with Sylvan Warleochs simply hoping the ancient aliens would recognize the UtR as a real government. Thinking back he noticed again that it was their approval more than any other than had given the UtR legitimacy in its formative year.

So strange that both the Djinni and the Sylvan, two groups the early UtR government had actively courted were resulting in direct consequences. While the Mirror Crystal Conundrum had cost countless lives, and deeply divided the UtR citizens from their neighbors, it had been a terrible result of Djinni wishes.

This new challenge was one of alliance. When no one else would, T’mar and his people had provided allies and weapons in the form of Magi Cannon Crystals and Sylvan Crystal technology. Lalder knew it was this technology that allowed the UtR to take, hold, secure and feed so many locations at once. It was this technology that the UtR was able to put enough fear into the Church of One that they finally did negotiate the peace that built Absalom and Hebron.

Now here he was again, but without the UtR council. Without the zealous Kaz’ak, nor the worldly Maggul, nor the big and bubbly Shirley, at his side it was a lonelier experience. Despite the fall of Ka Rhug, Kaz’ak had been a friend in many ways until the end. Maggul was still a colleague, but they had drifted apart as the Karovian problems had happened. And Shirley…well right now of all times, he actually could use a big old hug from Shirley, but she was back on Refuge. Loneliness was a powerful pain, and Lalder felt it keenly here in the Necropolis

Lalder looked around at the ancient and seemingly abandoned Necropolis wondering where all the Sylvan Undead had gone.


From the shadows stepped a single tall and proud Warleoch, and at his side a familiar female Sylvan Skeleton. It was Calphas the Warleoch who had vouched for the Olgogs when they first came to this place, and Ether Neth, acting as his bodyguard.

Ether snorted as she saw Lalder, “The Mighty Olgogs returned? I see once the council recognized your little state, you have ignored our peoples.”

Calphas raised a hand and said, “Ether that is not fair. The Olgogs were at war with Warmonger’s Dead of Unit 111 from what my agents have told them. Did an excellent job of taking Unit 111’s forces and driving them out.”

“Thank you Lord Calphas,” said Lalder, “But Ether is right, I have not visited with the Council, nor invited the Warleoch Council to come to Refuge and meet with our local leaders. It has been an exciting time. Despite battles and warfare, the UtR has risen into a proud nation of city-states. We have even been recognized as a fully Olgog Colony by the Earther Colonies, allowing us offworld protection.”

“These are good things, truly. But I have also heard evil stories from the lands near yours,” said Calphas, “Warmonger has risen as well, taking a Quall Avatar of immense power as his host.”

Lalder was at a loss for words. He knew the Warmonger had used the conflict caused by the Mirror Crystal Clash to escape, and Lalder was frustrated by that fact.

Ether Neth leaned in, “These halls are being attacked by Krato. Keep an eye out for the menacing little dwarfs.”


Lalder asked, “What caused the Krato to attack now?”

“Krato Generals have gathered enough forces to think they can crush the Sylvan once and for all,” said Calphas growing angrier as he thought about his enemies, "They have been amassing forces, waiting and biding their time. Iessa gave them the opportunity they were waiting for.

She usurped the power of the Warleoch Council. Ordered we all move onto the surface, back into old settlements like her former home. I argued we should stay in the Necropolis, its defenses have kept us safe since the end of the K’ias Wars. But Iessa would not be convinced. And her heart seemed harder than when she first returned from your lands."

“First returned? Wait,” asked T’mar, “She went back to the UtR lands…when did she go back, Lord Calphas?”

“Iessa led a team of Sylvan Skeletons to the Port you call Unen,” he replied with more emotion than one would expect from an undead, "She was sure that the Armenius Orb holding Warmonger had been brought back to your reality from the Prison Dimension of Les’Tas’Tral.


I didn’t believe her. I told her my agents on the Prison Dimension literally had eyes on the Orb at all times. I never suspected the Mirror Crystal Fleet would bring a copy of the Orb over from another timeline. Nor that it would be equally effective for Warmonger’s escape attempt. That was my failing in leadership.

But Iessa took her own failure to stop the release of Warmonger too hard. She returned cold, callous and angry."


Calphas shined a beam of chilling flames on a newly carved message Post erected in the center of the auditorium. Lalder used the Leyas to translate the words, and read closely,

"I, Iessa, eldest of the family of the former Empress Iuhari, due solemnly claim the title and rights of Sylvan Empress. Let all who claim loyalty to the old Sylvan Empire, place hand over hearts and swear their loyalty to me.

Come forth from the dark caves we have hidden. A new Sylvan Empire will rise as we step once more out into the light. In the name of the Siurcut’n Keyaba may the Sylvan rise once more."

Lalder was confused, it seemed the name Siurcut’n Keyaba was unknown to him. It was in a language that didn’t quite translate either.

“Lord Calphas what is or who is Siurcut’n Keyaba?” asked Lalder.


Lord Calphas seemed to shudder at the name and fell silent. Even the normally belligerent Ether Neth seemed shaken by hearing the name spoken aloud.

T’mar instead answered, “Aufgog Lalder, you may remember us talking about the time a Warleoch experimented in organizing the Sylvan.”

“Yes,” said Lalder, “You said it didn’t turn out well.”

Calphas started speaking as if remembering a time he had long wanted to forget, "Right after the K’ias Wars, the Council was created. Warleochs from across the Sylvan military came together, not to rule, but to find a cure to the curse that had turned so many of beloved living relatives into drooling animals.

You cannot imagine what it is like to walk into a room with a person who was once a brilliant scientist to find a jabbering drooling creature that cannot speak in anything other than meeps, cheeps and sounds. A creature more interested in chasing a ball of light around a room than any tool you could put in its hands. A creature that cannot be domesticated in any way…a wild animal that refused to be anything other than that. It was as if something inside them was driving them further and further from conscious thought the more one tried to make them more than a beast."

Ether Neth said sarcastically, “Yeah it failed.”

Calphas drooped his head, shaking his mighty rack of horns as he did so, “Yes, we failed, and finally as centuries turned to aeons we gave up on the cure.”

T’mar said, “Lord Calphas, you breezed past the important part sir. The part about the Siurcut’n Keyaba…?”

Lalder noticed that Calphas had a moment there. It reminded him way too much of the after effects the UtR had seen in victims of the Nial Clan of the Mind Spikes tribe. Lalder waited, and again as Calphas tried to speak about the Siurcut’n Keyaba, there was a pause and he would divert into a different tangent.
Now Lalder didn’t suspect the Nial Clan this time, but he did wonder if Calphas had been the victim of Mindspike manipulation on this topic.

Lalder turned towards Ether Neth and said, “You, tell me about the Siurcut’n Keyaba.”


Ether said, "Well, it was right at the beginning, right after the first few cures failed. There were attempts using Zela metal of course, those failed. A few Warleochs tried using biological entities to cure it, bacteria, fungii, viruses. But none of it worked. So finally a Warleoch decided it was time to go find the scientists who originally developed the curse. Lord Vul and his son Holys. Lord Vul had built a full army on Refuge to keep his family safe, and allowed them to think themselves the heirs of the K’ias Empire. This army called itself the Sea Kings.

So the Warleochs met with the one K’ias who had never fallen to evil, the beautiful and honorable General Y’vhv, whose loyalty was only to Lord Falos himself. Y’vhv was retired living among the Shattered Horn Wartribe. She and her beloved K’or snuck into the City of Holys, and faced the Illuminated Surgeon Zebeh Kal Holys. It was a dangerous battle, but Y’vhv returned to the Warleoch who sent her with the real origins of the Curse affecting the Sylvan.

It was a dark biological weapon designed by the Nightmare Lords. Of course Lord Vul altered, tweaked and prodded it until it became the humiliation weapon and his final strike at the heart of the Sylvan Empire."

Lalder could already see a pattern forming, “That is great Ether, but you still didn’t get to the part about the Siurcut’n Keyaba.”

Ether stopped confused, “No I just told you about it, and how it failed?”

“Nope, you told me about how the Warleochs sent Y’vhv to find out the origins of the curse…” said Lalder.

“Yes like I said, after they found out about the Nightmare Lords involvement, the Warleoch decided it was time to pay the last two living Nightmare Lords a visit. He knew after the events of the K’ias Wars, the last living Nightmare Lords had declared that no person of Falosini, Sylvan, Aegelis or K’ias descent nor their children races would be welcome on Nightmare Lord lands. So he knew he could not just waltz into the lands of the Nightmare Lords on the plane of Awareness.”

Lalder felt like this story was getting familiar in a way, but still Ether finished before she got the Siurcut’n Keyaba. Lalder was now sure. These Sylvan Undead had their memories altered by a Mind Spike. It was clear.

Lalder turned to T’mar, “T’mar my dear friend, do you know this portion of the story?”


T’mar said, “We all know this story. I mean Calphas was…was…Calphas tell him.”

Calphas looked away uncomfortably, “I keep trying to catch the memory and then it flees.”

T’mar said, “It is simple, the Warleoch realized he needed allies. And his greatest ally was the Falosini who would become…”

There was a sound of many wings moving in the shadows, and they all saw the fallen Falosini, Azrael, Lord of the Uthvelor and Pelebor.

“Aufgog Lalder, it is good to see you survived the test of the Mirror Crystal. Learning that desire and wishes have consequences is one of the hardest lesson a leader must learn. I suspected you would, when I saw it all play out in this chamber nearly two years ago,” said Azrael.

“Wait,Lord Azrael when you came to support the UtR you knew the Mirror Crystal Fleet would invade,” asked Lalder bewildered and chilled to his core, he had thought Azrael an ally. What sort of ally wouldn’t warn him in time to stop so much death and destruction. Now Lalder understood why many of the Children of the Falosini still spoke about Azrael like some sort of devil in his own right.

“I saw it was a very likely possibility,” said Azrael, “Just as my sight told me you would probably unwittingly help the rise of Kalok.”

“You knew they were exterminating ferals in Mt Rhug before they did it?” muttered Lalder feeling so deeply betrayed, “But why, why wouldn’t you warn us, or at least give us an opportunity to stop it before Kalok became real?”


"If you want heroic euphemisms for sacrifice I have none for you. Aufgog Lalder to stop you would be taking away your choices, which none of the ascended would try to do. To warn you of the sickness eating away at the heart of your friends in Ka Rhug, would have changed your natural reactions.

The simple truth is that my future sight doesn’t work if I try and make people different than they are. I can simply see how the marbles will roll once your actions set them in motion. If I warned you…that future…it is simply a different one than the one that resulted in this one."

“Why…why…why?” asked Lalder on the edge of tears. He felt so manipulated.

“Simple, I needed a reason for the Quall N’drone to band together,” said Azrael.

“What?” asked Lalder not knowing the full picture as Azrael knew it.

“For the past three years, out in space, the Unity, the Kasanthians, and the E-strain were fighting the Iron Republic. They showed the Quall that their technological army was woefully unprepared for a real enemy. That put fear into the Quall Hives,” Azrael said proudly, "Then last year the Unity Scientists among the Oleifera developed a breeding subspecies of Quall, called Quall N’Haram. They could permanently replace the Quall N’drone Horde’s need to come to our dimensions and take other species as hosts. Using cloning technology to start the first Quall N’Haram herds has been a success, and those Quall who have learned of the herds have fully supported it.
The final step was allowing four evil temporal plans from four different evil beings, Mortis Leonin, Tor Gog, Pirate King Jak’hal, and Hurniker Guerre to complete in them taking each other out and thwarting the Usuper. All leaving Warmonger trapped in a vulnerable Quall N’drone host body

Finally now with this last step completed, the Quall Queens have agreed to unite to eliminate the Warmonger’s avatar.

The Eternity war between the Quall and the Falosini could finally end."

T’mar who was now fully distracted from their original topic, was excited to hear the words Azrael was saying, “This a huge breakthrough. It could mean Peace across the distant shores.”

Lalder said, “But you used me, you used the UtR… that is cruel and wrong.”

"No I didn’t use you. I allowed you to be the most you that you could be. Just as I did with countless leaders across Refuge for millennia, all driving to this one singular goal. Did i stand by while horrible things happened…unfortunately yes. And do not take my words to say the Ends justify the means…
There were easier ways to this path, but they would have cost the free will of countless multitudes. And that would have been equally evil to what we are all trying to stop.

Now with that said, will you trust me?"

Lalder couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This ancient Falosini Sovereign had played him this entire time, using him as nothing more than a pawn. And now he wanted Lalder’s trust.

Though Lalder couldn’t help but notice that when Azrael had changed topics from the Siurcut’n Keyaba to the current events, all confusion had left the three undead Sylvan.

Azrael did not wait for Lalder’s answer before continuing.


“You asked about the Siurcut’n Keyaba. Then let me tell you the portion they cannot.”

“The Warleochs came to me after the great war was over,” said Azrael, "My brother Berototh and I were fighting daily about how to split Lord Falos’ domains. Which Sovereign would receive which land, and which Tribes would live where. I had been so intent on creating an army for the Falosini, that we had countless planets full of Children of the Falosini. They were building armor and weapons for a war that was already over, and living martial lives every day.

Berototh fully believed that our next goal would be using these Children of the Falosini to prevent the Quall Hordes from spreading further.

I knew even with the added numbers of the Children of the Falosini, it was a losing war that would take an eternity.

We needed the living Sylvan and their assistance if we were going to find a peaceful solution, or so I thought at the time."

Azrael seemed weary.

"Many of the K’iorn wartribes who were veterans of the war were not acclimating to the peace well. The wartribes of Gorsj the Pacifist were on trial for crimes against their Sovereign that could rip apart the very fabric of Falosini society. My Interrogator Captains among the Blood Dancers were turning more and more to vampyrism during their investigations and had to be put down. Arch-Wing Pelos came to me and begged me to help him find another path for the Blood Dancers and the baribur of his own Aerie displaced by the end of the K’ias Wars.

I asked the K’iorn hero, Uth, Weaponmaster of the Twin Falcon Wartribes, to help me gather those who needed this expedition as much as this expedition needed them. He hand picked so many young heroes who just needed a place to earn respect and comradely. And I knew they would all be sorely tested against the mind warping powers of the Nightmare Lords.

With Warleoch Council Support, and the supply lines that once fed the Sylvan Empire at our disposal, it was a very successful campaign.

At the time I did not know I was making the Nightmare Lords extinct. At the time I don’t even know if I would have understood that action as a bad thing, if someone would have told me. I never held my scythe blade back, and I became the stuff that Nightmare Lords have bad dreams about…

We succeeded in taking one fortress after another. It was in the Fortress of Ti’ar Ma’at that I had a Nightmare Lord on my Scythe blade, about to sever his spirit from his shell. And the Nightmare Lord begged for its life, and offered me anything I wanted. But all I wanted was information."

Lalder was wondering, was he hearing about the great campaign that the Uthvelor and Pelebor sing songs about from Azrael himself?

Azrael paused and lifted a crystal from his cloaks.

From its depths came a recorded voice, it was the strange and alien voice of a Nightmare Lord speaking "We developed it during the first rise of the Neliff, but we never needed to deploy it. The Quall handled the little monsters as they promised, and we held back.

Vul found it during his apprenticeship as a Balancer in the lands of Dakot’ha NightmareLord. It has no cure…but it does have a key to turn it on and off. But I warn you not to turn off the curse, you do not want to be the one to have to control those under its effects. The Siurcut’n Keyaba, once activated will surely lead down one, and only one path. Death, destruction, and Entropy."

Azrael put the crystal away, as the voice began to scream in pain. Once the crystal was away, the screaming stopped.

“The Siurcut’n Keyaba turns the Sylvan from bestial animals into weapons for the user,” said Azrael, "The last person to use the Siurcut’n Keyaba on cursed Sylvan was I’tash. Before Calphas and I could short circuit the effects, I’tash and his Sylvan army had wiped out seven Krato cities. You have to understand I’tash didn’t mean to start attacking every enemy he could find, but the combined fear of the cursed is too powerful for any mind to control. And the Sylvan under his control were not individuals, they seemed more like a hivemind. It was not an easy set of battles.
Once we disabled the Siurcut’n Keyaba, the Sylvan returned to their normal meeping, foraging for food, and grooming each other like animals. With the agreement of Calphas and the entire Warleoch Council it was decided I would unleash the Mind Spike tribe on the Sylvan Undead. The Mind Spikes would earn my amnesty for their crimes against Gorsj and given a place on the Nightmare Moors to live out their days in peace. All references to the Siurcut’n Keyaba would be altered so it would never be unleashed again. I’tash would become Warden of Refuge to atone for his crimes under the influence of the Suircut’n Keyaba, and all memories of it would be stripped so he would think this his retirement job instead of a punishment.

Somehow Iessa has learned the truth about it, and since she was trapped in the crash site during the Mind Spiking, she has no limiters to prevent her from unleashing it if she chooses."


Lalder had to go over and over in his head what he was hearing. It seems he was at fault of another huge disaster about to happen. Events were so far beyond from his just trying to save the olgogs. So many paths and things to keep track of. Lalder knew the pain of so many lives lost because of his actions, but Azael had to deal with the knowledge of all the different lives lost due to any actions he takes or doesn’t take. And now with the sylvan in this state, he couldn’t ask them for help. He needed to help them.

Lalder says "Lord Azrael, I never understood the greater impacts of my actions or inaction. Djinni Crystal, Kalok and now Siurut’n Keyaba possibly being used again. And that ways heavy. I cannot hold a grudge at not being warned as they were my choices. And I do value having choices, even as manipulated as I was.

When the Krato attacking the Olgogs, even more Olgogs dead, enslaved, or eaten. I came here looking to warn the sylvan and gain the information of how to battle the krato and their pets. But I and mine do owe the sylvans much. I care for the sylvans who stood up for Olgogs when few did. And now they head to save us again. Whether a wise plan or not, the intent to help us Olgogs is there. But I expect turning off the curse won’t be good for anyone. Maybe that could be prevented.

But I did not understand what the curse of the Sylvan was and how cruel. VUl said the curse was incurable. Only On/Off. Is there truly no way to heal the sylvans from becoming beasts? No cure?"


Azrael said sadly, "There will be no cure for many generations and even then it will take constant effort to stave off the effects and spread. I must admit it will be long past your own lifetime.

But that does not mean the Olgogs and my Uth and Pelebor should ignore an opportunity to deal a blow to the Krato."


Lalder responds “You give me hope that you may have seen a time when they can work to free themselves from that curse. I’m sad it is not something I may not see.”

But then Lalder smiles "But I can agree that it will be grand to have the Olgogs and your Uth and Pelebor work to defeat the Krato together. I understand how a race that is seen as monsters is not that and how you cannot judge by looks, only by actions. We olgogs have been in that position for a very long time as well due to earther and Kias games and plots.

Thank you Lord Azrael, I would be honored to have you and yours as allies in this fight against the Krato. I’m Hopeful that dealing a blow against them at home will help the Sylvans as well here. There is a planning meeting of leaders where Auf Lalyan is. Unless there is a specific area you wish your to battle at. With so much atacking forces, tere are plenty of spots to attack the Krato and save the Olgogs there. And is there any help we can give to the sylvans here as well?"

Then to T’Mar “If events are bad here, I cannot speak for the rest of the UtR, but I can for my tribe. We can build an area for the Sylvan undead to be safe, regroup if the hunt here becomes too much in my lands. My tribe owes the Sylvans much, and we will offer what help we can to them.”

Lalder then thinks growing concerned. and asks “I know, too many questions, but What about the Siurcut’n Keyaba? I don’t see a way to stop its use in Unen if they are there already? Will Iessa be able to stop when the Krato are dead?”

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T’mar replied, “Thank you Aufgog Lalder, I am sure the Sylvan undead still serving Lord Calphas would appreciate your sanctuary while they are planning operations against both the new Empress and our Krato enemies.”


Azrael replied cryptically, "Warn the other tribal leaders of the dangers posed by the new Sylvan Empress.

Right now your peoples priority is preventing the Krato from claiming your cities and settlements.

My Uthvelor and Pelebor will come when the time is right. To say more would alter the future in ways that benefit only our enemies."

And with that, just as suddenly as he arrived it appeared Azrael was gone.


Lalder felt he was once again stuck with more mysteries than solutions, but he did feel better knowing Azrael’s Legions would be aiding in the defense.

T’mar looked at Calphas and Ether Neth and said, “My Lord we should return with Aufgog Lalder to Refuge.”

Calphas said, “We will meet you in the lands of the Olgogs, but first I must recover the vessel I left in the Northern Kingdoms. Its cannons will be needed if we are to stop Iessa in the long run.”


Lalder says to Calphas "Is there a way to stop the split of the Sylvan that is already occurring? Is there a way that I could reach out to Iessa to ask her not to use that weapon? Is there a chance as the one who awakened her, that my words may reach her? I’m not sure what I would say yet. "

(OOC I’ll have Lalder post the warning he is to give in the mission planning thread for others shortly. At least tonight so it could be used in Missions.)


Ether Neth was about to say something really offensive when Calphas silenced her with the raise of a single finger.

Instead Calphas said, "If you wish to speak to Iessa you will need to go to her city on the surface, many miles from here. I will have Ether Neth provide you a map.

The location is under seige by Krato so you will need to find a way past the siege if you want to speak to Iessa."

Ether Neth begrugingly drew out a crude map for Lalder, and handed it over to him.

From what it seemed it was not too far…

Lalder now had to decide, head back to Refuge to warn the others or head off to the “Empress’ Capitol”. He only had time to do one or the other, and without returning to Refuge his commcrystal would not be able to reach his UtR allies…


Lurtor says "I’m sorry if I offend. We olgogs fought amongst ourselves too much even while the Church of One was looking to eliminate us all. It wasn’t until we came here and learned to work together that we were able to limit Olgogs killing Olgogs. This reminds me of that. I hate to see the same thing happen to the Sylvan we owe so much to.

But it seems that I would not be certain to make it there or that she would listen. While if I go home, I can certainly warns the others. I also have to setup that sanctuary as well. So I will head back to refuge and defend against our enemies."