Lalder sends a messenger to Lord Grimaldus about the Quall


Auf Lalyan traveled to Lord Grimaldus to ask about the Quall attack outside his border as her tribe did not share a border with this attack.

Auf Lalyan requests an audience with Lord Grimaldus and when granted says "Greetings Lord Grimaldus, I am Auf Lalyan of the Herd of Auf Lal’al. I am here to offer you help in protecting your cities and people.

As of right now, I do not expect us to be able to use our forces to help fight the quall in Dunesphere as those in Dunesphere would attack our forces just as they would attack the invading Quall. And make a video out of it too showing us attacking with the Quall. I doubt they will ever request or accept our help.

But we can offer that help to you as we have done in the past. We want to prevent the Quall from Killing any we can prevent and who would be willing to accept our help."

(OOC Narrator agreed that I could offer Lord G protection as its not directly part of the mission and I would expect Lalder to offer assistance to protect Absalom and Hebron. So anything agreed here will have to fit within mission rules. I can protect ABsalom and Hebron because they are not part of what is being attacked in the mission. Could offer backup? But I expect you have better than I for that. See where it goes.)

(OOC and of course, Narrator correct me if I am wrong on any part of this as I don’t want to break mission rules. :slight_smile: )


A random rock with a note crashed out of nowhere…

…It read:

"Dear Lord Grimaldus

Pardon the mess. Good luck with the Quall. We’re sitting this one out.

Love, Naeil the Loyal of the Lucky Fate Squad

P.S. We know."