Lalder reaches out to Rhug'na'ru


Auf Lalder knew that his tribe and Rhug’na’ru needed to patch things up. It was for the better. Lalder sent a message to them saying "The battle over Kolgol and his demon has left our tribes in a bad relation. We both sided with Allies and friends we felt we needed to protect. Just opposing.

I feel we both did what we felt was right and we have to move beyond this. Your tribe’s actions at the black power factory proved this.

Let us talk about how to move forward with this as we still need to consider how to deal with that demon that caused this in the first place. But there are many issues we all need to work together on as well."


Reshed had read the message from Auf Lalder as soon as it had been passed on to him through the chain of communication. He was in a somewhat sour mood after all, and reading the message was a welcome reprise from the paperwork he had been sifting through most of the evening. He himself had thought of reaching out to Lalder and his tribe but had held his hand. The Rhug’na’ra did go against them in demon crisis, although only to protect the civilians that were being brainwashed by the demon, his efforts had been in vain however and relations between the tribes were rather sour.

He wrote a message to be sent by Biplane to Tla’loc’al, stating simply; “I am glad to hear of this, I will arrive shortly to discuss ways alleviate the sour relations and alleviate issues currently standing.” He stamped the message and handed it off to the pilot, Ka’hob, waiting and, after a quick salute, she was off with the message. He had the Hindengog #4 readied for flight within the hour and set off to the meeting location.


A group of engineers arrived in Tla’loc’al, after a stop to pick up Hide, and set off to find Auf Lalder. They were ready to move past events that had happened when the demon arrived.


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Lalder says to his guests “Greetings. I’m glad you have come. With events going on we need good allies and friends. Our tribes have been allies back from the Lur Union and it will take more than one disagreement to stop that.”

Lalder takes out a box

Lalder continues "Here is a box of 20 nanites syringes. This should be able to restore and heal members of your tribe. It is not as good as healing leyas on Leyas users, but it is not far from that with Immutables. I’ve had these and a few other things waiting for this day.

Now that part is out of the way. How may we work together and hopefully prevent this in the future?"

(OOC Lalder has had these nanites he got from the EEF to heal the immutables where he couldn’t. Ironicly he got them just before the Kalok battle.)