Lalder accept trade deal with Elogans


Deal is: The Elogans want 10 Lur Union Skimmers with Balgog harnesses instead replaced with harnesses for carrying Armorfiends. They are willing to trade 20 Armorfiend slaves in exchange.

Trade deal is accepted. Lur Union FIghters are altered to look distinct from Lalder’s Lur Union Skimmers in a way that they don’t limit function.

Lalder will create an area in his caves for the Armorfiends to roam when not in use.


Delivery of both are done as of week 18.
Elogan Skimmers have a thicker chassis (same stats just different harness design) and are marked in green and silver and yellow, the colors of the house of Kotine the Krato. They will be referred to as Elogan Skimmers in mission descriptions.

The 20 Armorfiends are currently penned in Auf Lal’al lands.