Jemison Post, the main expedition base camp (Glacial Wastes week 1)


This settlement is an hour hike to the entrance of the Glacial Research Facility. It is on an open ice field, with four trenches surrounding it. Each trench has an ice bridge large enough for a Hover tank to land on it. There are thirty tents with woodland camo artifacts, obscurements to hide them, and artifacts to heat the inhabitants.

Currently the Base camp has a Hover Tank, four Hovertrucks, and a large modified orbital platform.
The Orbital platform still has weapons, but no longer as space flight capabilities. It is reduced to acting as an artificed airship in defense of the Base Camp at Expedition Point.

[This thread is for Grim and Lurtor’s Operations base and the Base Camp for the Expedition sent to explore the Research Facility. Grim and Lurtor may use this thread to add elements to this settlement. Limitations will be set by the Narrator in response to the posts (limitations like how long certain plans will take.) Remember that all resources have to be flown in or shipped in via water.

Once they add an additional 75 citizens Grim and Lurtor will be able to erect some permanent structures and name this location.]


It has been a frustrating week with all that had happened. But at least the research station is protected. Hopefully the EEF knew what they had now. They still hadn’t listened to him, but he did try. So to work off his frustrations, he decided to improve the start of the settlement. Make things more comfortable for those here.

The Settlement would be too vulnerable if too much was above ground. Especially with recent events. Those living here needed a safe place to go. The town above will still need to be built, but one below can be started as well.

Lurtor would ask for a few members who were leyas users. Especially the one using his rock to control the earth elemental.

So he took to using his artificed ring to create an underground compound using the tunnel materials. He would show each what he was doing and what he had in mind. The more help, the faster this would go.

One of the entrances would in the new main building. The starting one would be one level below with a reinforced roof. Then they would create a larger room where gyms, training areas, and a food place could be setup. Of that would be rooms.

He was careful to keep the vibrations from the earth movement to a minimum so he did not wake anything. And he kept his chambers way from the research facility side.

Then in this underground building, he would artifice some heating elements for the main rooms, and side rooms. A slopped Garage entrace will be created to move in an out larger items and to store the vehicles in a temperature control environment. Finally, he would add some purify air artifacts to keep the air clear in case the openings had to be closed.

Move in a few of the artificed water barrels.

Next, he would setup some grounding wards to keep leyas users from burning themselves out during these winter storms.

Once the building was done, Lurtor would setup his scroll that warded against nightmares.

After that, he would setup his office. Some place where he could work and set to travel between here and his apartment. He still had his personal artificing to do. He still need to create his bone ring of obscure and regeneration.


Work is now underway on this settlement


As Lurtor found his schedule getting fuller and fuller, he decide to switch from doing most of the work to delegating where he could. If he could artifice something in an hour so someone else could do multiple hours worth of work, that would be his task as he got construction going.


Returning from his trip with two Kiou smiths, Grim showed them to a room off to the side from the work that had already begun. “Here is where you guys can setup shop. right now, work on getting the place organized and set up. After that is done, Introduce yourselves around and see if any one needs help. If you find any thing you need get me a list and i’ll see what I can do about it. I don’t gaurentee that i’ll get to right away but I’ll see what I can do.” Leaving to setup up shop, Grim swung by and left a note about the brothers on Lurtor’s desk.

Grim proceeded to tunnel out from Lurtor’s construction away from the GRC. Digging down, he made several large caverns with crystalline skylights and Artificed the stone walls so that the chambers would be warm inside. Adding Some large planters, He Tried transferring a couple of cuttings from the Trees he had made to trade with the locals. He also planted several other food plants he had grabbed on his trip. Realizing that he really had no more idea about growing most foodstuffs since his only experience in the field had been when he was a slave. He really hoped that on his next trip back, he could find at least an apprentice from the gardens back home to take over.

Adding another smaller chamber off of the gardens, this one with out any external light source. He proceeded to plant what he knew to grow. This room would hold a fungus farm, growing the mushrooms that he had been forced to tend when he was a slave.


After the first week of tending, the mushroom garden was taking off well. A few more weeks and they would have enough food for twenty or so people. Not a bad harvest considering there was only one bastard tending it. The underground Tree chambers were built over the same time period, and Grim was exhausted by all the mental strain of focusing and controlling the Leyas day after day of toil.

Unfortunately unlike the mushrooms which needed only a good surface to grow on, the trees needed more meaningful soil. The cuttings did not retain the katheron-like qualities of the originals, and quickly died in the rooms. Grim could tell it was something to do with the rocky soil he had cut from the bedrock, but he didn’t quite have a handle on that level of agriculture.

He had a unique choice: Continue trying to get the trees to take root underground, or convert all the underground grow rooms into Mushroom rooms.


Tal’al’oon finished his morning meditations the blistering cold wind and wide open nothingness allowed him to focus on himself far more completely than the bustling metropolis of San Martin. He approached the K’iou smiths who set up shop in town. “Honorable smiths, I was hoping to use your work space to work on springshots.” He bowed slightly to them, “I have some projects I wish to complete for myself but I wish to also provide you aid and learn from your knowledge of craft.”


Grim decided that, seeing as he seemed to suck as a tree farmer, that he would convert all but two of the chambers to mushroom farms. The other two would be set aside; one for trying out other plants he might be able to grow, and one for the use of anyone in the rest of the community to try their hand at growing food and stuff. He spent some time showing a few of the others the basics of tending the mushrooms. He didn’t have time to do everything himself and was bound to be called away to deal with other situations outside the community.

He knew for experience while the mushrooms would feed the people, after a few weeks, many would tire of the unchanging diet and someone would look for other foods to grow. he thought to himself, 'Let them figure out what will and will not grow, he had other things to do with his time."


The first harvest of the mushroom farms were enough to feed Main Expedition Camp at its current size.

Meanwhile Tal’al’oon met with the K’iou Smiths and Zaphophiah offered him a place to work and area to store his projects.


(OOC: Tal’al’oon would only present these ideas with Grim’s or Lurtor’s approval if either want one of the ideas struck then please assume that portion of the speech never happened)

Tal’al’oon gathered as many settlers as he could to lay out his plan, “Brave comrades the cold has done us no favors. The ice that’s thicker than I am tall has done us no favors. The sun that never provides a hint of warmth does us no favors. The biting winds that penetrate to our cores do us no favors. Nothing about this land does us any favors however we are favored because we have each other and minds and hands working in unison is the dynamo that drives the universe.”

“We will begin making homesteads. They will be modest, a room with a hearth to cook, a living room, a bathroom, and upstairs bedrooms. The will be created from the ice and from stone we dredge up from the area where the fishing boats launch. The homes will be heated and lit with fire artifacts. The bathroom assuming one of the shadowmancers can assist will consit of a stone commode with a pit a few meters beneath it. In the bottom of the pit the mancer will summon fleshworms to eat the waste. If a lightmancer can help an artifact with light leyas will keep the fleshworms from escaping up the pit.” Tal’al’oon had a rough drawing of how the toilet would work.
Hopefully the fleshworms will make quick work of any excrement deposited in the toilet.

The next part of the plan was inspired by McIverson’s recon of the frost base. “If one of the aquamancers can assist me I want to make an igloo of ice thin enough to be clear. I also require 2 stones 1 to create water and another to convert it to steam. Using the stones and a gravity fed system the igloo will be heated and humid. I intend to make this igloo into a greenhouse to grow plants.”

“I have begun collecting the food waste we all produce, the fish guts, rotten mushrooms, bones, and other refuse. I have made a composting assembly out of a barrel canted at an angle on a frame so it can be spun to agitate the contents. If an aquamancer can aid me by making stone to create water and steam to aid decomposition the settlement will have a robust supply of fertile soil.” Tal’al’oon also planned to use Eli’s connections to put in an order for seeds of various types (50ghaz worth). If every homestead had an indoor and greenhouse garden of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits it would give the post some much need diversity in diet.

“We need supplies of metal and wood. Sadly neither have proven abundant in these wastes. We made a treacherous journey here with no one turning back, no one in this settlement lays down and accepts adversity.” Tal’al’oon noted looking to each of the people gathered, “We need not accept the lack of supplies and pay the high price to import. The Glacial Research Facility generates trash of all varieties I will work with the banking guildmaster here to secure a waste disposal contract. Assuming you like ghaz I believe we can convince the stalwart EEF to pay some of our teamsters to take nonhazardous trash from the facility. The scrap metal can be used by the smiths, the food waste to make more soil to crow crops in the green houses.”

“Assuming the pragmatic leaders at the facility agree to the contract we will also receive wood which can be chipped and combined with the melted plastic waste to form a composite wood we can use in lieu of lumber.” Tal’al’oon hoped someone in town had the knowledge of chemistry required to work out the specifics of the process.

Tal’al’oon would attempt a personal endeavor during the breaks between building homes. He would begin making ice sculptures and having an artificer work them so they will never melt. He hoped the novelty of glacial art would make them at least briefly popular with wealthy patrons in the colonies. He would use any profits generated to buy manufactured and luxury goods the Post couldn’t hope to replicate. He would work with the towns guildmaster to set up a general store and find the right person to run it.

He hoped his plans came together and the town could begin to look and feel like a town.


(OOC prior to the speach)

Lurtor says to Tal’al’oon "Your ideas are great ones. Let me know what I can do to help make it happen. I don’t see a reason why Grim would have issue, but I’ll let him speak for himself.

With the Herd of Lal’al setting up a post, we maybe able able to get some help from them as well in either Artificers or transports."


“I was wondering honorable Lurtor will the post your tribe is setting up be a part of Jemison Post or will wise lalder be claiming the area as seperate for your tribe?” Tal’al’oon asked.


Lurtor says "The will own the construction, but it will be part of Jemison Post. I do not believe with the other Olgog tribe here and us taking in their refuges we should have another Olgog tribe come in and claim land.

Lurtor is looking for trade as well.

That reminds me, we will have plenty of our own aquamancers, no need to include Lalders. We have many of the local Olgogs coming here after they have been banished."


Biff had sat behind, withdrawn from the action. He had helped W and the rest of the Border Freedom Force (BFF) build New Home and knew some of the issues that this settlement would have. However, this was not his settlement to run. He was here to observe and act as a resource.

And, well, spy on the EEF, VLAD, banking guild, and everyone else up here. He made a promise to W for that.

And take care of Boreal Itash. But that was personal.

In the meantime, he was here to serve as a resource, nothing more.

Ooc - serves as a reminder that Biff is here if you need anything. At the moment, he’d be tinkering with either some piece of technology that he can get his hands and/or talking to other folk, being jovial all the while taking their proverbial temperature with respect to morale.*